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I had drawn the day shift at the apartment complex where I was head of security on a fine spring day. I saw one of the tenants, Howard approaching the front door with a woman I had never seen before and buzzed the door open so he didn’t have to use his key. Howard and I had become friendly over the last few years and he stopped by the desk.

“This is my sister Julie.” He introduced her “She’ll be staying with me for a few months until she gets married so keep an eye on her.”

Like I said Howie knew me so he added a sentence, “But not too close of an eye!”

Howie was a travel agent and a couple of times a year he would fix me up with free travel deals (he specialized in College Break trips and I would go to Bermuda as a guide.) I didn’t want to do anything to offend him and ruin the good deal.

His sister Julie looked to be in her mid twenties and would be a pleasure to keep an eye on. She had shoulder length black hair and her dark eyes seemed to have a laugh dancing in them. Her full lips were turned up at the corners with a slight smile. She was wearing a bright green sweater that displayed a nice firm set of C-Cup sized tits and the tight jeans she wore seemed to be painted on a really firm looking ass. I welcomed her to the apartments and told her to let me know if she needed anything. It was all I could do to release that soft little hand of hers after we shook hands.

One evening she was doing her laundry and I was on duty so she came up to talk while waiting for the loads of laundry to get done. She was dressed in an old sweatshirt with no bra and a pair of cut off jeans that made all the men coming in and out of the building take a second long look.

Julie had recently graduated from college and was engaged to her college boyfriend. Their wedding was a few months away and she explained that she was staying with her brother until then because her parents drove her crazy. One thing that I always noticed about Julie is she was someone who always had a sparkle in her eyes. You hear about that in stories but she always had that sparkle whenever I saw her. I thought that she was totally beautiful but remembered her brother’s warning and just kept things on a friendly basis.

After that evening Julie would often come by the front desk to chat. I eventually saw her come in a few times with her fiancé. He seemed nice but kind of nerdy.

One Saturday I was just hanging at my apartment. I smoked a joint and was playing some guitar. My roommate was gone as usual, his band playing a weekend gig out of state. There was a knock at the door and I figured it was just one of my friends popping by but I wasn’t expecting anyone. Standing at the door was Julie again in those cut off jeans and a casual blouse that didn’t hide the fact that those perky boobs of hers were not encumbered by a bra.

“Howie’s out of town on some travel thing and my fiancé is busy.” backroom casting porno She told me, “So I thought I’d just come by and hang out with you for awhile.”

I opened the door and welcomed her in. Her eyes scanned my rather bohemian décor and landed on the half smoked joint in the ash tray. “Do you mind if I smoke some of that?” she asked.

“Help yourself; I’ll just put my guitar away.” I replied.

“Oh please don’t!” Julie piped up “I’d like to hear you play.

So we settled in the living room and I continued to practice an acoustic version of “Your Time Is Gonna Come” by Led Zeppelin while she relit the joint. We spent a few hours hanging out. Again I thought she was just totally gorgeous and just enjoyed her company. She was, at times, a bit flirtatious but nothing too overt. We had a really nice time together.

After this Julie started to make a habit of coming by my place. Smoking a joint and just hanging out. I knew that sooner or later I was going to take a shot at her because she was just too close and too good looking not to. She met most of my friends and my roommate and she became a regular fixture.

Well, one night it was just the two of us and I couldn’t resist as we were sitting on the sofa together. I finally just grabbed her and kissed those full lips. There was no resistance as we continued to kiss and taste each other. My hand slipped down and I cupped one of those full, firm breasts. I fondled it softly and felt her nipple swell under my touch but after a few minutes her hand reached up and removed mine. She pulled away and told me that the kissing was nice but she was engaged and would be married soon and that we shouldn’t be doing this. She rearranged herself and gave me a kiss on the cheek and went on back to her place. I was disappointed but not surprised. I didn’t regret taking a shot at it but hoped that it wouldn’t stop Julie from being friendly.

I was relieved that it didn’t change Julie’s behavior one bit. She still came by to visit and several times we ended up lip locked again and I did get to play with both of those beautiful boobs through her blouse. But as soon as I would try and take it any further she would pull away and leave. Man, I was totally hungry for her but figured I’d never actually get to home plate.

We actually talked about it. Julie did find me attractive and she was not a virgin but she was bound and determined not to have sex with me before she was married. I told her that I just enjoyed her company and couldn’t resist kissing her on occasion. I told her that I wished I could taste her some day because she just looked so delicious. She blushed at that but never really responded.

This teasing stuff went on and soon it was approaching her wedding day. The date was just three days away when I saw her for the last time. We were well into late summer bangbros porno by now and this time she showed up at my place dressed in a light cotton sundress. As she came in, my eyes couldn’t help but appreciate the lines of her body as she moved in that dress. I was really going to miss her.

