Sarah’s Journey Ch. 007

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007 The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades. Well at least in my case a bra!

I hadn’t been to my cosmetic surgeon in over 18 months, I had all but given up. I guess I was depressed about my situation and never feeling noticed by Brandon, hell anyone really. I’d always been a wall flower, thin, homely, and timid.

I woke up on the couch the next morning with an empty wine bottle on the table and still topless. I put on my shirt and had breakfast. All the time thinking about my future that I’d been trust into with no warning. I was scared, relieved, and excited all at the same time. I made some decisions over breakfast, I called my Dr’s office and left a message about coming in for my usual fill procedure, as well as a consult. Then I changed into workout clothes, and went to a local gym, joined and decided to put a little toned muscle on as I was pretty thin at 5’6″ and about 107 lbs.

At my Dr’s office a few days later I had my usual fill of my breast expanders, by now I was at a really full B cup and was teetering on a C. I was excited about this again, it’s like I had a new outlook on everything. I asked the Dr about facial surgery, as I was tired of the homely wall flower I had been all my life. He and I discussed what my options were and what to expect to achieve based on my facial structure. By the end of the appt, we had a plan for my nose, cheek bones, chin, jaw, and brow. It was a lot but I opted to get it all done in 1 surgery. Against his recommendation though. I would be almost incapacitated with that much being done.

A home health nurse was recommended as I didn’t have anyone to really care for me to speak of. None of the people I worked with were more than acquaintances, and I was less that graceful with social situations. We scheduled the surgery for a Wednesday and I took a week of vacation time for some recovery and arranged to work remotely after that for several weeks.

My boss asked if all was ok without being too prying. I would have never told anyone that I was getting cosmetic surgery on my face, but no one had said anything about my breasts that had become visible under clothing in the last 5 years I’d been at the same job. Not to mention that I somehow had a complete attitude shift since becoming suddenly single. So I told him that I was having a face lift. He smiled and said “Thats great for you. Just let me know if you need anything else or how we can help.”

I was still surprised by the kind and supportive attitude from him, and ended up telling a couple of other female co-workers over lunch. They were as supportive, again I was surprised and relieved. I still hadn’t totally gotten used to how nonjudgmental people were here in Los Angeles. By that afternoon the whole team knew, word still travels fast like in a small town, so that dynamic hadn’t changed from what I was used to.

3 Weeks later on my last day at work before my surgery I actually had a surprise party from the team, wishing me well and a speedy recovery. I almost cried I was so happy that no one was being shitty or judging me. They all understood my desire to change who I was after Brandon left, I guess it was pretty obvious even to them that my marriage wasn’t exactly perfect.

Wednesday morning came, I had followed all the instructions to get ready for surgery, no vitamins for 3 days, no aspirin for 3 days, etc. My home health nurse showed up to pick me up and take me to the surgery center right on time at 0400. The whole drive there I was nervous and scared, Rosa my nurse for a week was very reassuring. She had been doing this for several years and was highly recommended by my Dr. She explained what to expect after, and what she described wasn’t sounding good at all. I almost chickened out right there, but she helped talk me into going through with it.

We got to the surgery center and checked in at 0445 as scheduled. I got taken back and prepped. My surgeon came in and we went over the planned changes again to make sure there was no misunderstandings. After that he smiled warmly, held my hand and said “Don’t worry all will be fine, I’ve got it all under control.” That warmed me and helped, but I was still afraid of never waking up for some reason. Shortly after that the nurse said we’re ready to go, and that’s when the darkness came.

I woke up what seemed only a few seconds later, groggy with my whole head numb. I looked at the clock and it was 1000hrs, wow I thought, 5 hours. That was about an hour longer than expected, I had only hoped that nothing went wrong and I was left with a result that was awful. The nurse gave me some water and helped sit me up a little more. As I was coming around and bostancı escort clearing up the Dr came in and explained that all went really well. He had to do a little more work when we got in there and said a couple of spots dealing with my cheek bone were particularly complex and actually challenging. But reassured me he was very happy with the results and was sure I would be as well.

I couldn’t really tell what I looked like with no mirrors around but I felt like it was pretty bad. I knew to expect swelling and bruising but didn’t know it would feel this awkward, and I was still numb from the surgery. The Dr came back as I was getting dressed with the nurses help, and explained that because of the extent of work on my cheek bones I would have drains to help with the swelling and so the sutures weren’t strained while I was healing.

Additionally he mentioned that they put a surgical bra on me as he did another fill while I was under. He said that since I was spending more time without my bra I was starting to adapt to the expanders a bit better, as he said he was able to add about 40cc this time. And reminded me to wear the bra for a day or to just to be proactive. Rosa said she would make sure I did. I didn’t even know she was there, I tried to talk but couldn’t, I couldn’t smile or do much more but blink.

After the car ride home Rosa got me in the condo and the first thing I had to do was to pee. She helped me to the bathroom and got me taken care of. As I went to the sink I got my first look at myself in the mirror and I panicked then started crying. I looked like my face had been run over by a train and I had tubes sticking out of the bandages. I looked like a SciFi monster with tubes running in and out of me.

