Sneaking Around With the Kids

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Edited by Rozezwild

“Hey daddy.” Monique sat her soft brown bubble butt on her father’s lap and crossed her thick smooth thighs, and put her arm around his shoulders.

“Girl get your big ass out of your father’s lap.” Gwen grabbed her daughter’s wrist and pulled her off her husband’s lap. “She wants you to pay her rent Craig. Don’t fall for her crap.”

Craig chuckled.

“I gotta go.” Gwen through up her hand and headed out the door.

Monique got back on her father’s lap as soon as her mother closed the door. She pushed her boobs up to his face. “I’m just a little short daddy.” She moved her soft ass around in his lap.

Craig chuckled. He rubbed his hand over her thigh. “Baby-girl, you know if I give you money, your mother is going to have my ass sleeping on the couch.” He moved his hand all the way up her thigh and down to her knee. “And it gets mighty lonely out here on that couch.”

Monique giggled. “Is there something I can do to make you feel less lonely?” She pushed her boobs against his shoulder.

“Too bad you’re my daughter, I could think of a few things you could do.” He chuckled patting her thigh.

“Daddy you’re so silly.” Her eyes got wide and then she giggled feeling his hard-on move in his pants. “Oh, that’s what you mean.”

“Don’t cha-know.” He laughed.

“Mom would kill both of us.” Monique czech amateurs porno laughed.

“But you’re not going to tell her, are you?” He lifted her thigh to uncross her fine legs.

“Of course not.” She lifted her tennis skirt exposing her thong. She draped her leg over the arm of the chair.

“We definitely don’t need her to see where this finger is going.” He laughed sliding his finger into his daughter’s warm moist pussy.

“Unt-ah. She’d be pissed. Hmmmmm.” She moaned humping his finger on his lap.

“How much are you short baby-girl?” Craig worked another finger into her pink hole.

“Six hundred, daddy,” she moaned.

“It’s a good thing your mother will be gone for a while.” He sucked his pussy coated fingers, and then helped her remove her top and bra.

“Mmmmm…daddy.” She arched her back feeding him one of her dark nipples.

Craig removed her skirt and pulled her thong off her long legs, leaving her completely naked in his arms. “My big baby-girl.” He closed his mouth back down on her swollen tits and shoved two of his fingers into her pussy.

“Oh daddy.” She held his mouth down on her aching boob and humped his finger. She spread her legs as wide as she could laying in his lap.

“Yeah baby-girl, give daddy some head.”

Monique slid down out of his czech bitch porno lap and worked open his pants. “Dang! Daddy, you got a big one.” She closed her mouth on the fat head and started pulling and twisting on the thick black shaft.

Craig grown looking down at his daughter with her dick in her mouth. “That’s it. Suck daddy’s dick baby-girl.”

Monique could not even get half of her big dick into her mouth. “You like that daddy?”

“Yeah baby-girl, but can you do it upside-down with your coochie in my face?” he chuckled.

“Daddy, you’re so silly. Of course I can.” She stood turning around and did a back bend into a handstand allowing him to catch her and pulled her thighs on his shoulders. She pushed back until they were sixty-nine with him leaned back in his back chair.

Craig buried his face and greedy mouth on Monique’s hot cunt. He licked her from her clit to her asshole. He pushed a finger into her asshole causing her to moan on his dick. Her pulled and sucked on her pussy, sticking his tongue into her canal tongue fucking her.

“Mmmmm, daddy please,” she moaned.

“Yeah, shit this down on me.” He lifted her off to the side of his chair.

Monique sat down on her father feeling the massive size of his black dick spread her wide and deep. She was completely stuffed and he had czech casting porno a firm grip on her waist. “Oh daddy! Oh daddy! You’re so big and juicy.” She rocked and rolled her hips, grinding and straining on his black tool.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Craig grunted shooting his hot cum into her pit. Her pussy squeezing and milked his cock for every last drop of cum.

“Aaaaaaah!” Monique cried out.

Craig held her until both of them caught their breath. He took his wallet from his pocket and handed her six crisp one-hundred dollar bills.

She kissed tasting her coochie on his mouth. “Thank you daddy.” She fixed her skirt back around her waist.

“You’re welcome baby-girl. Here, give me your thong.” He handed her twenty more dollars. “Let’s see how many of these I can collect.” He laughed.

Monique rushed out the door as Gwen entered. “Bye mom!”

Gwen saw the smirk on her husband’s face, and then the thong her twirled around his finger. She removed her shoes and walked gingerly over to the couch.

“How was Daren?” Craig asked.

“He’s definitely your son…eats pussy like its going out of style, and took my panties too.” Gwen took her daughter’s thong from her husband’s finger and smelt them. “Smells good.”

“Just like you.” He took the thong back and smelt them.

“Daren wants me to go to Panama City with him next week for spring break.” Gwen said.

“Don’t worry, you’ll look good in a bikini.” Craig chuckled.

“That’s not what I’m worried about. I doubt if he’ll give me a chance to even wear a bikini. I’ll be lucky to see the sun at all.” She frowned rubbing her sore plump brown buns. “He really liked my butt.”

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