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This story was written by myself and a dear friend of mine who would like to remain anonymous. We hope you enjoy it!! No plans for a sequel, but we might be persuaded! *wink and laugh* Feedback is always welcome and often encouraged!

Lacey Martin fingered the smooth coated business card between her fingers, flipping it over only to caress it again. What had she been thinking?! This was crazy! She was a well respected business woman, rational, smart, witty and yet she had acted on pure impulse and dialled the number printed on this little white card.

With a sigh, she glanced back down at it, her nerves suddenly humming through her veins. His name was Trent and apparently he had a gift that got his name spread around secretly through high society women. Brenda had rolled her eyes and sighed fondly when she had handed the card to her. “He’s a god with that mouth of his and those hands. Oh!” She had raved and swooned, her cheeks pink as she fanned herself. “Oh Lacey, try him! I swear he’s better than any vibrator on the market!”

It had been a while…a long while since Lacey had been with a man and she hadn’t entirely missed it, but lately…Lately the idea of a warm body next to hers sounded good, only she knew no men who wanted her just for her. It was always about the money, the business…what THEY could get. They tried their best to charm her, court her, capture her interest…once bitten, twice shy, she told herself. One had caught her. Made her believe in him, then THEM and then he had turned just as all the others. Only he had been clever and cunning…no more of that! She just wanted a moment… a moment to feel like a woman again and maybe this Trent fellow could do it.

Glancing at her clock, she noticed that he had approximately ten minutes to show up at her door. She had cash on hand ready, dressed her in a casual business suit, her long hair drawn back in a bun as per usual. She wanted to make it clear to him…no funny business. Just one night, cash up front…now he worried. What did he look like? What was he like? What sort of man would DO this sort of thing?

Shaking her head, she sighed, took another sip of her red wine and lounged back while she waited.

Trent stretched as he checked his reflection in the mirror clad only in his Calvin Klien boxer shorts. His hips swung slightly in time to the music pounding on his stereo. At only twenty-five he already had a taste for the finer things in life and his chosen ‘sideline’ was lucrative enough to support it.

His long slender body was finely toned; the muscles clearly visible and hard and his tanned skin gleamed after his shower. Bobbing along to the music, he dabbed on his Eternity for men as he grinned at his reflection. The emerald green eyes sparkling back at him were filled with both a maturity beyond his years and a hint at the mischievousness of youth. He was in the prime of life and he knew it; he was young, handsome, healthy and the ladies loved it.

He had discovered by the age of eighteen that he had a deep love of women. Not just your average male appreciation, but a special understanding of them and what skills were needed to give them exactly what they desired. He had quickly learned how to exploit it to his own benefit. And he loved to do that.

Sliding along to the rhythm of the beat, he gradually dressed in time to the music. The white Egyptian cotton shirt felt cool on his skin as he tightened his silk tie. His dark blue Armani suit was expensive, but both he and his clients demanded no less.

Buckling on his Rolex, Trent noticed he had more than enough time before the scheduled appointment to make it to her home. Humming the words of the song, he snatched up his golden cuff links and slipped them into his shirt’s button holes at his wrist.

A final glance in the mirror to check that he looked immaculate made him frown at his dark blond hair. It was quite short but had been left a little flat by the shower. Tutting, he spread his fingers and ran them though it to create a tousled effect. He hated it to look too neat and tidy; slightly unkempt was more natural and suited his free spirit better.

Satisfied, he winked, clicked his tongue and used the remote to flick off the stereo. A deep slow breath and he settled himself into business mode. Tonight’s client was a new customer and she had sounded a little skittish and hesitant on the phone. He would have to work her properly if she was to become a regular of his.

At one minute to his appointment he was stood before her door. He waited until the smooth glide of the second hand on his dial swept around to the correct time. Punctuality was everything with women of this type. Professional, high powered, business women. The sort of woman who had to spend all day in control, while not showing a hint of their femininity.

THAT was the main reason he was so successful. With him, they were freed to be the softer woman inside. The payment gave them kadıköy escort permission to relax and let him take control.

