Long Awaited Rendezvous

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He entered the room, the smile on his face betrayed his anticipation. He wore a green t-shirt over loose fitting blue jeans. Their eyes met from the second the door opened, and they had yet to break their gaze. Scarlett had been awaiting this moment for quite some time, yet she would not allow herself to give in to her desires too quickly. Not always the model for self-restraint she managed to resist the urge to jump this man instantly. Though the look in his eyes as he approached let her know that keeping that up would be even harder than she had expected.

As they embraced she breathed in his scent, he smelled as good as he looked and her self-restraint was quickly fading. “Hi” he said in a deep seductive voice. For a second she was unable to find her voice. It was somewhere lost in her throat hidden by the wanting she was becoming overwhelmed with.

“Hi,” she managed after what seemed like forever, a smile crept across his face as he noticed her slight hesitation. “I’m so glad you’re…” before she could finish his hands were gently cupping her face, his eyes looking deeply into hers. Within seconds he was kissing her, his lips firmly pressed against hers. He had soft moist lips that were large enough to engulf hers completely. Scarlett found herself yearning for those lips to explore her entire body inch by inch.

When their lips parted his right hand slid down and held up her chin so that she was looking directly into his eyes when he said, “I promise you this is going to be a night you’ll never forget.” In Imani’s eyes was testament that he was neither kidding nor exaggerating. And the warmth being created by their bodies in this embrace was substantially raising her blood pressure. The surging pulse between her thighs let Scarlett know that more pressure was the last thing she needed at this moment. What she needed was to be consumed by this man and all his might, thankfully he was more than content to oblige her.

They kissed again, this time yearning more evident, the level of passion raised to new heights. Imani’s hands toying their way up and around her back caused her shirt to rise. She took this as her cue to speed the process along and lifted the shirt off her back over her head. With her shirt discarded to the side of the room, goose bumps invaded her skin instantaneously as a cool chill assaulted it. As if sensing her temperature change his kisses left her mouth yearning, to explore the rest of her. He started with her collar bone, finding his way up her neck with escort bostancı frenzied kisses until he was sucking on her earlobes with burning desire. While he busied himself with her ears and neck Scarlett noticed her pelvis grinding itself into his. She felt his hard shaft through his pants and lowered her hand to release his length from the captivity of his jeans.

“No,” he said while grasping her hand in his. Imani grabbed both of her wrists and placed them behind her back. “Please, let me have my fun, I promise you won’t regret it.” his words were followed by a lustful kiss. Imani spun Scarlett around so that her back was pressed into his chest, he had forgotten where her hands were placed which allowed her to grab his meat once again. He chuckled a bit as she wrapped her hand around his manhood. “You’re not going to make this easy on me are you?”

“I’m glad you’re finally getting it.” she said with a sly grin as she looked over her shoulder at him. He stood 6″3 so he was quite taller than her, which afforded her the opportunity to bite into his chest when she turned her head. Without warning he wrapped his and her arms around her chest, then bent her over the bed as he kept his chest pressed against her back, his kisses peppering the back of her neck. He placed her hands on the mattress palms down, arms extended so that she was bent over at a right angle.

While being in a position of vulnerability was not what she was accustomed to she felt oddly safe in this mans hands. His tongue sketched a path down her spine from neck to just above her pant line. Imani’s large warm hands firmly holding her tits and massaging them back and forth in his palms. For a moment Scarlett noticed he was not touching her at all, and just as she looked back to see what he was up to he bit her on the ass and gave her a wink. The bite wasn’t too hard, just hard enough so that she knew he was still there. She found herself giggling with him. Before she could settle into her laughter his fingers were doing there work on her zipper, and once her pants were fully open his fingers slid their way inside just around the top edge. They moved their way around to her sides before slipping her jeans down off her hips, his lips kissing the newly exposed skin.