She was the one who started the kissing this time. Her body felt so soft and warm as she pressed up against me, her tongue teasing mine. As we got more and more into it my hands once again found her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra and the thin cotton treated me to the best feel I had had yet. We continued to kiss and she let me unbutton her dress and I was treated to the sight of her dark nipples. I licked and sucked at her and my hands traveled down across her firm stomach hoping to feel her wetness. But as I neared her mons she stopped me.

She sat there looking at me, breathing heavily, her tits moving up and down in the hottest way. “I’d love to feel you inside me.” She whispered “But I just can’t do it.”

Now I have never been the type of man to force myself on a woman. I never really had to. But this situation had me totally hungry for this woman. I decided that I would do something I’d never done before and be more aggressive.

I grabbed her hands in one of mine and pulled them up over her head. My other hand moved to the hem of her dress. She got a shocked look on her face and began to struggle as I lifted the hem up exposing her thighs and white lace panties. I kissed her hard and she kissed back but still struggled.

“Julie,” I whispered, “I will have you before you leave today.”

“But I respect that you want to remain true to your soon to be husband,” I continued, “So I will not penetrate you with my cock. I will however taste that sweet little pussy of yours.”

She continued to struggle and it was all I could do to keep both of her hands tied up with my one. I did get my free hand back down to her panties. My fingers wrapped in the material covering her crotch and I pulled until I heard the ripping sound. I tossed the frayed panties away. Julie continued to put up a struggle but I sensed that her reluctance was starting to fade. My free hand returned to her now naked crotch.

I could feel that her pubic hair was trimmed and enjoyed the softness on my fingers as they felt through its thickness. I felt the cleft and even though her legs were tightly closed, I was able to get inside far enough to start a slow circular motion around her clit. Continuing my caresses I kissed her again and she did kiss back but her hands still struggled against mine. But slowly I begin to sense her thighs starting to relax and part.

My finger slipped further into her and I was sliding up and down her slit, her juices hot and slick on me. She had pretty much stopped her struggling. I let go of her hands and they just collapsed on beurette tour porno her chest. Her eyes were closed and she was moving her hips to meet my fingers. I got up from the sofa and moved to kneel between her legs. She lay with her thighs partially open and I could smell the sweet smell of her. I placed my hands on her thighs and parted them even more and leaned forward.

My tongue slid from the bottom of her pussy, parted her inner lips and danced around her swollen clit. Her lips were fat and pink, glistening with her juices. When my tongue touched her clit her hands grabbed mine but only squeezed as she let out a whispered “Yessssssss!”

I freed one hand and parted her pussy lips with my fingers. As my tongue circled her clit I slid a finger inside of her. Her cunt was wet and it felt as though her muscles squeezed at the intruding finger. I turned my hand palm up and crooked my finger feeling for her special spot. When she took a deep quick breath I knew I had found it and began to put a circling pressure to that spot as I licked at her.

Her hips had risen practically all the way off of the sofa as I licked and prodded her. I sensed she was getting closer to orgasm and immediately backed off. I kept my finger inside, lightly fucking her with it, but moved my lips to lightly kiss and taste her thighs. My other hand traveled up, freed her breasts from the disheveled sun dress and caressed them with tenderness. Her nipples were dark and swollen and felt like rubbery nubs.

Although she was still very turned on, she had calmed down enough so I could return to kissing and sucking lightly at her clit. Once again when I felt her getting close to cumming I pulled my mouth away and let her calm down. A second finger joined the first as I sawed them slowly in and out of her hot pussy.

When my mouth returned to her clit this time it was with a vengeance. My tongue danced around her clit alternating the amount of pressure the speed and the direction of its caresses. My fingers sawed as deep into her grasping cunt as I could reach, her juice dripping down my hands. Suddenly she began to moan and buck, “Oh Geeeezzzzz!” and she was over the edge. I kept the pressure on just long enough to make sure she was totally there then pulled my mouth and fingers off of her. Moving forward again I hardened my tongue and slid it inside of her. Our only contact was my tongue fucking her spasming pussy and her hands holding my head in place. Her musky, tangy, taste flooded my tongue as she gushed juice.

Finally she was totally spent and lay exhausted. I removed myself from between her legs and moved back up beside her on the sofa. My face was covered in her juice but she didn’t seem to mind when I kissed her.

Once she returned to coherence I helped her straighten her clothes and walked her to the door. She paused to kiss me, her eyes sparkled as she thanked me and then she was gone. I never saw her again.

Now some people will say that oral sex is not sex. Eating pussy to me however, has always been as intimate and enjoyable a sexual experience as any other. And even thirty years later remembering the pleasure I gave and got from going down on Julie is one of my favorite memories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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