Learning by Doing

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It was a really shitty day, marked by trouble at the office–redheaded trouble in the executive suite–that I didn’t know how to cope with. The last straw was when my new used T-Bird stalled at a stop light in the middle of early rush hour traffic. By the time I got towed to the dealer’s and dropped off at home I was exhausted. Without stopping to check the mail or voice-mail I made a beeline to my room where I collapsed into blessed slumber. As I dropped off I wondered if I should start looking for a new job.

The back door slamming closed woke me out of a deep sleep and I heard two voices giggling as my little brother and his girl friend ran down the hall and into his room, next to mine. Billy moved in with me when he graduated from High School. “Are you sure he isn’t home?” I heard Suzy ask.

“Naw, his car’s not in the drive. He must have stayed late at work again.” Any opportunity to correct him went by as I lay back, trying to clear the sleep out of my eyes and the grogginess from my mind. By the time I felt ready to greet the two of them, the heavy sighs from Billy’s room signaled that an interruption not only wouldn’t be welcome, but also would be embarrassing. I lay back down and tried to find the sleepy place I had just left. Unfortunately the sounds in the next room could not be ignored as they quickly accelerated past heavy breathing to cries of passion. To make matters worse I needed to pee, but I wasn’t sure I could get to the bathroom without being heard. Fortunately, the noise in the other room raised to a level where sneaking past the door shouldn’t be hard, “Oh, Oh, Oh. Lift your hips,” begged Billy

“Yes, yes yes!”

I couldn’t wait any longer. As I slowly opened the door to my room and snuck down the hall to the bathroom I heard Billy scream, “I’m coming, I’m coming,” Already I thought?

I was stuffing my cock back into my pants when Suzy came into the bathroom with tears pouring from her eyes. “Jerry!” she screamed. “What are you doing here?”

I quickly turned away to zip up. “Peeing,” I said.

“No, I mean what are you doing home?” Suzy’s face began to blush, swiftly turning scarlet.

“Taking a nap. But why are you crying? Didn’t you want to . . . ah, didn’t you want to . . .” What could I say, Didn’t you want to fuck? Not hardly.

“You heard us?”

“I guess I did, but it’s okay. I won’t tell. But why are you crying, did Billy take advantage of . . .?”

“Oh, Jerry, it’s so embarrassing, but the truth is that Billy is just so fast, he gets me all excited and then leaves me in the dust.”

Before I could finish saying, “I know how that goes,” Billy was suddenly standing in the door.

“What are you doing here?”

“Whose house is it anyway?” I snapped.

“I didn’t mean it that way,” the tone of his voice changed in a hurry, “but where’s the “Bird”?

“Damned old thing’s in the shop.” Then I looked at the two of them. They both blushed as my glare held them. “You know it’s your business, but if you’re going to do it, you should do it right.”

Billy stammered, “What is that supposed to mean? I don’t need you butting into my business!”

“Oh yeah?” I retorted. Ask Suzy. She was crying when she came in here.”

“Suzy crying? What the . . . “

Suzy blushed furiously, “It’s nothing Billy. I was just . . . “

“She was just left hanging while you got your rocks off,” I interjected.

Billy blushed.

“Hey, kids, let’s take this meeting out of the bathroom. I bet you could all use a drink. Cola or wine?”

“I’m not allowed to drink yet,” Suzy answered.

“Oh, and you’re allowed to screw?” Shit, that wasn’t a good retort. “I’m sorry, that didn’t come out right.”

Suzy’s head was lowered into her hands. I felt really bad. Oh shit, she’s going to cry. I thought sobs were jerking her head back and forth . . . until I realized that she was about to burst into laughter. “I guess drinking would be a step up,” she croaked before exploding into laughter. Suddenly she looked old enough to screw and to drink.

“Well, let’s see what I have to offer.” I led them to the kitchen where I found half a twelve-pack of beer in the fridge. I poured each of them a glass.

In the living room, we all sat, Suzy and Billy holding themselves stiffly in chairs well apart from each other. “Gee you guys look miserable for someone who just made love. Can we talk about it?”

Suzy just looked down at her feet. After a moment of silence, Billy ventured, “I just come too soon; that’s all. I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it. I just can’t help it.”

“Well, there are things you can do,’ I said. “You got to get your partner off or it doesn’t count, you know. I mean there’s lots of ways.”

Suzy looked into my eyes, “Please, Jerry. Help us out.”

“Oh, geeze,” said Billy, kicking the floor.

“Do you really want to learn, Suzy?“ I asked.


“Excuse me,” I said. “Billy, come out to the kitchen with me!”

