Katrina in The Summer Heat

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The characters and events in this story are the inventions of the author’s imagination. Any similarity to real people and events is only coincidence.

This is the third story in the Katrina series. My thanks to all the readers who made the first two stories my most widely read to date, and special thanks to those who voted for the stories. I know it is dangerous to assume, but I’ll do it any way and say that I must have done something right with these stories. It is my hope that this one lives up to what has gone before. Please enjoy.


That late spring and the following summer turned out to be very memorable for me. Katrina, the daughter of friends and twin of my daughter’s boy friend, had decided she wanted to lose her virginity. She had chosen me to be the one to help her become a sexual being. After overcoming my shock at the request I realized that she was serious about her desire. I accepted her offer rather than have her choose a partner without the skills or consideration to help her get what she wanted and maybe cause needless physical and emotional harm. When we had achieved Katrina’s goal I suggested that I would be willing to help her learn about the art of lovemaking and she readily agreed. We had just completed our first lesson and Katrina had left to go off with her parents.

As I walked back to the kitchen to clean up after lunch I began to think about our last coupling and the discussion just before. Katrina’s expression of words of love toward me had caught me a little off guard but was not totally unexpected. So far we had had two encounters that were very erotic and intense. It was only natural that Katrina’s lack of romantic and sexual experience would let the intense sexual feelings she had toward me be seen as the emotion of love by her. I tried to deflect her claim as a result of lust and believed that in time her feelings would become more appropriate to our relationship.

What bothered me more was my reaction to her words. My heart had skipped a beat just as it did the first time a girl had expressed feelings more than just liking me. I felt a sudden flood of emotion toward this young woman that my rational mind told me was totally inappropriate. I had been a widower for two years without female companionship of any kind and immediately assumed that my own lack of romance and sex was causing my emotional self to get confused just like Katrina’s. I finished in the kitchen and headed upstairs to get dressed. Despite my recent rationalizations I still could not rid myself of the emptiness I felt since Katrina left.

When I came back down stairs I decided I needed to occupy my mind with things other than Katrina for a while. If I stayed at home I would probably brood about the situation so I thought getting out would help. I remembered I needed parts in order to do the tune-up on my Cobra Daytona Coupe kit car and decided now was as good a time as any to get them. All the car keys were on a rack in the kitchen and when I got there my hand automatically reached for the Cobra’s keys. The Cobra held too many memories of Katrina I decided since I had used it to take her to dinner before our first encounter. I grabbed the keys to the Lexis and headed out the door.

I hoped that by keeping mentally and physically occupied my mind would sort itself out and I could cope better with my feelings about Katrina. At the auto parts store I took my time roaming through the aisles before making my purchases. When I finished there I went to the Home Depot. I knew I could loose myself for a couple of hours looking at things for the house and the yard. By the time I finished I was hungry and headed to the mall for a bite. After eating I window-shopped and ended up near the multiplex theater. A Mel Gibson movie was playing and I always enjoyed his performances so decided to see it. I returned home about 10 PM and checked my email in the company of two fingers of single malt scotch. By 11:30 I was ready for bed and congratulated my self at being able to remove Katrina from my thoughts during that day.

It was a good thing I didn’t break my arm patting myself on the back about Katrina. Visions of the beautiful young woman danced through my dreams all night. I woke up Sunday morning almost back where I started the day before. After a light breakfast I was reading the paper with my second or third cup of coffee and found I kept looking at my watch. Then I remembered that Katrina said she would call today. The realization that I was brooding about her call told me I needed more physical and mental activity. I changed into cutoffs an old sweatshirt with the sleeves cut out and sneakers then headed to the garage. The Cobra was waiting for me and I pushed the button to raise the door and let in the beautiful spring sunshine and breeze. Then I slipped a Beach Boys tape into the player and popped the hood on the Cobra.

