Simple Lust

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When I was just out of high school, I quit my job at the local supermarket and found work at a paper mill near the Washington coast town of Gray’s Harbor. The mill was unionized, so I had to start on what was called the ‘extra list’. That just meant that I worked all over the mill, wherever they needed extra help.

I got to know a lot of the other guys that worked there and began hanging out with them on weekends and evenings after work. Of course, we spent a lot of time in a local tavern, the Seahorse. I was underage, but big for eighteen. In that kind of place in those days, drinking laws weren’t so strictly enforced, so nobody checked my ID, since I was with people they knew. Pretty soon I became a regular there with my friends.

There was one barmaid I really liked. Sherry was short, but had nice, round breasts. They weren’t all that big, but on her tiny body they looked like it. It was summertime, so she usually wore short shorts and a tank top or a tee-shirt without a bra. Of course it made for better tips. At least I know we all tipped her heavily. She would flirt with me, as well as all the other guys. When her big blue eyes smiled up at me, I just naturally returned at least half my change each round I bought.

One Saturday afternoon, when there was just my buddy Tony and me in the place, Sherry was tending bar by herself. Tony and I had just finished playing pool about 6:00, when the evening bartender came on, along with Tina, the other barmaid. Sherry stayed around and joined us in a drink and a game of cutthroat pool. After the game, she said she had to go home.

Tony finished his beer a few minutes later and left for home, as well. I was sipping my last beer when a familiar voice came from behind me, “God, I’m glad you’re still here, Dan!” I turned on my stool and saw Sherry standing there looking exhausted and sweaty. She had gotten a mile down the road and her car broke down. Her hands showed the grease from her attempts at repair. There was even a little smear on one cheek. I wiped it off and she teared up.

I told her to go clean up and I’d take her to see what I could do. When she came back, she looked like she felt better and we set off in my old VW bug. I kept stealing glances at her nipples, which were poking out the front of her shirt. She seemed unconscious of it, or just didn’t care. Once when I saw her move her hand down to scratch her inner thigh near the hem of her cut-off jeans, I almost ran off the road!

We reached her car. I have never been too mechanically inclined, escort ataşehir but I looked under the hood while she cranked it over a few times. I told her I couldn’t see what the problem was, so we’d have to leave it. I gave her a ride the rest of the way to her house and she invited me in for my trouble and to wash up. She lived on the beach in a little cabin that had been part of a seaside resort that had gone under. The property was auctioned off and the new owner rented the houses out by the month. Sherry handed me a beer and we went out front. We kicked off our shoes on the porch and strolled down through the sand to the surf. I rolled my jeans up as far as I could and we waded into the rollers. It’s great when the wave recedes and you can feel the sand caving out from under your toes. One wave was a little bit bigger than most, and Sherry lost her balance, so I grabbed her arm. After that she held on to my hand and we jumped together over the whitecaps as they rolled by.

We finished the beers and left the bottles above the tideline, where we could pick them up on our way back. Sherry had relaxed enough to get playful so she ran out into the water and raced the larger waves back. I warned her, but she didn’t listen. Sure enough, one wave was faster than she was and it tripped her up. She sprawled in the shallow water on her butt. I helped her up before the next wave came in and we ran back up to the sand. She was drenched and wanted to go back and change. There was still enough light for me to enjoy the wet shirt clinging to her tits. The breeze made her nips stand up hard. She saw me looking and glanced down at herself. She laughed and said, “Well, I guess I don’t have any secrets now!” She didn’t seem to mind when I put my arm around her shoulders.

When we got back to her house she went into the bedroom to change and returned in a long tee-shirt, like my little sister usually sleeps in. I suspected it was all she had on, but couldn’t really tell. She went to the kitchen and got two more beers. We drank them and she served me some great leftover spaghetti she had in the refrigerator. She told me about her short unhappy marriage to a guy named Carl. I knew him from the mill and couldn’t see how they ever got together. When I told her that, she laughed and said it was the size of his dick that hypnotized her. “By the time I realized all he wanted was somebody to do his laundry, cook, and to fuck whenever he couldn’t find some strange stuff, we were already married. I moved in here and divorced kadıköy escort him.”

