Leslie Shows Her Stuff Ch. 2

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A couple of weeks after my discovery of Leslie’s sex tape and photos she and my wife had planned a weekend get together and cookout. Leslie and her boyfriend Jeff were to come over mid-afternoon on Saturday for a swim followed by a bar-b-que. However, things took an unexpected turn when my wife Barbara told me on Friday afternoon that she had to go in to work on Saturday around noon and work for half a day.

“Well, I suppose we can call Leslie and Jeff and put the cookout on hold until another weekend” I said.

“No, I don’t want to do that – I only have to work until 4 or 5 PM…besides, Leslie told me Jeff has already asked for Saturday off so they can be here” Barbara replied. “Anyway, I’ll be home before you start the bar-b-que.”

“Ok…that will work out” I answered.

Saturday around noon Barbara went off to work and I puttered around the pool getting it ready for the gathering. About 2 PM I heard a car pull up in the driveway so went around to see who it was. I got to the front as Leslie got out of her car…alone.

“Hi” I said. “You’re a little early, Leslie.”

“I know…I came into town to get some stuff done first and finished earlier than expected…I hope you don’t mind” she answered.

“No, not at all. Where’s Jeff?”

“He went off with one of the guys earlier to help him move some furniture…he’ll be along around 4 or so.” she said.

“Well, come on inside and cool off. Want a beer or something?” I asked

“Yea, ‘something’ would be great!” answered Leslie.

We went inside where I got Leslie a cold beer and we went out on the back porch to sit and talk. I had just gotten comfortably seated when Leslie startled me with her next comment.

“So, Robert…did you like what you saw a couple of weeks ago? At my apartment?”

I sat there dumbfounded, staring at her. “Could she know about the videotape?” I wondered to myself, my mind going a mile a minute. I was at a loss for words.

“I sure liked what I saw” said Leslie. “It’s ok…I left the tape there on purpose, hoping you would watch it.”

“H-h-how did you know?” I sputtered. “I mean, I rewound it to where I found it.”

Leslie laughed. “When I left for the weekend I kept my computer on. I had the web cam set to snap a picture every 30 seconds all weekend long…just in case there was anything good to see.”

My mind was beginning to understand. “So, were you successful?”

“Yes…I was. You have a really nice cock, Robert” Leslie replied.

“So, you watched me…watching you, huh?”

“Yes, several times in fact – I kept the files of you jerking off so I can look at them whenever I want. You know, it’s too bad we never got it on when we were dating…” Her voice trailed off as though she was contemplating what might have taken place.

I couldn’t think of anything to say. “So, maybe there is a chance, yet” I thought to myself.

“What time did you say Jeff would be getting here” I asked with more than a little excitement in my voice.

“Well, actually…Jeff won’t be here today. He went out-of-town yesterday and will be gone until Monday. I just said that earlier until I was sure you might be interested.” explained Leslie.

I looked down at my watch; “2:15 PM”. Hum…Barbara would be gone for at least a couple more hours.

“After I saw that you had enjoyed yourself, I found the spot where your cum had landed. You didn’t do a very good job cleaning it up, Robert” Leslie said with a grin on her face. “I could still taste it in the carpet.”

“What? You did what?” I exclaimed.

“I just love the smell and taste of cum…man or woman” stated Leslie. “But I’d love to try it a little fresher….do you think you can help me out?”

My dick was throbbing in my shorts, threatening to burst every stitch. Was I hearing her right? Did she want to do it as much as I did, I wondered. “I’m game if you are, Leslie” I heard myself say.

Leslie was gazing down at the bulge I had in the front of my shorts. “Nice tent you’re making there, Robert” Leslie stated huskily.

“It’s all for you, Leslie” was all I could manage to say as Leslie slowly got up from her seat and walked over to my chair. Slowly kneeling in front of me, she reached forward and placed both her hands on my cock, rubbing it through the fabric. I sat there unmoving as she leaned forward and placed her lips next to my ear.