A while later the Beach Boys were singing about their little Cobra and I was elbows deep into mine. izmir escort bayan I was bent over the fender putting the final touches on before I plugged the computer in to do the fine-tuning. My mind was so involved in what I was doing I was totally unaware of anything around me. That was why I jumped when I felt two warm soft hands suddenly running up the bare skin of my back under the sweatshirt. My head hit the hood of the car hard and I yelled grabbing my head as I turned around. The soft hands were snatched from my back when I yelled and I found them covering Katrina’s soft lips and her crystal blue eyes huge as saucers above them.

“Oh Brad, I’m so sorry,” she said through her hands. “Does it hurt real bad?”

I held my hand on my head as I said; “It doesn’t feel good.”

“Do you want me to get some ice to put on it?” She asked as she put her hands on my chest.

“No. It’ll be all right in a minute I think.”

She started to giggle and I began to see the humor myself and couldn’t help laughing too. Katrina leaned in to plant a light kiss on my lips. As she did my hands found her bare sides and tickled. She jumped back laughing.

“You minx, you scared the daylights out of me.”

“I’m really sorry. If I’d known you were so involved I would have let you know I was here. I just wanted to surprise you that’s all.” She looked like a little girl caught in her mom’s make up.

“Well, I guess I forgive you,” I said and kissed her on the nose. I stepped back and got my first good look at her. She was wearing red hot pants that showed of her great legs and buns. The halter-top she wore showed the lovely swell of her ample breasts and the nipples staring at me said she had no bra under it. Her soft blond hair was loose on her shoulders.

“What were you up to,” she asked?

“I was trying to finish a tune up on the Cobra,” I replied.

“Oh, can I help?”

“Sure, if you want. You can start by getting the tools I dropped under the car when I hit my head.”

She dropped to her knees to look under the car. When she leaned forward to reach for the tools her luscious buns stretched the material of the hot pants. I had to resist the temptation to give them a playful swat but one sore head was enough for now. She turned out to be quite helpful. She explained that she helped her brother on his car and that’s how she knew the difference between a screwdriver and a wrench. A short while later I plugged in the computer and asked her to turn it on for me. I reached inside the car to hit the ignition and the big engine came to life with a low rumble. As I went to the computer to check the readings I noticed a smudge of grease on her nose. She must have rubbed her nose with a greasy hand. I reached over with a rag and wiped it off for her.

When I finished checking every thing out I turned off the engine and disconnected the computer. After I closed the hood and cleaned a few smudges off the finish we went into the mudroom to clean up.

“Would you like to go for a ride Katrina? I need to take the Cobra out on the highway to make sure everything is running smooth.”

“Sure. Sounds like fun.”

We got in the car and I cranked it up. The garage door came down as we backed out of the driveway. The gas gauge was reading low so I stopped at my favorite station for a fill up. I used this station because it was one of the few left with pump service. I paid a little more but the convenience was nice especially when I didn’t want to smell like gas the rest of the day. I passed the attendant on my way to get sodas and told him to fill it with the good stuff. When I got back the attendant was taking his time cleaning the windshield. As I got in I was reminded why. Katrina had the seat back and her long legs were stretched out. The poor kid doing my windshield was almost drooling at the sight on the seat. He definitely knew quality when he saw it.

As I pulled out of the station I asked, “What time do you have to be home Katrina?”

“Not ’til late. Mom and Dad went to see my grand parents. It was strange too they didn’t want us to go along. They asked if we could get along by ourselves for the day. We said sure. Why?

“If you had to be home I would make this a short test run, but I feel like letting the Cobra run some. We might see something along the way to stop for and I didn’t want to rush.”

“Ok. Sounds good.”

I hit the on-ramp and turned on the radar buster. When I hit the interstate I put the pedal to the floor and we were flying. There was no plan other than to drive until I felt like turning around along with any stops we decided on making. About half an hour later we were cruising and I had my right hand resting on the gearshift. I had been glancing at Katrina from time to time enjoying her beauty next to me and sharing smiles and chitchat. I had my mind and eyes on my driving because of some traffic we were in when I felt her hand take mine and place it on her thigh. She just escort izmir rested it there with hers on top and settled back in the seat. Her hand gently caressed the top of mine.