A quick, but firm rap on her door announced his arrival to her.


The short rap at the door startled her out of thought. Setting her drink down, Lacey slowly stood and wiped nervous hands against the material of her pant suit she had worn that very morning. Another rap and she grasped the doorknob and took a deep breath before swinging it open. There stood her man…correction, her appointment. Her heart tripped and skidded, then kicked into overdrive. Brenda hadn’t been lying about his looks. Dear god, he was fine!

“Trent?” She asked, amazed that her voice still held firm.

He flashed her his best smile and gave a curt nod. “Lacey Martin…a pleasure.” His voice reminded her of sinfully dark chocolate cake, smothered in equally rich icing…the kind of dessert she only got once a year on her birthday and claimed was better than sex. She couldn’t do this, could she? He looked so young, so…good.

“May I come in?” He asked smoothly, slightly amused by her thoughtful pause. They were all nervous to begin with and yet it never ceased to bring a small thrill when they finally smiled and stepped aside, giving him access. She did just that. Fluttered a hand up and then laughed softly.

“I’m so sorry, yes, come in.” Professional business meeting…treat it as such. She told herself and shut the door behind him. He was big…tall and filled out his suit very well…too well, she thought to herself and hid a smile. Maybe she could go through with it…what was the harm? One time. No strings, no worries?

Leading the way to the couch, she gestured for him to sit and took a seat near, but not too near. “Drink?”

He shook his blond head and met her gaze with his own cool collected one. “No thank you…at least, not right now.” He smiled charmingly and relaxed back in the soft plush couch, sliding his eyes over her frame as she crossed her legs primly and grasped one knee with both hands.

Lacey cleared her throat softly and licked her suddenly dry lips. “I…” Pause and breath, “have never done anything like this, so you’ll have to forgive me…I’d like to hear a little about what you…do…err…provide?” An awkward flush coloured her soft pale cheeks as she smiled nervously. Good one! She thought, very clever!


This was the moment of the evenings that Trent disliked, but was a very crucial stage. He needed to know just what the client wanted from him, because they were all so different, and he also needed to know just how much he was going to earn.

The money transaction was extremely important. Obviously it fulfilled its purpose for him and enabled him to lead the rich lifestyle he was growing more and more accustomed to, but it was essential for the client too. It let her step outside the bounds of ‘society’ and what was considered good and proper. It freed her to explore every fantasy she had and not feel guilty about doing so.

It pleased him that she blushed when she asked. That was a good sign for him. Often, his regulars had lost the embarrassment of asking and he missed it. He liked it when the client was slightly nervous and unsure; it meant she was out of her usual element and he was in control here.

“Well, Miss Peterson…” he fixed her dark brown eyes in place with his own green ones. Like a rabbit caught in the headlights, his intense gaze left her unable to look away. It was all part of the script. He would deliberately start by using the formal address to emphasize the business relationship, and then he would immediately switch back to the familiar to set her at her ease and begin the process of making her relax. “…Lacey. May I call you Lacey?”

Although she did give her head a little bob of consent, he didn’t wait for it and continued regardless. “Lacey, it is important for your own enjoyment of the evening that we lay the ground rules and you are as specific as possible about your requirements, okay?”

She moistened her lips and nodded, still transfixed by the sparkle of his eyes and the mellow, yet deeply rich and confidant tone of his voice.

“Now,” a devilish, wry smile fluttered across his lips for a moment. “If you want me to stay the whole night it will be one thousand dollars. That will give you full access to my services until ten a.m. tomorrrow morning.”

He knew from the luxury of her home, and the quality of the suit she was wearing that money was no object to her. It wasn’t for any of his clientele. However, they all shared a similar talent for business so they always queried the price. He refrained from showing any satisfaction when she did the same.

“One thousand dollars? That is a lot of money. What else do you do… and er… charge?”

“Is it really such a high price for quality?” he said, his üsküdar escort voice hypnotic as he moved closer to her and laid his long fingers gently over the top of her cupped ones on her knee. “Do you put so little value on your pleasure? For that money, I will take you to the heights that no man has done before. I will show you just how much of a woman you really are. With me, you are guaranteed to feel the full force of your passion; to tremble and go weak; to soar and to explode.”