“Now, lets see this thing in person, shall we?” Leslie canlı bahis whispered.

I could smell the wonderful aroma of clean female body and perfume as Leslie flicked my ear with her tongue. “God, that drives me wild” I replied, and taking her face in my hands I brought our lips together, sliding my tongue deep into her mouth. She greedily sucked my tongue as we French kissed, and I touched her breasts for the first time. Her nipples were hard, as always.

“You have the most erotic nipples of any woman I’ve known. Do the stay hard all the time?” I asked.

“Yes, they do. I guess I love to have them sucked so much that they permanently stay erect.” “Some days I get so horny that I have orgasms just from my nipples rubbing against my bra” Leslie answered.

Sliding my hands up under her shirt, I found her bra-encased breasts and pushed my hands inside. Leslie let out a loud groan as my fingers closed around her nipples, pinching them lightly. I rolled each nipple slowly, savoring the feel of her flesh.

Leslie tilted her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations I was giving her. Her hands remained on my cock, unmoving as she savored the excitement.

I slid my hands out from under her shirt and got to my feet, helping Leslie to stand. As I looked down at her petite body she stood on her tiptoes and pushed her mouth against mine, our tongues dancing over each other. It took just seconds for me to unbutton her shirt and slide it off her shoulders, leaving her in her shorts and bra alone.

Leslie had resumed rubbing my cock, which throbbed almost painfully against my shorts, waiting to be released. As I ran my hands down her back and under her waistband, she began to unzip my shorts. I felt as if I was going to cum at any minute. I cupped her tight ass in my hands and pulled her close, which wedged my now exposed cock between our bodies. Leslie’s hands were wrapped around my shaft, which pulsed with my heartbeat.

“God, you cock is so hot and hard” said Leslie breathlessly. Are you always this big?”

“Yes, I’ve been over 7 inches since I was 14 years old.” I answered.

“Why didn’t we ever make it into bed when we were dating?” asked Leslie. I could have had this a l-o-n-g time ago!”

“I don’t know…maybe we were different people back then. I’ve never been one to put the moves on a girl just to get in bed with her” I replied.

“If I had known you were the owner of this cock, I would have been the one making the moves on you!” Leslie exclaimed. Leslie slowly began to stroke my cock as we pulled back from each other. I fumbled with the clasp on her shorts, trying to get it opened. “Let me help” Leslie volunteered, and she easily opened the waistband.

“Stupid me,” I said…I forgot ladies pants open the opposite of men” I said sheepishly.

“You have been out of the dating scene for a while, haven’t you Robert” Leslie said with a smile on her face.

That smile was quickly replaced with a look of passion as I slid her shorts down, letting them fall to her ankles. Leslie stepped out of them, leaving her wearing only her bra and panties. Although our pool enclosure was screened-in and the backyard well shielded by plantings, I desired more privacy for what was to come, so taking Leslie by the hand and picking up he clothing with the other, I led her into the house.

As soon as we got into the family room, Leslie reached around my neck with her hands and gave me another passionate kiss. As we fought with our tongues, I unbuttoned my shorts and let them slide off, allowing my hard cock it’s freedom. With Leslie holding on, I cupped her tight ass in my hands and lifted her off the floor, rubbing her crotch against the length of my penis, bring a purr of approval from Leslie. I swear, if she hadn’t still been wearing her panties, I would have thrust my cock into her pussy right then.

I carried Leslie over to a pool table in the center of the family room and set her bottom down on the rail, continuing to suck on her tongue all the time. Even though her nipples were already erect, I could swear they got harder as they pushed against my chest. I could have kissed Leslie all night…but there were other things to do.