We passed a sign for a restaurant up ahead that I knew served the best burgers in the area. They weren’t fast food burgers either. I asked Katrina if she was hungry and got a yes so I headed for the off ramp when we got to it. There were quite a few heads turning as we made our way to a booth. Katrina had the kind of looks that would do that just about anywhere. While she went to the ladies room I ordered for both of us. When the food came we sat side by side enjoying the good food. I felt Katrina’s thigh move next to mine and felt tingles through my body as she gently rubbed against me. My hand dropped from the table and began caressing the velvet soft skin of her inner thigh and she sighed around her sandwich.

Joking and kidding each other we headed back to the car both horny. It was just turning dusk as we got back on the interstate headed toward home. About half way there I turned off into the country. I remembered something from years before and headed that way. Out in the middle of no where a huge hill loomed ahead of us. You could drive to the top and park it was so big. In the spring and summer on clear nights the sky out here was a blaze of stars. Much better than in the city where all the lights made them difficult to see. We got to the top of the hill and I killed the engine.

“What are we doing here?” Katrina wanted to know.

“Come on and see,” I said getting out of the car.

I reached in the back and got the blanket I carried there and spread it over the hood and windshield. Then I helped Katrina get on the hood before I followed. We sat with our backs on the windshield looking up into the darkening sky.

“What are we looking for Brad?”

“Just wait a few minutes and you’ll know.”

I folded one arm behind my head and put the other around Katrina. She snuggled next to me with her head on my shoulder. The evening was very quiet and the only sounds were the crickets and the pings and clicks of the cooling engine under us. All of a sudden the stars appeared almost like someone had flipped a switch.

“Wow,” Katrina said. “I’ve never seen so many stars before. They’re beautiful.”

“That’s what I brought you to see. I like to come here and just sit watching the stars.”

“I can understand why. It’s so peaceful.”

While she was talking Katrina took my hand that was around her shoulder and covered it with hers over her breast. Our earlier petting in the restaurant was still fresh in our minds and my hand began to caress her through the halter-top. I heard a sigh of contentment as her nipple engorged and I began to roll it between my thumb and forefinger. Her hand found my thigh and began to caress gently up and down slowly pushing the pant leg higher and higher. We were both still quietly looking at all the stars while getting turned on at the same time.

Katrina rolled toward me and put her thigh over mine and began caressing them together. Her hand found my growing erection through my shorts and her mouth sought mine. As our lips met in a warm passionate kiss my other hand replaced the one that lost her breast when she rolled toward me. The empty hand found the curve of her buns and began to squeeze and massage through the soft material of her hot pants. She began to rub her sex against my thigh as our tongues dueled and our bodies caressed. I felt her hand at my waist as it undid the button and zipper then slid inside my shorts to grasp and stroke my shaft. My hand behind her found the buttons at the back of her halter and released them so my hand in front could push the thin material aside and caress bare breast.

Our mouths separated as Katrina moved toward my waist. Her hands grasped my shorts and briefs and pulled them down below my thighs. She grasped my penis and surrounded the head with her hot mouth and began to bathe it with her tongue. Soft blond hair caressed my stomach and thighs as her head bobbed up and down over my middle. Katrina had learned her lessons well and I was soon approaching the point of crisis.

“Katrina baby, you’re about to bring me off.”

Her mouth released me to be replaced by the cool night air. “Oh no. I want that inside me tonight.”

She sat up and finished removing her halter then quickly stripped off her shorts. Her legs forked across my hips and her hands caressed my staff back to full hardness. On her knees she directed the head between the lips of her sex where it was engulfed in torrid moisture as she slowly lowered herself over me. Warm lips returned to mine as our mouths and tongues dueled again to increase our mounting passion. Katrina’s hips began to rock back and forth as she moved herself over my shaft stimulating us both. My hands roamed the silkiness of her skin wherever they would to increase our sensual bliss. She sat erect and lowered her izmir escort hips to take me deeper and fill herself completely.

“Oh Brad I feel so full. I can feel every inch of you inside me and it feels so wonderful.”