He slid closer, his side pressing into hers, his warm breath caressing the skin of her cheek as he still held her gaze.

“You want to break it down into specific acts? That is good for me. I need for you to tell me just what you want me to do to you… or allow you to do to me.”

His angelic smile broadened, showing off his perfect white teeth.


The nearness of Trent’s body was making her mind haze over a little. She blinked at him several times, trying to focus on his words, but her eyes kept falling to his sensual mouth. The whiteness of his teeth, the dimple in one cheek. The man spelled out danger and excitement and it made her body tingle to life, nipples hardening painfully against her padded bra.

“Tell you…” Her voice broke slightly and his blond head nodded again. He reached up slowly and touched the side of her face, trailing a finger over the fine bone structure of her cheek to her hair line.

“Tell me what you desire…”

Her breath hitched as he found her ear and gently caressed it. “I don’t have anything specific…I just…I just…” She sighed softly as he gently caressed the sensitive spot behind her delicate ear, “Want to feel alive…out of control.”

She was already beginning to feel that way. How he was easily manipulating her hormones with gentle, sure touches. He knew what he was doing. Vaguely she wondered if every woman reacted like this and how many women he had done this to. She knew he had been with Brenda…did that make her sick? She pushed the thought away and shivered when his lips made contact with her ear and the tip of his tongue came out to flick her lobe.

She jerked and shuddered, pushing him away. “Hey! How am I supposed know what I want if you’re touching me?” She protested and watched his slow sweet smile.

“You just look so tasty…” He told her, his voice a rich purr of sensual promises.

“A thousand it is!” She blurted out and then flushed and grinned.


He slid her a melting smile. He was pleasantly surprised by how responsive and needy she was; it must have been quite a while since she had been treated as a woman by a confidant man.

“I just…want to feel alive…out of control,” she had said. It was not uncommon for his clients. All day, every day, they had to be the strong business woman, always sure, always in control. Even when they felt like falling apart they had to hold on and keep things together. Secretly, they longed for a man to make them feel feminine again, to feel desired, to make it okay for them to relinquish control to him and for them to know that he would see the woman beneath the image.

She was still sitting nervously as he nuzzled close to, but not on, her throat. The tease of being able to feel this nearness, the anticipation of his lips on her skin and the warmth of his breath made her tremble and fill with need and longing. He knew it would.

“Okay then, Lacey, full night it is. I am glad. I was afraid that you might not give me long enough to explore this…” he purposefully dropped his gaze to her breasts and thighs so that she could see him admiring her. “…wonderful body you have. Mmmmmmm. It would be a crying shame to have to rush pleasuring you. I want to be able to take my time, to savour it while I taste every inch of you.” As he spoke, his mouth a mere inch from her scarlet cheek, he ran his hand along her thigh, giving it a light, but firm caress.

“I am going to do everything. I will take you to heights you only dreamed of. Relax.” Her eyes kept flitting to his and then darting away nervously when he caught her gaze.

She still sat beside him. ‘Damn’, he thought. He would have to crack the mood a little because she wasn’t used to this type of deal.

“I am going to treat you to such delights, Lacey. I promise you will get everything you wish…once we have completed our ‘arrangement’.”

“Huh?” she said, lost in the thrills of his closeness. Then her brain seized control again and she realized what he was waiting for. “Oh, er… the money, yes.”

She hadn’t quite been expecting the high price of this evening, but money was no real issue. Standing, Lacey tried to look cool and collected as she strutted across the living room and grabbed her purse, looking for her check book. She glanced over her shoulder a few times as she wrote out his check. Scribble down her signature to finish it off, she tore the small piece of paper tuzla escort from her wallet and folded it in half before returning to him. He took the check gratefully and slipped it into a jacket pocket and patted it before meeting her gaze.