Rosa was so sweet and reassuring she calmed me down and helped me to the bed. As the next 4-5 days went by Rosa was there for anything I needed 24/7. She slept on the couch and only left to go and get my mail. I was so grateful for her, the bill was definitely going to be steep for her services alone but not only was she good at it she genuinely seemed to care.

After a week I went in for my check up, the Dr removed the bandages, looked at how things were healing and said all looked good. Keep using the ice packs and resting, you’ll be right as rain in no time, he said. The nurse replaced my bandages but the drains were left in my face. I hated that and didn’t want to be seen by anyone, even the medical staff.

At home I was getting around pretty well and able to take care of my self pretty much. Rosa packed up her stuff from living with me for a week, and said she would check on me every couple of days. And that if I needed anything to just call. As the next week passed she checked on me and stopped by every other day to change bandages and bring anything from the store I needed as I was not going outside with the tubes still sticking out of my face. But the pain while I was healing wasn’t too bad so I guess they were worth it.

The next week Rosa came to take me to my Dr’s appointment as I wasn’t driving yet. My check up went well, and the Dr removed the drains from my cheeks. That was the most uncomfortable feeling ever, it didn’t hurt but it wasn’t right. I almost vomited when he did the first one, and didn’t want to do the second. But I was committed so I sucked it up and away that one went as well. With minimal bandaging I went back home with Rosa driving. By now I was 2 weeks out and doing well. Rosa started coming less and less frequently until I was healed up and there was just some bruising left.

By that time I finally was looking almost normal and what I couldn’t believe was how I looked now. I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror. I just stared in the mirror, and cried. I was so happy!

I thought I looked like a super model now! My cheek bones, chin, nose, and brow were all perfect, my eyes had a slight almond shape now, this was better than I ever imagined.

I started back to work from home after having to take a second week of vacation to heal up. After digging myself out from under the avalanche of emails I had a call with my boss and he asked how I was doing and what my return to campus time looked like. I was afraid that my datacenter was a mess and almost said never. But I wanted to wait til the rest of the bruising went away. For another week I stayed home and slowly started resuming my normal activities.

After my 3rd post op visit it had been 6 weeks and everything looked good. My Dr was happy as was I. When he came in the room I hugged him and thanked him profusely. He laughed and said I did great as he knew it was a tough recovery. ümraniye escort bayan We also did another expander fill while I was there. With this fill I was a comfortable C cup, he commented that this fill was 55CCs this time, so the gravity trick was working.

After being cleared by my Dr to start back to the gym I did just that. I started back to work the same following Monday as well as the gym. At work I got so many compliments I didn’t know what to say. I was practically like an attraction with people coming by to see how I looked. They were all as shocked as I was because I looked unrecognizable from how I used to. Everyone went on about how good of a job he did and how I was beautiful. I thought I would have hated the attention but for some reason I drank it in and loved it. Not only did I have more confidence now, for the first time in my life I was happy about how I looked.

After work I went to the gym and started back to my routine. I noticed that I was getting stares and glances from almost all the men there as well as a few women. I felt electric! I guess this is what I was missing in my life, it was like a drug. As I worked out a guy moved to the bench next to me and continued his workout. He was probably in his early 20’s and looked like a college kid. He smiled at me and said hello. I returned the greeting and didn’t think much more about it, I wasn’t sure how to react.

As I worked out, I couldn’t help but look over at him, he was toned, and muscular but not overly so. I had to say he was hot! I’d never really checked out many guys because I had never been attractive enough to hold their attention. But that all changed now. He engaged in some small talk and even a few sexual innuendos. Probably trying to gauge how I would react. I was receptive and even a little playful. He left and went to the locker room and came back a minute later. As he stood in front of me while I was sitting on the bench he made sure to have his crotch right in my view. I couldn’t help but look, he had obviously taken off his underwear as his penis was now visible under his shorts. Practically on display.

I could just see the outline through this shorts. I was mesmerized as he obviously did that because of me. Most women would probably be offended but I was amazed and turned on by it. As he moved around it jiggled under his shorts and bounced around some. When he laid down his thin shorts draped over his penis that was obviously at least partially hard. It looked pretty big to me, but then again all I’d knows my whole life was Brandon, and at 4″ I figured that was normal. But his looked like it was 4″ and still wasn’t hard yet. I could feel myself getting wet as I stared while trying to pretend like I was working out.

He just looked over at me and smiled when he noticed me staring. The gym was closing up and aside from us only the closing employee was left there. Starting to pack up he asked if I had anywhere to be. I froze, I didn’t know how to react. I’d never really been “hit on” EVER! I said that I was headed home and that’s about it as I had work tomorrow. He smiled as we walked out the front door with it clicking locked behind us. In the parking lot he chatted for a bit and suggested we go for a drink or dinner sometime. I eagerly accepted and then worried that I was too eager.