Her hips picked up speed as her passion began to carry her away. My hands rose to her breasts and filled themselves with that marvelous flesh to massage and squeeze it. She leaned forward presenting her nipples before my mouth.

“Please Brad, suck my nipples. Suck them hard lover. Please!”

I did my best to do as she asked. My mouth put a suction on those delectable nubs and pulled for all they were worth moving back and for the between them. The hip movements increased and her moans of pleasure were disappearing on the evening breeze.

“Ugh that feels so fine. Yes baby suck them suck them good it feels so beautiful.”

Her movements became too frantic to keep her nipples in my mouth. They began to bounce delightfully as she thrashed over me in ecstasy. I lowered my hands to her hips and buns to caress squeeze and pull them to meet my hips thrusting up into her.

“Oh Brad baby. I’m there I can’t wait I have to come now!”

“Go for it kitten. Have a good one.”

She screamed her pleasure at the stars letting them know how good she was feeling. I was ridden like a bucking bronco pumping myself in and out of her. Her orgasm was washing over her and she was thrashing above me pulling every ounce of pleasure from her body. When she collapsed on top of me I rolled her on to her back and continued to pound into her. As soon as she sensed the friction between us the waves of her orgasm washed over her again.

“Oh god Brad. I’m coming again. Yes lover hard just like that make me come again and again. Yes!

Her hips thrust upward matching mine and driving me wild with the sensation of her inner muscles rippling around my shaft. I had reached my limit and I poured my seed into her as each ejaculation sent streaks of pleasure flashing through me and my own waves of pleasure washed over me. Our voices combined to try and let the stars hear us together in our passion.

As soon as I had the strength I disengaged from her and lay beside her to wrap her in my arms and stroke her as she came down. Her breathing was still ragged and she sobbed against my shoulder in her bliss. I felt her shivering and didn’t know if it was from her passion or because the spring evening had chilled slightly.

“Are you cold kitten,” I asked?

“A little.” She was able to gasp.

I slid over on the blanked and lay her on top of me so I could cover us both with half of the blanket. When she had calmed and was savoring her pleasure I gently got out from under her. At the passenger side of the car I opened the door and reclined the seat. Then I returned to Katrina and picked her up in the blanket to carry her to the door. I carefully laid her on the seat and she curled into a ball. On my return around the car I found her halter and shorts and put them on the dash as I started the car. Once back on the interstate my hand was on the gearshift as we cruised. Just as before a soft hand took mine but this time led it to a tender breast and arms wrapped it to hold it there. We stayed that way until we were ready to leave the highway. I gave that delectable globe an affectionate squeeze and reluctantly moved my hand away.

“Are we almost home,” she asked sleepily?

“Almost. You have a few more minutes before your coach turns back into a pumpkin princess.”

She stretched and began to rouse herself then raised the seat back but stayed wrapped in the blanket. When we pulled up in front of her house the driveway was empty and the house dark. Nobody was home. Katrina saw her clothes on the dash and picked them up. Without shyness she shed the blanket and began to dress. The contortions of dressing in the car did delightful things to her body and I enjoyed the show. I walked her to the door and waited while she got it open. She turned and came into my arms before going in and we kissed deeply.

“Good night Brad,” she said when we parted. “Thank you for the love under the stars. It was terrific. I saw stars in my head and for real this time. Was that another lesson?”

“Yes it was. I’m glad you enjoyed it. One of these days we’ll have to do it outside in daylight, that’s fun too.”

“Ooh, sounds like fun. I can’t wait.” The door closed and I was alone on the porch.

I didn’t see Katrina much the next week. I worked late every night while the kids were away so that I could take the next two weeks off. The kids had complained that we hadn’t spent too much family time lately and I agreed with them. Before they left I told Chris my daughter to check with her brothers while at their grand parents farm and find out what they all wanted to do. They were supposed to let me know when they got back. On Friday afternoon I was just about wrapped up for the next three weeks by 2 PM. I had just decided to leave at three to get a start on my vacation when the intercom buzzed. My secretary told me a Miss Dobson was calling would I take the call. It took a minute before I realized it was Katrina.

“Hello Katrina, how are you?”

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