Marie’s Senior Year Pt. 05

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Marie squirmed and shivered as she ran her hands through Alice’s rich, red hair. Moaning and thrusting her hips, she begged Alice to keep going as Alice ran her tongue up and down Marie’s soaking cunt. With such enthusiasm, Alice ate Marie’s pussy as Marie played with her own nipples between her fingers. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum. Ohhhh..” She trailed as her pussy contracted and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Alice wiped her chin and moved up on the bed to cuddle with Marie. “Thank you so much, Alice.”

“I was just returning the favor.”

Marie kissed Alice. “You know, I love my boyfriend but he just cannot make me cum to save his life.”

“I don’t know Marie, it kind of seems like you actually love me when I am going down on you.” Alice joked.

“Who knows, maybe I do right?” The two girls laughed and proceeded to kiss for a while. “Okay, I should go now.”

“Goodnight, Marie.”

The next morning, Marie drove to school. It was first semester finals week and Marie had been really tripping out over her AP Biology final. She entered the room and was greeted by her teacher.

“Hello Marie!”

“Hi Mr. Webber.”

“So,” he began lowering his voice under the hustle and bustle of dozens of students shuffling to their seats “today after class, another one of your blowjobs?”

Marie had been occasionally been sucking off Mr. Webber for $30 during the nutrition break immediately following the class. This had started a few weeks ago when he caught her giving a handjob to a boy in the class; something she had been doing all semester long.

“Of course sir! It would be my pleasure. But, I have an idea actually,”

“What is it?”

“I’ve been so busy with my job lately. I’m sure you know what i mean. I’m afraid I’m going to bomb the free response on the test. Go easy on me and I won’t charge.”

“Sounds good to me!”

An hour passed as Marie scribbled some half-assed answers onto her exam booklet. The bell rang and students began filing out of the room as she slowly packed her things. After the last student left the room, she pranced over to Mr. Webber and kneeled in front of him. She unbuttoned her blouse and revealed her perky tits before unzipping his pants and revealing a thick, throbbing cock that was clearly aching for relief.

She took the throbbing cock in her hands and stroked it as she sucked him off. She licked the tip in smooth circles and massaged his balls, as he usually enjoyed. Within six minutes, he was cumming in her mouth. Marie sucked all the way through his orgasm. When he finished, she opened her mouth to show him his cum and then swallowed. “Mmm; You always cum so much for me Mr. Webber. I love it.” She genuinely meant it too.

Marie stood arched over on the side of her car, balancing herself by resting her hands on the passenger seat with her pants around her ankles as her desk-mate from English class fucked her from behind. She checked the time on her phone. 3:34pm. “Hurry up! I gotta be home by four!’

“I’m almost done.” He grunted as he pounded deeper into her pussy. He pumped and thrusted for a couple more minutes as Marie canlı bahis kept her eye on the clock. “Oh, god, fuck.” He held her hips close to his body as he shot his load deep inside her pussy. “Fuck, you are an angel.”

“Yeah next time make sure you keep within the time restraints are I’m charging you extra!” said Marie as she pulled her pants up.


“Alright see you tomorrow!” She sat behind the wheel and began to drive, feeling the cum begin to leak from her pussy.

Marie arrived just a few minutes before 4pm. Her parents were expecting guests and demanded she be home to greet them. Her aunt had just gotten married for the second time and she was coming to visit with her new husband and his two sons for the weekend. The minivan pulled into the driveway right on time and the family began to get out of the car. Marie and her parents went out to great her aunt.

“Marie!” she exclaimed as she came in for a hug. “My you have grown! It has been too long!”

“I missed you too Aunt Katy, but it’s only been a few months.”

“It feels much longer, dear. I mean just look at you.”

From behind her aunt, Marie saw to college aged men come from around the car; each carrying heavy suitcases. “Wait, are these your new step son’s Aunt Katy?”

“Yes they are!”

“I was expecting little kids.”

“Oh no. Wyatt is 24 and Laurence is your age; 18.”

“I had no idea.” Marie couldn’t help but notice that both boys were unbelievably buff and good looking.

“Well, Wyatt is going to be staying on the couch and Laurence is going to be staying in my room with my husband and I so they will be out of your hair, okay?”

“Don’t worry about that auntie.” Marie helped bring a few things into the house and they all met up in the kitchen.

“I don’t think we have met.” Marie extended her hand to Laurence. “I’m Marie.”

“Hi there. I’m Laurence and this is my brother Wyatt.”

“Hey, whats up?” he asked.

Wyatt was about six foot one. His had dirty blond hair and his muscles just absolutely pressed through his shirt. Laurence, on the other hand, had brown hair and was a bit leaner and stood at about five foot nine.

“You know,” Marie’s mom interjected and spoke directly to Wyatt and Laurence. “I totally forgot you tell you guys, we are going to a gala with your parents tonight. We won’t be home until late so let me show you guys where you can unpack your stuff!”

The boys settled into their own spaces as the parents all changed into their nice clothes. “Now if you need anything, boys,” Marie’s mom explained, “go ahead and ask Marie. She will take care of it.”

“Thank you ma’am. Have a great night.”

Marie sat in her room. She knew she had to fuck these boys; they were hot and their parents were rich. However, they were technically part of the family and she didn’t want to make things awkward. She called her boyfriend and quietly explained the situation.

“Honestly Marie, I think you should go for it. It’s not like they are actually related to you. You didn’t grow up with them either.”

“You’re right. I will move on it then.”

“By the way when are you coming bahis siteleri over again? We haven’t had sex in so long.”

