Mum’s Dementia Ch. 03

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The next six months flew in. They went to the Spa; it was beautiful for both of them. Mum was now doing so much around the house. She had changed both of their diets. They both went for long walks every day. They were both taking Vitamin C effervescent tablets four times a day with water. Both of them were drinking one and a half litres of water a day. Jack had bought a blood pressure gauge, both their blood pressures were low. It meant that mum was at a low-level risk for a stroke or heart attack. Mum’s could remember things more clearly. Jack felt sure this was because she enjoyed everything that she did now, instead of the time she was passing the time.

Their lovemaking was so intimate and intense. They both enjoyed being in the other’s company. Jack was feeling confident about mum’s medical. She had to see Dr Bill on Tuesday morning at ten. Mum was up early on Tuesday morning. They made love. Then mum made breakfast, then she showered and dressed for her appointment. Just before she left, mum said, “I’ve never felt so fit in all my life. The last six months have been great for me. I wasn’t living before, but now I’m enjoying every day with you, Jack. You make your mum very happy.”

Mum then left. Jack showered and shaved. He could see a difference in mum. He was looking forward to speaking with Dr Bill later this morning. He knew that mum had not got any worse. She was leading a much more meaningful life now. They were both helping each other, mum was looking after Jack and Jack was looking after mum. Just before eleven, Jack’s phone rang. It was Dr Bill; he said, “Jack, I don’t know what you are doing but keep doing it. Your mum is physically so fit. She’s got a blood pressure a woman in her twenties would love. That’s so good for her.”

Jack said, “I’ve been taking the Vitamin C with mum. I’ve noticed that my blood pressure has dropped too. I know that Vitamin C is good for circulation. Maybe that’s the reason?”

Jack didn’t tell him that since he started taking Vitamin C, his cock felt so much stiffer. Even mum was saying how good it felt when it was inside her. Dr Bill said, “That could be the reason. I’ll check that out. Mentally, your mum is so clear-headed and rational. I believe that she had been going through such a bad time. She had withdrawn herself from normal life. I am sure that you spending quality time with her has changed her outlook lot of things. I’ll see her again in six months, but I don’t think that there’s much to worry about her mental state. Keep her occupied and active, and canlı bahis everything will be fine.”

Jack was happy when he came off the phone. He couldn’t think of a time in the last few months when mum had forgotten about something. She seemed to be so more focused on what was happening around her. If what they had been doing for the last six months had been good for mum, then he would continue doing it for mum. Then mum came into the lounge. She looked gorgeous; Jack said, “How did it go mum, what did Dr Bill say?”

“Jack, I feel so good. It was another thorough medical, physically everything is good. The blood tests that he took are all good. He rechecked my prostate. He fingered my ass, then my pussy again. He’s made me so hot for you. I have to go back again in six months, but to be honest, I’ve never felt so well in all my life. Give mummy a nice kiss now. I need you so much. We made love just over four hours ago, and I need you again. Let’s go to bed?”

Mum was stripping as she walked into the bedroom. She had a beautiful G-string on that was tight-fitting. It showed her sex slit to perfection. Jack’s cock was rock hard when he took off his boxers. Mum started to stroke it then said, “Let’s 69 Jack; I want to suck your cock and make it so hard as you suck mummy’s clit. I’m so horny; you’ll make me cum very quickly.”

They went down on each other. Everything they both did now was so natural. Mum was quickly deep-throating Jack’s massive cock as she massaged his heavy balls. Jack loved sucking mum’s clit. He had taken some lube from the bedside cabinet and was lubing mum’s tight ass as he sucked her giant nub of a clit. Soon Jack was finger fucking mum’s ass with three fingers as he sucked her hard clit. Jack now knew mum’s every move and reaction. She was close. He was looking forward to feeling her warm cum flood into his mouth. He didn’t have to wait long. A minute later, mum cried out, “I’m cuming, baby, hold my cum in your mouth. I want to cum kiss with you.”

Mum had a heavy orgasm. She filled Jack’s mouth with her cum. They then cum kissed lovingly for several minutes. Mum loved doing this, her tongue busily transferring her cum from Jack’s mouth back into her mouth. Mum then got Jack to lie on the top of the bed. Mum lubed his stiff cock then teased her ass hole with the bulbous head of his cock. It felt so good; mum was going to be ass fucked by Jack’s cock as she mounted him in the cowgirl position. Mum took his entire length quickly with her first push. She purred with pleasure as his massive cock filled her tight ass. She was soon pounding his stiff cock. Her massive tits were jiggling everywhere. There was something so erotic about bahis siteleri the way mum’s tits wobbled. Jack was stroking mum’s big clit with his fingers. She loved this.