Disentangling Leslie’s arms from around my neck, I unclasped her bra and removed, giving me my first in-person look at her breasts. They were beautiful – not overly large, but with much darker aerolas around and inch and a half in diameter. Her nipples bahis siteleri were like large pencil erasers and, lowering my mouth, I took one gently between my lips. As soon as I did so, Leslie began to climax, gasping “oh God, Robert…that feels so fucking good.” I took this as a good sign and continued to suck, taking only enough time to alternate between her two breasts. Leslie leaned back onto the pool table as I stepped between her thighs, pressing my cock against her pussy while I nursed on her tits like a baby.

As her climax subsided, Leslie’s breathing slowly returned to normal. “You don’t know how many times I imagined that over the past couple weeks, Robert” she said softly. “Ever since I watched you stroke your cock to my video, I’ve wanted you to make me cum…”

“With luck, that was just the beginning” I replied, letting my fingers trail down her stomach to rest on her panty-covered pussy. “Do you like other things sucked too?” I asked.

Leslie could only moan, and lifted her butt off the pool cushion to let me slide her panties off. Her pubic hair was the same as in the video, but it was obvious that Leslie had a larger clit that I had imagined, probably because the camera wasn’t as close as I was right now. As she set her butt down on the cushion again and I slid her panties from her legs, I placed my hand directly on her muff, with one finger resting against her clit. As Leslie felt the pressure of my finger, she spread her legs, opening her cunt to my view.

“I love a woman with black pussy hair…especially when she has such a beautiful pussy too” I told Leslie. Taking my finger momentarily away, I licked it. Leslie was focused on me, nothing else getting her attention. As I moved my finger back to her pussy, Leslie trembled with anticipation. I lightly touched her clit, making her shudder.

“Fuck me with your finger” she begged. “I’m so hot!”

“All in good time my dear…all in good time. As I recall, you’re not the only one who is hot” I said.

Smiling, Leslie turned around on the pool table allowing her head to tilt off and placing it directly at the level of my penis. As she reached out, taking the shaft in her hands she pulled me forward and opened her mouth. I felt her hot breath only an instant before her lips wrapped around my cockhead and she sucked me several inches into her mouth. I thought I’d pass out at that instant, but continued to stroke her clit with my finger as she adjusted to the size of my cock.

Not wanting to choke Leslie, I slid back out her mouth and she caught her breath. “That tastes so damn good, Robert…give me some more” she exclaimed. Not wanting to disappoint the lady I slid my cock back into her mouth, this time a little bit deeper.

In the position Leslie was laying I could look down and see her body as I fucked her mouth. I absolutely loved being able to worked my dick in and out, feeling Leslie take more with each stroke. Her mouth was so hot and wet, and I could feel the back of her throat touching my cockhead. Leslie soon managed to get in the rhythm with her breathing and was easily handling the size of my cock, breathing on every ‘out’ stroke…grasping my ass with her hands she pulled me toward her, causing my penis to go deeper into her mouth a little more each time I thrust. Soon my balls were slapping on her chin as she deep-throated my dick and I could feel the tightness of her throat on my cockhead. Not being able to concentrate on two things at once, I stopped my diddling of her pussy and let the feelings from my dick take over my mind.

On the next stroke Leslie let my cock slip from between her lips.

“When you cum, don’t shoot down my throat. I want you to pull out and cum in my mouth so I can swallow it all” Leslie gasped.

That comment had an immediate result of bring me to the brink of a climax. Since my wife doesn’t like the taste of cum, I hadn’t shot my juice in anybody’s mouth in years. The thought that Leslie not only wanted me to cum in her mouth, but also to eat my jizz made my legs shaky.

“Ok baby…I’ll do that. Let’s see if you can take it all” I said, sliding my cock back into her waiting mouth. With smooth strokes I pumped her face, letting her take more of my shaft on each stroke. As I looked down at her angelic face with lips spread tightly around my penis, I watched in fascination as her throat expanded to take my length. Leslie’s eyes were focused on my cock and balls as I worked in and bahis şirketleri out of her mouth. Within a few seconds I had was fully into her mouth and could see the end of my cock pushing out the skin of her throat.