“Oh, for Christ’s sake,” he said. I glared at him, big to little brother, grabbed his canlı bahis arm and pulled him into the kitchen. “Listen, bro, when was the last time you beat me in a fight?”

“You know the answer to that.” he pouted. “Never, never ever.”

“Better remember, then because you’re pissing me off. Now, you’re going act like a grown up and take some pointers and maybe even become a grown up, cause I’m not going to have it going round that my little brother don’t know how to please a lady. And, believe me, Suzy is a lady!”

“Yes, but . . . “

“No buts, just you come with me and do what I say.”

I led him back in the other room. Billy’s face, I must say, was even redder than Suzy’s as I looked them both over. “Now the first thing you got to know, is that there’s no hurry. In fact, fucking’s the best kind of pastime, so the smart thing is to make it last as long as you can.”

Billy said, “Yeah, I know, I know, but tell my cock. It gets so hard and . . . well it just takes over.”

“I’ve heard that before. In fact I was there once myself until a nice lady taught be what’s what.”

“Now you’re going to teach us?” asked Suzy.

“This is embarrassing,” said Billy.

I was close to being embarrassed myself and though Suzy was stand-up about it, it wasn’t going to work the way Billy was hemming and hawing. Suddenly I had an inspiration. Telling wasn’t going to work; I’d have to show them. “Come with me!” I said. I led them back to Billy’s room.

The bed was mussed. Billy’s underpants lay next to Suzy’s on the floor. Billy’s shoes were there too but Billy and Suzy both still had their socks and tops on though I could see that Suzy’s bra was unsnapped. “Okay,” I said, “We’ll begin at the beginning. Billy. You’re going to undress Suzy without touching her, not even a little. No touch.”

“Oh yeah, and what are you going to do if I touch her?”

“I’m not going to do anything. Suzy will though. Just see.” I guess Billy couldn’t really take me seriously because, when she reached up to pull her sweatshirt off, Billy reached over and squeezed her breast. “Foul,” I yelled, taking off my belt. “Suzy, grab his belt and strap his other arm to the bedstead. I grabbed the other arm and fastened it tightly so he was fastened face up on the bed.

“Oh oh, I goofed,” I said. I quickly walked into the bathroom, and returned with some scissors which I used to cut his shirt off. “Take his pants off, Suzy!” I said.

Suzy giggled and quickly unzipped his pants. “Careful, don’t get his cock in the zipper,” I said, “even if he does deserve it.”

Billy’s cock drew into his body leaving just a pucker of ringed skin and the tip of his glands peaking out from its nest of hair. He held his legs tightly together. “Looks small now, doesn’t it? Now his socks,” I said. Quickly done.

“Okay, Suzy. Now it’s time for show and tell. I’m going to leave the room now. I want you to undress and sit in this chair facing Billy. Then I want you to masturbate until you come and I want you to talk to Billy and explain where it feels best and how you like it best. Then when you’ve come I want you to pet Billy all over, but don’t touch his cock. Do not make him come but make him beg. If he can last a half hour we’ll let him see if he can get you off. I’ll be in my room.”

The noises from Billy’s room were of two kinds. First Billy pleaded and then he huffed, but towards the end, first Suzy and then Billy moaned and groaned. I smiled to myself and waited an hour before I judged the time right to return. I knocked, pushed the door ajar and handed in one of my robes. “Here, Suzy, put this on.”

“It’s okay,” she said, “come in.” She was proud of that little body.

I entered. Suzy body was aglow with a rosy aura. I looked at poor Billy on the bed. His face was scarlet, just like Suzy’s; his cock was swollen and angry looking. It bobbed in time with each heartbeat. “Looks like you could come in about a second, eh, Billy?” I asked, not unkindly.

“Oh, man, could I.”

“Ain’t goin’ to happen,” I said. “This is what separates the men from the boys. Take that arm loose, I’ll take this one.” Quickly done. “Okay, Suzy, now you’re going to give Billy some head. If he comes, it’s okay, but it’s better if he doesn’t. If you feel it about to happen, squeeze his prick here. Then stop and kiss him on his mouth or bite his nipples. If you bite hard enough, it should slow him down some.”

Suzy didn’t show any self-consciousness, but just before she took Billy into her mouth, she said, “We’ve never done this before.”

“You’ve hardly done any of this before, have you?”

She giggled, but Billy’s cock muffled the sound. Billy hips immediately began to buck and he groaned aloud. “Slow down, Suzy. Bite his nipples.” She did. “Look how his hips are settling back down. Now lick his balls. Up and down his shaft. He’s getting too excited, slow down.” Billy groaned and raised his hips to held his cock up as high above the bed as it would go. The tip was purple and dripping long strands of precum. “Lick the goo off the tip now, Suzy.” I must bahis siteleri admit that the view of this, especially the view of Suzy’s gapping pussy, seen from behind, was having an effect on me. “Okay, Suzy. Now you trade places with Billy. You still haven’t come, have you sport?”