He smiled and asked politely for a hug. His muscles rippling through his shirt my mind raced and imagines how he would look naked. He was handsome in a sort of rugged surfer sort of way. At 6’3″ he towered over my 5’6″ frame. For not being muscularly huge his muscles bulged and I could make out every detail of his abs through his Underarmour shirt that was practically painted on him. I stepped forward and said “sure”, with a smile. His body was just hard everywhere I touched him, his back muscles, and his shoulders were amazing as was the rest of him, as he pressed into me I could feel how fit he was and every part of his physique was immaculately sculpted.

As I was drinking all this in and realizing it was turning me on terribly, he made sure that his cock was firmly pressed against me. I felt it against me and I could feel him growing even in the few seconds of an innocent hug. We let go and I glanced down, and couldn’t look away from his semi erect penis. Not totally hard he was definitely holding his shorts out away from himself. He backed up a bit and apologized.

“Oh sorry, you’re really attractive. I’m so embarrassed.” he stammered.

Giggling a little, “Well I’ll take that as a compliment I suppose?” I mused.

“At least you’re not offended.” he said partially relieved.

“Haha no not at all hon. kartal escort It’s nice be called attractive and your bit of a tent there at least lets me know you’re not just saying that.” I said with the best seductive smile I could muster.

More relaxed and a bit more brazen he turned toward me and stood there with this semi erect penis covered by the thinnest shorts I’ve ever seen.

“Besides I figured you didn’t mind me staring, as you took your underwear off not too long after we started talking.” I accused with a grin.

“I didn’t do that.” he said with a kidding, sheepishness.

“Right.” I laughed. “I don’t remember you being so, ummm, obvious until you went to the locker room.”

“Well it’d nice that you were checking me out before that.” he admitted.

“Sorry I hope I wasn’t too obvious.”

“Hey I take it as a compliment.” he replied.

He asked if I was single and I said I was separated but not divorced yet. And that it was all really recent, and after 15 years it was an adjustment to being single again. Smiling he said he was shocked I was single because I was perfect. I blushed, while noticing that his excitement hadn’t faded with the small talk. Staring at him again without even realizing it, he asked.

“So you’ve not started seeing anyone yet, or dating?”

“No not yet anyway. Just an adjustment after being with the same man for 15 years through all of my 20’s.” I managed to answer never looking away from his muscular body and still obvious penis that was still mesmerizing me. I had never even touched or seen another mans penis in person besides Brandons. A few pictures here and there but they were always just a glimpse before what ever friends phone it was on was flipped to something else. I had never gotten a dick pic and honestly was looking forward to my first one.

After that awkward pause between 2 people when you know what they are both thinking, he asked. “Would you care to have a look? As you seem to be interested and take it as a compliment.”

Shaking a bit now my mind raced, then I reminded myself that I was still technically married.

But what could the harm be in a quick look I thought.

“Here?” I asked with a bit of shock.

Looking around at the mostly empty parking lot he said “Sure.”, as he turned around and opened the door on his truck, then opening the small suicide door behind it. Effectively making a reasonable private space with only a wall on the open side.

In my mind I was hesitating, but my mouth didn’t get the memo I guess. With a smile like that of a 7 year old on Christmas morning. “Sure.” came blurting out.

Smiling, “Ok, have a peek, or more.” he said with a wry grin. And he just stood there hands behind him and obviously growing under his shorts. He looked big, to me. I watched as his penis continued to stiffen and push his shorts further out away from himself.

With trembling hands I reached over and stuck a finger under the waste band of his shorts and pulled them out. I leaned over as my hears raced and I felt myself starting to sweat as I was warm all over. I hadn’t ever felt like this with Brandon, I didn’t know how to describe it at the time but I loved it!

Looking down in his shorts, I first noticed that he was shaved completely, including his testicles that I was staring at hanging an appreciable distance under the base of his cock. He looked so thick to me as I followed the length of his shaft with my gaze. To me it seemed to just keep going almost forever. Remembering the only penis I had ever seen in person I couldn’t help but notice that he looked huge by comparison. I guess I stared for a while, it seemed like a few seconds but it was long enough for him to ask, “Well, thoughts?”

“It’s nice.” I said not knowing what else to say looking up at him.

“Thats good to know.”

I was still holding his shorts out and didn’t even realize it. I looked back down and he was so hard I could see his heart beat as his cock jumped in time with it.

“Would you like to have a look without the shorts?” he suggested as I had been mesmerized for probably 30 seconds now.

I didn’t even look up, or think for that matter. I pulled them out over the end of his completely hard cock and down. I practically jumped out at me I thought. Staring at him, with his hands still behind him it was like he was on display and inviting me for more.

“Wow that’s really nice.” I said to him.

With a small chuckle he said “If you’d like to…”

He didn’t even get to finish his sentence and I had reached out with a finger and ran it down his shaft, admiring the length, I then closed my hand around it. I could get my hand around it, but definitely he was wider than what I was used to and significantly longer. I couldn’t believe there was this amazingly hot guy that was probably 12 years younger than me with this amazing cock just letting me fondle him in the gym parking lot.

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