He gave her a smouldering look of desire and could see her react to it. She was ripe and ready for him now, but he would let her stew in her juices a little longer first. Build her anticipation, fuel her desires – so he sat down on the couch and smiled at her, “I’ll have that drink now.”

The perplexed look she gave him as he shifted roles made his smile broaden. She had been so certain that he would just sweep her up into his arms and ravish her that she was left flustered by his change of direction.

“Oh… ah.. okay,” she said, trying to regain a modicum of composure. She walked over to the small tray of decanters and then looked over her shoulder at him. She could see that his eyes were focused lustily on her ass. It made her blush. “What would you like?”

“Scotch on the rocks,” he said in a silky seductive tone as he let his gaze roam over her breasts and not lift to her eyes. Out of his peripheral vision, he could see the way his obvious appraisal was affecting her; making her uncertain and even uncomfortable. It was all part of his method. Once the business was out of the way, the woman expected the sex to follow, but she usually found that his way was best. Even if she didn’t realize that he was leading her.

Part of the way these women were was that they were used to giving the orders, to being the one in control and having people do things for them. That was why he wanted to make her fetch him a drink. It had nothing to do with him being thirsty; it was all about control. She was now doing things his way and that was a start. The way it also gave him chance to show her how much he admired her body and how aroused it got him was also a key point. Rarely did the woman realize that each step he took was planned.

A little stiltedly, Lacey walked over and handed him the elegant crystal glass that chinked with the amber liquid and the ragged ice. He took it from her and placed it on the table beside his seat, untouched.

“Wait,” he said abruptly as she turned to sit down. She paused immediately and cast a questioning glance at him. “You are a beautiful woman, Lacey Peterson, and I want to look at you. Turn around.”

His voice was soft and gentle, yet also commanding; the words spoken as if there was no possibility that she would refuse. Feeling her heart beating rapidly in her chest, she began to turn for him.

“Slowly!” he demanded, “Do it slowly.”

Obeying, she stood before him and turned in a very slow circle, all the time trembling with the awareness that he was studying her intensely. Hungrily. When she completed the turn, she remained quiet while he just looked. She watched him linger his eyes up her trouser covered legs and over her groin, up her belly and over every inch of her breasts. Finally, those handsome green eyes of his roamed over her face. It was an effort to keep her lip from trembling with her nervousness.

Suddenly, he stood. It was a fluid motion, cat-like in its grace and ease. His hand cupped her cheek and caressed it as he looked deep into her soul.

“You are a very beautiful woman. Very beautiful. This is going to be such a pleasure. You are elegant, attractive and have a great body, but yet you choose to hide it.”

A stern tone filled his voice as his fingers dropped to the buttons on the front of her trousers and unsnapped the top one, “Not tonight, you don’t. During the day, this suit may be necessary, but not now. Tonight you are just Lacey. A woman. A beautiful woman. I want to see the woman that languishes trapped inside the suit. I want to see how feminine you really are.”

His lips placed feather-like kisses along her cheek until they were over her ear and he whispered, “Show me, Lacey. Show me your true nature. This is your work outfit and you are not at work now, take it off.”

With that, he sat back in the chair and waited.


Lacey’s hand reached for the top button on her blouse. This was so new to her; it was scary and thrilling at the same time. The hungry, lusty expression on his face as he looked at her was something that made her heart race and flutter.

“Wait,” he said as her hands began to push the second button through its hole. “Come here.”

Stepping closer to the handsome young man, she felt a tingle run around her body. He was a few years younger that she was, but somehow it felt like he had a wealth of lifetime experience beyond hers. He was confidant in her presence when so many men were usually not. To them, she was the woman who could alter their career for good or bad on a whim; the woman who it was vitally important for them to please and curry favour with. That often led to them being weasely and smarmy as they tried to suck up to her in blatantly sycophantic ways.

Not Trent. He was relaxed and at ease in her presence. She moved to stand between his wide spread thighs as he mused a finger over his lips thoughtfully. Reaching out, he patted the chair arm beside him.

“Here. Put it here.”

“I’m sorry?” She blinked, not knowing what he was talking about.

“Your foot. Put it here.”

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