“I can’t imagine a guy looking somewhere else if he had you at home,” I said before I realized I was speaking out loud. She blushed, and so did I, I guess. She thanked me and cleared off the dishes, telling me to go sit on the couch. I was thinking it was time to either leave or make a move. I hadn’t had all that much experience with girls, and none at all with women. So it took me by surprise when she came in and sat down next to me, but facing the back of the couch. She leaned across me so we were face to face and asked, “So, you wouldn’t go out catting around if you could come home to me?” Her tits were against my chest and I could feel her breath when she spoke. She had made the decision without any help at all from me.

I kissed her and wrapped my arms around her. The kiss went on a long time. She pulled my shirttails out and reached under my work shirt to rub my belly. I liked that and let my own hand drift down to the bottom of that long tee-shirt to let her know how much. I found out then that the shirt was all she was wearing. She moved her legs apart to let me in and I felt the moisture in her tangled pubic hair. By the time I had one finger inside her, she had my belt undone and was reaching inside my skivvies to free my stiff cock. What she had said about the size of her ex-husband’s cock drifted through my mind, but I figured she had made up her mind anyway. As things turned out she wasn’t disappointed. At least she didn’t seem to be.

We kind of slipped off the couch to the floor and she started jerking my jeans off my feet. We got to laughing because of the problems she was having, but we finally got me down to my skin. When I pulled her shirt off over her head, those round, ripe titties just beamed at me. I wasted no time sucking them into my mouth, taking turns so one didn’t get jealous over the other. Meanwhile, her hands were stroking and pinching my ass. Once in a while, she would give it a little swat, just for emphasis. I’d never liked spankings as a kid, but this felt just fine.

I rolled us over so she was beneath me. Sitting up astride her hips, I started to tickle her tits with light teasing touches. She didn’t stand for too much of that, though, because she told me later she was “just too damned horny.” She grabbed my dick and squeezed it hard, threatening to rip it off if I didn’t get down there and lick her. I didn’t have to be asked twice. I’d gone down on my girlfriend in high school, maltepe escort bayan so I kind of knew my way around. Pretty soon she was ordering me around again. She guided my mouth around her paradise for a few minutes, but then she wanted me to “fuck her brains out”. I’d no more than got my cock inside her when she was wriggling all over and screeching she was coming. It surprised me, but made me feel like a sex god. I wasn’t far from squirting myself, but I was happy she had gotten her rocks off before I did. I kept pounding at her crotch, hitting bottom each time. She told me between breaths that she wanted me to come in her mouth. All she had to do was ask! Just her saying that made me reach the top! I pulled out and she twisted around and barely got me in between her lips in time.

She just kept sucking after I finished coming and got me hard right away again (remember, I was only eighteen!). This time, she told me she wanted it from behind. I squeezed her ass while I fucked her. Thinking she might like it, I began to swat her between strokes. It drove her wild! When she came, she screamed out for me to keep swatting her harder! I guess I did okay, because that orgasm was longer and stronger than her first. She finally screamed for me to let go inside her this time.

I grabbed her hips and pumped her for all I was worth. My hips slammed into her ass with a slapping sound and it didn’t take long for me to reach my second orgasm. There couldn’t have been much cum, but the spasms felt like I pumped a gallon into her. We collapsed onto the floor and caught our breath.

It was dark outside by then. She sat up and got a look in her eye. “Let’s go skinny-dipping!” she said. I was feeling pretty powerful about then, so I followed her out the door and we ran down to the water. We splashed past the small waves and dove in once the waves were cresting around our waists. The moon was bright and we splashed and played a while. Even though the water temperature made my dick almost disappear, Sherry fondled it as we made out standing on the shifting sands. She giggled and made some comment on the effect of the water, but I couldn’t have cared less. Her nipples were little spears against my chest.

That was it. There was a little more grab-ass as we raced back to the house, dried off and dressed. She kissed me good-bye at the door and I went back to the place I was staying for the summer. Even though we saw each other a lot for the rest of the summer, we never got together again. She was just as friendly as before whenever I went to the Seahorse, but gave no indication of what we’d done. I am not the kind of guy to brag about my exploits, so I never told anybody. For all I knew, she had done the same thing with most of my coworkers. But I didn’t care. It was the ’60’s, after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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