Lunch Break

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I stop by to see you at your office one day – completely unannounced. You look up from your desk surprised yet very happy to see me. Your eyes travel down the sexily-clad length of me – taking in the short skirt, black stockings, sheer blouse and ridiculously high heels. Your gaze turns from one of appreciation to one of lust as I silently close the door behind me and strut over to your desk and straddle you there on the chair. I face you, pushing my big, firm tits up against your chest as I lean in to kiss your beautiful full mouth. Your hands instinctively grab my ass and pull me closer to you as we kiss, deeply, sensually and I grind my tingling pussy into the growing bulge in your pants. It’s clear that we desperately want each other and that this growing chemistry of ours is about to combust.

You stand up with my legs still wrapped tightly around you and you set me down gently on your desk. As you stand back to admire my body, you can see that I am not wearing any panties under my skirt. With a moan, you push my thighs apart and bend your head down to my perfectly waxed pussy to taste and savor the moisture that has gathered there. You lick my lips slowly, lapping up the delicious canlı bahis juices you have helped create. I moan, too, as your tongue starts to fuck me and gasp each time it pushes in and out of my dripping pussy. But you’re not finished with me yet, you now move that devilish tongue of yours up to my clit and begin to work it like a pro, licking and flicking it with precision…drinking me in and driving me wild so that in no time I explode in a violent orgasm that leaves me panting and my juices dripping down your handsome face. I gaze up at you, admiring our handiwork and marveling how staring at my man with me all over him simply never gets old. It’s the most beautiful fucking thing in the world.

It’s your turn now and I push you back into your chair and sink down to my knees under your desk, unzipping your pants to free that gorgeous, pulsing cock. I take a moment to admire its size and shape before opening my mouth to tease just the glorious head of it with my tongue. I lick all around your beautifully defined head, along the sensitive underside, and across the tip, tasting the small bead of pre cum that has formed there, just for me. Your breath is coming in short gasps as I tease bahis siteleri you like this for a while and you try to push my head down to take all of your length into my mouth – but I’m not done teasing you yet. Now I move from the head of your cock, to lick the underside of your smooth shaft – up, down, and all around, making sure to also bathe your balls with my warm, wet tongue. When I sense you are on the edge and I look up to see the pleading in your eyes, I smile in satisfaction and raise up on my knees to position my mouth directly over the head of your prick. In one swift motion, I lower my mouth onto you, taking the entire length of you as deeply into my mouth and throat as possible. You moan uncontrollably now as I keep sucking and moving up and down your shaft with my hand and mouth, twisting my hand as I work you. You’re about ready to explode, so you pull me up to my feet and turn me around so that I am completely bent over your desk – exposing my firm, round ass and naked pussy to your gaze and waiting cock.

You tease me now with your cock head, rubbing it along my slit and pushing just a portion of the way inside. I am going crazy, desperate to have you all the way inside bahis şirketleri me. I can’t stand it another minute and you sense the craving in my body, my desperate yearning to be filled by you, to be consumed once again with this wickedly hot lust we have created between us. You willingly oblige and with a deep, powerful stroke, enter me with one swift movement that buries you inside my swollen pussy up to the hilt. I gasp at the feeling of being totally filled up with every inch of your rock hard cock, and you begin to fuck me – slowly at first, giving it to me nice and gently. I arch my back and grab the desk signalling you to start pumping into me faster and faster. I hear the sound of your muscular thighs smacking into the back of my ass as you drive your throbbing cock deeper and harder into my tight little pussy. I’m so dripping wet now we can both hear the sloshing sound of my juices as you ravage my hungry hole. You reach around one hand to pinch and pull my nipples, and then to swirl your finger around my clit as you fuck me and I just want this incredible, overwhelming sensation to go on and on……In minutes we are both exploding into shattering, frenzied orgasms that leave us both panting, breathless and very, very satisfied.

I straighten up, adjust my clothing, and with a quick kiss, and a smack on the ass, I thank you for a lovely interlude and leave you to finish your work….if you can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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