True to my word I continued to face fuck Leslie until I felt the telltale tingling in my balls that indicated my climax was close. Sliding fully out of her mouth and holding my cock, I aimed it directly at her face as she looked up at me, eyes glazed over in passion.

“Here I cum!” I exclaimed, stroking my cock with my hand.

Holding my dick and pointing it into her open mouth I exploded with my first jet of cum. I had underestimated the force of my orgasm and the first big jet of cum missed her mouth and landed between her tits, leaving a trail of wetness from my cock across her lips. A low rumbling groan began in Leslie’s chest and I realized that she was reaching a climax at the same time. My second spurt of cum landed directly on her tongue and she held her mouth to receive the remainder of my load. the remainder of my hot jism filled her mouth as I continued to pump my meat, milking every drop of cum I had. Thick white globs of sperm dotted her neck, face and mouth, glistening.

As my dick twitched with the aftereffects of my orgasm I touched the cum laying on her chest…tenderly I traced the outlines of her hard nipples, leaving slick trails of jism wherever my finger touched. I could feel the heat of her body as I touched her and leaned forward to lick my seed from her tits, causing her to twitch when my tongue made contact with her breasts. Leslie lay quietly, savoring the moment and then closed her eyes…and swallowed my full load which was contained in her mouth. I could see her throat muscles work as she consumed my jism.

“You are so hot, Leslie” I exclaimed. “Do you always cum just from giving a blowjob?” I asked.

“Not usually…but if I’m really turned on…” she answered, her voice seeming far away.

“I loved the way you ate my cum…” I replied.

“Yes, I know…Barbara told me” said Leslie.

“What’s that?” What do you mean?” I asked.

“Barbara told me she doesn’t swallow…that was why I knew you wanted to cum in my mouth” answered Leslie.

“Barbara told you that?” I inquired.

“Sure, Robert. You don’t think that all those times I’ve been here when you came home from work we have just been sitting around the pool, do you? Barbara and I have been lovers for months…”

I was flabbergasted. Not only had I yearned to fuck Leslie, but now I was finding out that my wife and Leslie had been getting it together. To think, my wife had slept with Leslie first!

“That weekend you went over to my apartment Barbara made sure you would go…both of us hoped you would take care of my cat the first day but you were doing yard work. That was why Barbara made up that excuse about having to go into work…so you would take care of the apartment” Leslie explained.

“So the whole thing was a set-up, right?…so I’d find your video?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s right. Barbara wanted to make sure that you were interested in me before she asked for a threesome. You do want to fuck both of us together, don’t you?”

My head was swimming. Here I was, just finished fucking my former girlfriend in my house while my wife was at work and I was finding out that not only was it OK with my wife, but she had a part in arranging the meeting.

“God, yes. But why the big plan?” I asked.

“So we could be sure, silly. Barbara didn’t want to ask you about a threesome if you didn’t want to do it…she was afraid you would think she was fucking around on you” answered Leslie, a grin on her face.

“Well, I guess we both know the answer to that question…!” I said loudly.

“Good – that settles it. Now we can get down to some serious fucking…at least until Barbara gets home. I still have an itch which you’ve haven’t scratched for me yet” Leslie announced.

I leaned forward and took Leslie in my arms, kissing her deeply. As she nuzzled against me she moaned and my hands cupped her beautiful ass cheeks tenderly. I could taste my sperm still on her tongue but it didn’t matter. Here was a woman who truly knew the meaning of sex…with both me and my wife. I couldn’t wait until the three of us were together.

“Now, where was that itch you were complaining about?” I asked, slipping two of my fingers deep into her wet pussy. Leslie smiled and pushed her crotch toward my hand.

“I have another hole down there that would like some attention too” Leslie whispered, smiling.

My cock began to harden again and I knew everything would be all right.

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