Jack knew that mum would be doing all the work. She loved both the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. Then mum had her first vaginal orgasm; Jack could feel her creamy spunk running down his cock. Mum trembled a little, but she kept going. She was riding Jack’s cock perfectly. Mum said, “When Dr Bill was fingering my ass, then he slid a finger up my pussy, I was thinking of me ass fucking you in the cowgirl position when I got home. I love every way that we make love. I’ve had more joy from you than I ever had with your father. I wish that we had got together earlier. We could have had so much fun.”

Mum then had her second vaginal orgasm, she trembled more with this one, but she kept pounding his stiff cock. Mum’s pussy was now squelching; she was dripping cum; Jack loved feeling the warmth of her cum on his cock. Mum was cuming more. She seemed to have an endless supply of cum. Jack was sure that it came from the change in diet that they had both made. Jack also felt so much healthier. Jack was forty, and mum was close to sixty-six. Most days, they made love at least three times a day. Jack loved every minute of it.

After mum had her third vaginal orgasm, she raised herself then gripping Jack’s cock the base she guided the bulbous head of Jack’s cock inside her dripping pussy, she took his entire length quickly. she soon had a powerful rhythm going, her gripping with her powerful cunt muscles felt so good. Everything that mum did felt so good. Mum said, “I wish that we had got together when you came back from London ten years ago. That would have been wonderful. When you bought the Penthouse, I wanted to tell you then what a shit marriage I had, but I couldn’t do it. You were a successful young man; you had the world at your feet. I didn’t want to be a burden for you.”

Jack felt touched. Mum was still pounding his cock as she spoke. Jack replied, “I wish that you had mum. I would have been there for you. You had ten horrible years. If I had known, I wouldn’t have allowed that. Why didn’t you let me know earlier?”

“Your cock feels magnificent, Jack. I was down, Jack, I was neglected, I was alone. You are the only family that I had. My parents were dead. I had no brothers or sisters; you are all I had. My life was fucked; I didn’t want to fuck up your life. I lost all confidence in myself. Knowing what I know now, I’m so sorry that I didn’t confide in you. Jack, I believe that I had some mental health problem. I wasn’t living; I was surviving. I wish that ten years ago, I bahis şirketleri had brought you into my bed and my life. I love you, Jack, in every way.”

Jack then realised that maybe mum didn’t have dementia. He believed that she had had a severe depression that had gone unnoticed. Jack replied, “Mum, I love you too. I’m so happy that we’re together; I’ve never felt happy and comfortable in my life. Mum, six months ago, I was so worried that you may have had dementia. I now know that you had serious depression. What we have gained from this is that it’s brought us both together. We can now grow old together and be strong enough to take care of each other no matter what happens.”

Mum raised the tempo; she was pounding his cock harder and faster now. Her gripping was unbelievable. Mum said, “Let’s try and cum together; I’m so happy that we have had this talk. I feel the same way as you do. Six months ago, I was so forgetful. I just wasn’t interested, I didn’t care, then you and I happened, and that has changed everything. Cum for me, baby, shoot your creamy spunk inside me. I want it so much. I’ll lick your beautiful cock clean after we both cum. Fill me with your spunk, squirt it deep inside me.”

Mum was pounding Jack’s cock. It was beautiful to watch her body move; everything was so well coordinated. Mum kept pounding him for the next ten minutes; Jack was so close, mum was in control, the way that she was gripping Jack’s cock, was exciting Jack so much. Then, as if by magic, they both climaxed within seconds of each other. Both their bodies were shaking. After they had both composed themselves, mum gripped Jack’s cock and came off him. There was a massive blob of spunk on the head of Jack’s cock. Mum then went down and licked him clean. She didn’t swallow a drop; she held it all in her mouth.

As mum licked Jack’s cock clean, she looked straight into his eyes. Her tongue was everywhere on his stiff cock; she was so organised in how she licked and sucked it clean. Soon it was clean. Mum then cum kissed Jack passionately and tenderly for several minutes. Both their tongues were transferring the cum cocktail into each other’s mouths. Then mum said, “Jack, I so enjoyed doing this with you. It doesn’t matter how intimate we are; I love doing these things with you. I love to make you cum. I just cum naturally; I only think of making you cum.”

They lay on top of the bed, kissing and touching for several minutes, then Jack said, “I love being with you mum, I find you so sexy. When I look at your naked body, it makes my cock so stiff. When I’m with you, I want to touch and feel you.”

“I’m the same Jack, seeing and touching your magnificent cock excites and arouses me so much. I look at your heavy balls and think of all that creamy spunk that’s inside them. I want you to squirt your spunk deep inside me. My darling, your cock is still rock hard. Let’s do it again?”

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