“I’ve just been busy with finals” which was a total lie. “I promise to come soon. Byeee-” she hung up quickly.

Marie dressed up in a tiny pink bralette and black booty shorts that practically let her ass fall out in plain sight. “No underwear required…” she said to herself as she fixed her hair in the mirror.

First, she made her way to Laurence’s bedroom to see what he was up to. However, she found him fast asleep on his temporary bed. Marie scoffed and went into the living room instead. Wyatt was sitting on the couch and was clearly extremely focused on his laptop because he did not see her coming as she approached him.

“Hey Wyatt.” she said casually as she scooched in next to him.

“Oh hey Marie.” he responded dully, not even peeling his eyes off the screen.

“You busy or something?”

“Yup. I’m working on this super important paper for med school. I told my dad I couldn’t come but he insisted. Now I gotta make sure I write at least 12 pages by the end of the weekend.”

“Oh no that is harsh. Maybe you should take a study break with me.”

“I can’t” he once again responded dully, still not looking away.

Now annoyed, Marie stood in front of him and shut his laptop. He finally looked up and was a bit surprised at how much skin she was showing.

“Come on. You need it.”

“Okay, I guess it will help.” She sat next to him again and he asked “So what are we gonna do?”

“I dunno, what do you usually like to do when you take breaks?”

“Depends. Maybe watch tv or something.”

“Sounds good!” She popped up on her feet and walked over to the coffee table. Slowly, she bent over and reached to the far end of it to grab the remote as Wyatt tried to not notice her tight ass. She then slowly strutted over to him, placed the remote in his hand and trailed her hand across his chest before sitting with him again. “So,” she started, “what are we gonna watch?” She leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Well, let’s see.” He turned the tv on and began flipping through the channels.

“Oh wait! Go back to that channel. Yeah I love that show.”

“This one?”

“Yes! You ever seen it?”

“Can’t say I have. Vampire teen dramas aren’t really my thing?” he said jokingly.

“Ohh you must think I’m just some dumb little girl then, right?” she asked flirtatiously.

“No no I never said that.”

“But it is what you are thinking, right? Well I will have you know that I like this show because it has a really interesting plot, okay?”

“Let’s see about that” he responded.

“Well, and the guys are hot too. I’m not gonna lie.”

“I thought you would say that.”

“Yes I would totally fuck the main character’s brains out.”

Wyatt looked a bit taken back; which was exactly what Marie wanted. “Well, alrighty then.”

“Yeah I bet he has a huge cock and I just wanna put it in my mouth.” he said nothing. “But I mean there is something here for everyone. Look that girl is his girlfriend in the show. Isn’t she cute.”

“Yeah bahis şirketleri I think she is.”

“I bet you wanna fuck her.”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t have to lie to me Wyatt, we are basically family now. Besides, you are a grown man so it’s not like you don’t think about these things.”

After a bit of hesitation, he finally admitted “Yeah I guess I would then.”

“What do you find hot about her?”

“I like her figure. It’s nice, tight. She has nice curves too.”

“You mean like mine?” she asked.

“Yeah I guess so.”

“I mean just look at me.” she said before standing up again. This time, she stood in front of him and twirled a bit to show off her body. “Wouldn’t you bet the boys at my school would pay to fuck me?’

“I’m sure some of them would, maybe.”

She moved in closer to him and bent over. “Would you?” she asked

“Would I what?”

“Don’t play stupid.” she said, slightly bending over to show her ass to him. “Would you pay to fuck me? Because the boys at my school do it all the time.”

“What? They pay you? Aren’t you like seventeen-“

“Eighteen, actually.” She sat down on his lap and began to grind against his cock. “What do you say.”

“This is… soooo wrong.” he said quietly but unable to subdue his erection.

“For you I will only charge $100, and I am all yours for the whole weekend. Non-stop.”

“You have got to be fucking kidding me…”

“Never.” she said.

He began to kiss her neck and squeeze her tits. She moaned softly and grinded harder against his cock. She then turned around and straddled him. The two made out for a while and he slipped his hand under the waistline of her shorts. He began to finger her pussy and she moaned into his ear.

Marie found herself on her knees before him as he sat back in the couch. She took his cock her mouth and sucked passionately; occasionally stopping to take it out of her mouth, spit on it, stroke it, lick his balls and then go right back to sucking.

Later, Marie positioned one knee on top of the kitchen table and Wyatt fucked her from behind. He began to remove her bralette as she begged him “Harder, harder! Please don’t fucking stop. Oh my god don’t fucking stop. Your cock is so amazing.”

He sat on the couch and Marie positioned the tip of his cock against her ass. “It’s been a while…”

“Good.” he responded. He shoved his cock into her ass and began to ram inside her. Marie quivered and squirmed as he penetrated her tight asshole.

“C-cum in my ass!” he squeezed her body between his arms and rammed deep before letting out a long moan and flushing her ass full of semen.

Soon after, the two sat naked next to each other. Cum oozed from her ass as they both tried to catch their breaths. “You know, Marie, I’m glad you are a prostitute.”


“Cause I can pay you to have sex with my brother.”

“You will pay me? I was gonna ask him next but this works too.”

“He would never accept.”


“He has never had sex before.”

Laurence awoke and began to stretch for a few seconds before opening his eyes. However, he flinched when he felt something touch his lap. Looking down, he watched as Marie bounced her head up and down on his cock. She slid her mouth off and began to stroke his cock. Flirtatiously, she greeted him “Hey sweetie.”

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