Ode to Domina Scorpio: Darkness

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Samuel X, also known as The Aquarius King looked at the sleeping form of his voluptuous lady slash partner in sin and crime, Domina Scorpio a.k.a. Kiah. The big and tall Black man smiled to himself. He really gave her a workout tonight. Oh, well. As much as he liked her, that’s what she got for challenging him. Domina Scorpio lay on the king-sized bed, a fine sheen of sweat all over her sexy, caramel-skinned body. The African-American BBW from Maryland was spent. And Samuel nodded to himself, proud of a job well done.

A couple of hours earlier, Samuel really tore into his favorite person in the world. He had her face down and ass up, her hands and feet bound my thick steel chains. Spreading her plump ass cheeks, he smeared lubricant all over her anus before sliding his thick, uncircumcised Black cock into her asshole. Samuel grinned and smacked Domina Scorpio’s ass while thrusting his cock into her backdoor. The big beautiful young Black woman from Maryland moaned as the Haitian-American bisexual sadist rammed his cock into her well-lubricated asshole. Her hole was warm, tight and clean. Just the way he liked them.

Nowadays many men and women said that they didn’t discriminate, but most of them said it as a matter of political correctness. Samuel had never put much stock in political correctness. Now, he had some basic respect for everybody but that respect only extended to those who respected themselves. And the Aquarius King didn’t suffer fools. Samuel X didn’t discriminate, especially across gender lines. What he did to men, he gladly did to women. That’s why he was happily sodomizing Domina Scorpio at this moment. She asked for it, she got it. Earlier, she had been defiant as he unleashed hell on her. Samuel liked halkalı escort a fiery Black woman. Nothing like them upon this earth.

Samuel had his share of fun with guys and gals of various races. As a bisexual guy, he didn’t really discriminate. As long as the chemistry felt right, pretty much anything went with him. Of course, he had his limitations. No illegal crap and certainly none of the truly disgusting stuff like scat play, blood play, permanent damage due to torture and all that jazz. Samuel believed in having his fun but he also respected the humanity of the women and guys he dealt with. Which is why he had a bit of dilemma when it came to dealing with an unrepentant challenger like Domina Scorpio, the woman he privately referred to his as his sweet Kiah? She wanted to experience Samuel at his most dominant. Well, Samuel only feared one thing upon this earth, other than everlasting loneliness/boredom. What does the Big Man fear? Himself.

You see, Samuel is the son of a charming, adventurous and successful but supposedly repentant sociopath named F.V. Now, sociopathy is genetic and Samuel is deathly afraid of becoming one. The fact that he’s got a talent for spotting them and has, at times, proven himself to be just as ruthless as the worse of them, actually scares the Aquarius King. It’s tough waking up every day knowing you’ve got a monster inside. Now, Samuel is brilliant. He can draw your portrait from memory after only meeting you once. He can speak multiple languages, among them English, French, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Cape Verdean Creole, Wolof and Somali.

Honestly, Samuel is starting to pick up some Arabic and a taksim escort bit of Farsi from his interactions with middle-eastern students at Carleton University. He’s got degrees from Massasoit Community College, Bay State College and he’s earning a Law degree from Carleton University through academic cooperation with the University of Ottawa. All this he does while enduring hell on earth as a man essentially without a country, though he’s on his way to becoming a permanent resident of Canada. He lived in the United States of America for half of his twenty six years, and doesn’t have much to show for it. During that time, he fought for men’s rights/male victims of domestic abuse, and opposed the sociopaths at every turn.

Ah, sociopaths. His singular obsession in this life. Whatever makes them the way they are flows through his blood as well. After all, his father is one of them. Along with his aunt, his younger sister and several of his cousins. Sociopathy runs in the family, along with height, good looks, brilliance and charm. They can do anything at all without feeling guilty. He can do everything they can do. Sometimes it bothers him BECAUSE it doesn’t bother him. Which makes him a unique, twisted individual. Intellectually, Samuel thinks of himself as somewhat of a demigod. On a purely personal level, he ranks himself pretty low. He wants to be a better son. A better nephew. A better brother. And ultimately a better human being. Problem is that Samuel doesn’t think he’s human. He thinks of himself as less than that. Unworthy. One of God’s mistakes. No one has ever come close to understanding him. Until he came across Kiah of Maryland, the voluptuous and beautiful young African-American şişli escort claiming to be his biggest fan.

Samuel X. The man who caused a certain high school psychiatrist in Brockton, Massachusetts, to ‘retire early’, was surprising himself by actually starting to care about someone. And now that very same someone wanted him to brutalize her. Okay. Not that simple. Well, tonight she basically forced his hand. And he did what he had to do because, well, she told him to. Yeah, she made him get the spiked whip and lash her voluptuous body, leaving red marks all over her beautiful caramel skin. She caused him to spread her shapely thighs and fist her cunt after dipping his hand in a bowl of Mexican salsa. Oh, and while she howled and squirmed because she was getting her tight pussy stretched by his fist, he took out a small box full of tiny holes from his pocket. Out of the box came a spider. He dangled the little arachnid on a string, hovering inches from Kiah’s face. He drank in the sheer terror in her eyes. Spiders were among the things she feared the most. The poor young woman was forced to confront her greatest fear…while getting a fist full of Mexican salsa in her pussy. Ouch.

Yeah, Samuel did all those things to her. He fisted her pussy with Mexican salsa, he tied her breasts and twisted them none too gently, he smacked her face, and finally, he sodomized her after manacling her hands and feet. All this he did while singing the Haitian National Anthem, which he remembered even after more than a decade spent living in North America. To really shine her on, he came inside of her, flooding her asshole with his manly spunk. Kiah howled as Samuel X’s hot cum flooded her asshole. He smiled and tenderly stroked her face. He leaned over and bit her ear. And since he was such a sweetheart, he rubbed the remnants of the Mexican salsa all across her face, including her eyes. Her screams changed in tune. Samuel looked heavenward. Hmmm. Must be something in his blood, he thought. Sooner or later, his inner beast always came out to play. And it always wins.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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