“Naw, and it’s killin’ me.”

“You’ll die happy.”

“Okay,” I said, “Now Billy is going to learn how to polish his nose. Lie back, Suzy, and think of England. Billy, hold your nose up to her pussy and take a big sniff. Smells good, doesn’t it.”


“Okay, now flick your tongue up and down and make like you’re a slug.” Billy’s reaction made it clear that he wasn’t going to need a lot of instruction in this aspect of the game. “See if you can suck her whole cunt into your mouth. See if you can capture the pearl she must have shown you during show and tell.”

Billy looked up. “Pearl?”

Didn’t you show him the pearl, Suzy?”

“I don’t know what you mean . . .”

“Okay, Suzy. I’ll show you.” I stood, pushed my cock up under my waistband so it didn’t stick out so much and leaned down. Suzy’s labia gaped wide and I carefully pulled the clitoral hood back to reveal the round white nubbin standing erect in its canoe. “This is the source of all Suzy’s pleasure. The man in the boat! Be very careful with it but don’t be afraid of it.”

I sat back down and wiggled my tongue at Billy, who for once did the right thing and began to flip the little thing back and forth with his tongue. He seemed to find it enjoyable and Suzy began to huff and puff in a rhythm that set the bed springs a jangling. “Notice anything, sport?” I asked. Billy, apparently, was too busy to answer.

“Okay, now the time has come. Billy get on your back. Suzy, kneel astride him and wet his cock with your pussy. Rub it back and forth. Now put it in and begin to row the boat. You’re in control. Billy, you tell her to slow down when you feel it building up. Suzy, when he warns you, pull out almost all the way and just mark time. You can concentrate on rubbing his chest or kissing him or even get off and lick his balls. The longer you can make him last, the longer he will be able to last.”

I got up to leave the room again but Suzy said, “Don’t go, Jerry. I want you to keep coaching us. Make sure we do it right.” Suzy kneeled over Billy and his cock seemed to levitate into her cunt.

“Ahhhhh” she said.

“Slow down, slow down, I can’t stand it.” Suzy did all I told her to and she kept up a running commentary.

“Is this right, Jerry? I’m going to lick his balls. Does that feel good, Billy?” Then she got back on him and started to flex her hips back and forth all the time keeping his cock deep inside her cunt as she massaged her clit and cunt lips with his shaft.

“I can’t, I can’t hold it “ Billy groaned.

“It’s okay Billy. Come. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming! Ayyyyy.”

“Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God,” ejaculated Billy, “I’m coming in you. I’m coming in you.”

The sense of climax engulfed all of us. Not that I came, but I felt a tremendous release of pleasure as the two of them enjoyed totally satisfactory orgasms instead of the unsatisfying frustration they’d had earlier. “I guess I can leave the two of you to figure out the rest. You know, Billy, there’s no reason you can’t come again and again at your age. Oh, you’ll have to wait between fucks, but you can spend that time exploring Suzy’s cunny with your tongue or just massaging each other. You can even lie back and talk.”

Suzy sat back on Billy’s knees, leaving his cock exposed, looking like a drowned earthworm. She looked back over her shoulder. Don’t go yet, Jerry. I have to thank you. Oh, thank you so much. That was so much better. Billy, wasn’t it good for you too?”

“Yeah, I have to admit it big bro. That was something!”

“Billy, don’t you think we owe Jerry something?”

“Yeah, but I don’t have anything he wants.”

“No, you don’t. But I do. Look at him. His cock is still as big as yours was a minute ago.”

“Bigger,” I said.

“You can work that one out between the two of you,” she said. “But I can work out your problem, Jerry—that is if Billy will let me.”

“Aw, Susy, you don’t need to do that.”

“I want to. I want to see what a big grown up cock feels like. Wouldn’t you like to do me? We’ll let Billy watch and that way we both can learn some more.”

I knew Billy wouldn’t go for that. I started to ease out the door. “It’s okay, Billy. I won’t poach in your stream.” But Billy surprised me.

“You know, Bro. Suzy has a point. I’d like another fuck, but I can wait. That way I’ll be ready and Suzy will really be hot. Besides, you got to admit, it should be a buzz.”

Suzy took the discussion to a new level. She walked over to me, pulled me to my feet and began systematically to undress me. She looked over to Billy, still supine on the bed, “I could use a hand here.”

Lesson II.