He stood up from his position on his knees and started to kiss her back again while his hands eased her out of her jeans. The cool air crept across her skin like a silk sheet being spread across a mattress. It was a wonderful feeling having ümraniye escort her skin being so cool while his warm hands fondle her so lovingly. When her pants reach her knees his head is soon to follow. The kisses he’s delivering to the backs of her knees send shock waves up her legs, she begins to feel herself becoming more and more impatient. She wants this man, more than she has wanted any man before him. Scarlett thought to herself, ‘where did this guy come from?’. Though at the moment the answer to that question was of little importance to her as she was quite content with not knowing so long as he was here with her now.

As he gently lifted her feet out of her jeans she felt his breath on the back of her thighs just shy of her moist opening. The sensation of his breath on her skin was causing her to have short weathered breaths. “Oh please don’t tease me. Please.” She moaned.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I never tease you unless I plan to please you in return.” he responded while slowly peeling her panties off of her anxiously awaiting mound, and blew small spirals of air into her.

“God I just want you to fuck me!”

“Patience Rebecca good things come to those who wait. Or was it those who wait, get to cum? Who knows I’ve never been good with old school quotes, but trust me okay? You’re in good hands.” This was easy enough for her to believe, it was just becoming increasingly harder for her to continue to allow him to have his way with her. As Imani breathed on her exposed pussy his hands stroked the backs of her legs with firm and constant pressure. This was getting to be too much for her to handle, and just as Scarlett was about to lose total control his mouth enveloped her clitoris and sucked it with vacuum like force. A shockwave of tingles shot their way from that point straight to her stomach. Her knees went weak momentarily and she almost collapsed.

Her hands squeezed the sheets on the bed as his mouth simultaneously sucked on her clit and licked it over and over, stopping briefly so that his tongue could slide its way up the length of her slit. His strong hands gripped her by the ass and slowly parted her vaginal lips to give his tongue deeper more thorough access to her wetness. Scarlett became light headed as his tongue licked her deeply with furious speed. He kept a frenzied pace as he flicked criss-crossed patterns across her swollen clit, while his index finger found its way to her hole and worked itself in and out of her ever so slowly. After a kartal escort bayan minute or two of this, his finger ventured deeper into her and she moaned her appreciation into a nearby pillow.

Without warning Imani grabbed her by the hips and spun her around so that she was lying on her back on the bed. He eased his head up between her legs and up her chest so that he could kiss her passionately on the mouth. She kissed him back with feverish energy and pulled him onto her with her legs. He shifted his weight so that he was straddling her right leg and slid his hand back down between her thighs. Imani began to finger her again but now with two fingers angled up inside rubbing against her upper vaginal wall. His fingers stroking her insides with a speed and a force that was sure to have her losing her mind soon enough. As his digits began to penetrate her faster and deeper Imani pulled his lips free of hers and put them to work in an area that was receiving a lot of attention at the moment.

She felt fully exposed as she looked down to see her legs spread to either side with this mans head buried in the center. His fingers now rocketing their way in and out of her had Scarlett on the verge of orgasm. And thankfully he did not slow himself at all. This was an exercise in sensory overload, she had no idea what feeling to focus on; his tongue vigorously stroking her clit, his left hand caressing her breast, or his fingers rubbing eagerly at her g-spot. The pressure her pussy had been building had long ago reached its peak, her breathing had all but stopped, and she literally felt as though she was going to pop. When without warning she exploded all over the bed, a quick blast of liquid escaped her and she lost feeling from her stomach down. Her body convulsed uncontrollably as he held her legs still while frenziedly rubbing her clitoris as more and more liquid shot out of her.

Once her outpour had stopped she tried desperately to catch her breath, but more importantly she grabbed him and pulled him close to her. Amazingly he was still completely clothed. This man had caused her to explode all over the bed and hadn’t even taken his shirt off yet, it was right then when she began to fully grasp the idea that she was in for a long, fantastic night.

They lay together her in his arms as she tried to slow her heart beat and correct her breathing. Imani kissed her on the cheek followed by a slight nibble on her neck, and looked at her when he said, “breathe baby, breathe. And please rest, because I am far from being done with you just yet.” confidence beaming off of him at this point. The smile on his face once again not only made her feel safe, but let her know he was neither lying nor exaggerating. Tonight was going to be one she would never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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