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Slowly, ever so slowly Mark eased into her.

Her cunt clenched his cock with a grip that was so intense he didn’t ever want to pull out.

He thought back to the last time he had been inside her, it had been quite a while ago and his friend had been there enjoying himself as well.

So many things had happened since that weekend but the main one was that his father had come home from working away and was there to stay.

Mark looked down to his mother’s face and to his father’s cock that was pumping into her mouth and thanked the heavens above that he had walked into that room weeks ago

at the precise moment that his father had hit his mother across her backside with his belt.

His cock had sprung to immediate attention and he had silently groaned at the site of his mothers swollen cunt lips.

She had looked at him with a far away expression clearly showing the state of arousal she was in while that belt was marking her lovely sweet backside.

He wondered what she was thinking; he could see she was cuming. He moved his hand to his already swollen member, my god she looked good.

Every stroke his father gave her made her squirt on the bed, it was so wet and her cunt was glistening.

The smell of her arousal permeated the air with that special aroma. That sweet smell he loved so much.

Mark stroked himself just for a moment, but the thought that he had to get out of the room so he could relieve himself was upmost in his mind

and he moved quietly, but not quiet enough, his father had heard him, instead of raging at him to get out, he had smiled.

He anime porno had immediately recognised his son’s perverse interest in his mother.

How she had been occupying her time if not with her son? Using her vibrator wouldn’t have been enough for her and he knew she didn’t go to clubs to pick up men

like the other wives did so that just left his very tall and muscular son!

He thought that if his son’s cock was like his in anyway, she would have been fucked until she couldn’t walk.

He felt a tinge of jealousy but that had been swiftly replaced with the thought that he could use his son to his advantage.

He had taken part in plenty of 3somes with other men and their wives but this was a totally different feeling.

The thought that his son could have fucked his mother at anytime made his cock so much harder.

He had stopped his son from leaving the room with four words.

Son, You Fuck Her!

Mark had frozen at those words, then, slowly moved towards the bed, he bent down and put his hand under her body, he stroked her clit and pinched her lips, she was so wet.

He’d pushed his fingers inside her, just a little way, just to get a little bit of her cum on them so he could put them into his own mouth to taste.

He loved the taste of his mother and wondered if his father would approve of what he wanted to do.

Slap, went the belt on her backside and her cunt immediately clenched Mark’s fingers. She squirted all over his hand and it was all that Mark could do not to cum in his own pants.

He needed to get inside her asyalı porno and pump her cunt until she was exhausted but his father wouldn’t let him. He had ordered Mark to stay where he was.

His father stroked himself while he looked Mark in the face and Mark just knew what was going to happen next.

His father’s positioned his huge red swollen cock at the entrance to her arse and he slowly pushed himself in her tight little hole.

She lowered her back so her arse was pushed up to make room for his cock.

Mark could feel it going in and her cunt spasmed so he pushed his fingers in deeper.

His mother moaned and ground down on both cock and fingers so Mark kept pushing until he had his whole fist in her.

Judging by the soft little moans she was making she was loving the feel of this.

He could feel his father’s cock as it had stretched and filled her arse to a fullness that felt so different from what he had ever felt before and he wanted more.

The feel of it moving against his hand with only the barest thin strip of flesh separating it from him gave him shudders in the most erotic way.

The feel of that cock rubbing against his fingers made him so much harder.

He wanted his cock inside that sweet little hole. If he could get his throbbing cock inside her he would feel his father move in her as well and that excited him more than anything.

It wasn’t anything like this when he had shared his mother with his friend.

His father was so much bigger than Pete and by the looks of things so much more experienced.

Mark babes porno withdrew his hand and moved it closer to her face, “Suck my fingers mum” he said, and she did.

She drew his fingers into her mouth and gorged on the taste of herself as if it was the last thing she would ever do in her life.

His father was in his own trance, pumping her arse viciously oblivious to anything around him so Mark lowered himself underneath her slick sweat covered body

and rose up and plunged into her cunt.

The feel of it was ecstatic; he had never imagined that this could be so good.

Her cunt clenched him in the most glorious way over and over again.

He fucked her for a while but knew he wouldn’t last long at this rate so reluctantly he withdrew and turned so he could get his mouth to her swollen clit.

She was dripping wet, her cunt smelt glorious everything that he had ever dreamed of was happening right now.

Oh God! She had taken him into her mouth and was sucking him furiously while he chewed and sucked her clit.

His father was nearing the end, he was making deep groaning sounds as if he was in the throes of the most excruciating pain and, at that precise moment his father threw back his head and shuddered.

Mark’s balls clenched, he couldn’t hold back, and he could feel his cum spurting into his mother’s greedy mouth. He couldn’t stop, 4, 5 pumps and it was still cuming.

She drank him all in, never wasting a drop.

His mind came back to the present,

and, as it had become a ritual they swapped places.

He took her mouth as far back as he could get his cock to go while his father slowly guided his cock into her cunt.

They had done this every night since good old dad had come home.

Next week would be even better.

His sister was due home from her long vacation.

He smiled at that thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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