Naked, I pulled Suzy to me and gave her a big hug and kiss. My cock pushed against her tummy. Then I turned to Billy and bahis şirketleri gave him a big hug too. He surprised me when he hugged me back and kissed me on the forehead. Suzy sat back on the bed and said, “Come and get me, big brother.”

I walked up to the edge of the bed and grabbed her legs and lifted them into the air spreading them to open her pussy wide. Billy’s white cum pooled in the middle of her vagina and oozed down her thighs. “Little, Bro, you haven’t cleaned up after yourself. Do I have to do everything?” I fell upon her and began to lick up the cum. Then my tongue swam up her stomach leaving a smear of semen all the way to her mouth where I mixed the goo with her saliva using my tongue. I licked her face all over, occasionally tonguing the fluids out of her mouth and smearing them over her breasts. I chewed her breasts and sucked the nipples. I bit her arm pits and woofed in big breaths of her scent. I was a ravening animal and she was eager to help me consume her.

Still kneeling between her legs, I looked down at my ardent cock. It was standing at attention. “Poor John Thomas has been standing up so long, he’s starting to get tired. There’s dry come all over him. It wouldn’t be right to put it into you looking like that. Could you clean it off.”

“How would I do that?” Suzy asked.

“How did you clean Billy’s cock off?”

“Huh? Oh! I see. Let me.” Suzy bounced up and immediately attacked my cock. Soon it was throbbing in beat with my heart and I was straining against the bed to push it farther and farther into her mouth. Suzy leaned back and looked down at it. “Looks pretty clean to me.” She pushed me back and crawled up until her puss was over my cock, thinking, I know how to do this. After all, she’d just learned how with Billy.

But I’m not Billy. I hitched my hips back and pulled her hips down and against the length of my penis so my cock was lying along her vulva with the head just resting against her clitoris instead of sticking into her vagina. Then, pulling my cock back as far as I could, I bent my legs to make a lap so I could control her pussy and stroked the full length of her trench with my cockhead without inserting it into her vagina. At the end of each stroke the head of my cock ran up against her clitoris and slithered on along it. She soon began to scream. “Ohhhh, Mmmmm Ohhhh, Ohhhhh. God what are you doing to me. Billy. What is he doing. Billy’s head appeared in my peripheral vision and he looked down to see our joining.

“I can’t tell.” He said. What are you doing?” I tried to explain.

“Huh? I don’t’ understand.”

I jumped up. Get up here Billy!” I said.

With Billy on his back I pushed and shoved him to position his body until he had the whole sequence done pat. Meanwhile Suzy was somewhere else. “Okay, Billy, my turn again.” And we quickly traded places again, leaving him to watch and learn, and stroke his cock again.

Suddenly Suzy yelled, “Oh, wow. I’m coming again. Oh, I’m coming.”

“Correction,” I panted, “you’re beginning to come. Let’s see how long we can make it last.” I began to tease her. I’d thrust fully in until she was wild, then I’d pull back and tease her with short shallow strokes until they too would drive her toward the edge, then I pulled out and teased her clit, and then I made long strokes, each one all the way in and then scraping the top of my cock against her clit as I withdrew and then I’d rock my hips back and thrust the tip of my cock against the little pleasure button from a gentler angle. Finally she could come no longer. She collapsed on me and panted.

“See. Billy, there’s a lot more to fucking that just in and out. You like it, Suzy?” She didn’t answer. You think you’re done?” I asked. She was speechless. “Well, I’m not.” I pushed her off me and onto her back. Holding her feet up in a ‘V,’ I crawled forward until my cock head was positioned perfectly and thrust in, to the hilt. Suzy appeared to be dazed.

Controlling myself with the greatest of difficulty I pulled back and began to probe the inner lips of her vagina, just barely parting them and popping in my penis head like a wet grape before withdrawing again. Sometimes I’d barely move in and out enough to pluck the edge of my glans against the her cunt lips which were stretched tight enough to vibrate like a guitar string. Occasionally I’d slide my glans penis the full length of her groove from her asshole to the stem of her little clit.

It didn’t take much of this before she came to life again. Her chest began to flush while her breath came in explosive puffs. Her vagina became so hot it was like a light bulb, but so slick with her juices, that the in and out was frictionless, and extremely stimulating for that.

I leaned forward to fully insert my sex into hers and swiveled my hips slowly around so as to manipulate the deep folds of her cunt while putting pressure on pubis and pussy lips with the swollen base of my cock.

I could feel myself approaching the gate to the kingdom of Nirvana and I knew she was ready because the tissue around her vagina was so swollen that it was like thrusting my pubis against an inner tube when I bounced my cock all the way in. By now my arousal was so great that I that I was having an emotional orgasm well before I ejaculated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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