Step Father Surprise Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

Craig got home from work after his hour-long commute and walked into the house. It was quiet. He called out for his wife and step-daughter, Mindy, but no one answered. He was alone. Relieved, he hung up his jacket and started upstairs to his room, planning to jerk off before they got home to relieve some of the build up from the last several days.

He needed to cum so badly, practically anything was making him hard today. Even today, his chubby coworker in a skirt just a little too short, turned him on. He had to cum ASAP. But it seemed like every time he started to jerk off this week, either his wife or Mindy would interrupt. A knock on the door. A text message. A loud snore.

Sadly, his wife just did not do it for him anymore. In part, because he found himself increasingly obsessed with Mindy. He tried to block her out of his mind, but it only made it worse. She was 18 and hot. It didn’t matter if she was wearing a tight little T-shirt and short shorts or baggie pajamas, he’d find his mind wandering to her naked body and what it would feel like to be inside of her.

He noticed a note on the bed. It was from his wife saying she had to head out – a friend was in distress over marriage issues. She would be home late. He was thrilled. Privacy at last. He closed the door and started to undress. He was already hard thinking about Mindy this morning in her canlı bahis little school girl skirt, button down top, and knee socks. He knew he was going to cum fast. He didn’t even need to surf porn today. He grabbed his hand cream and tissues and lay back on his bed and started to jerk off, eyes closed.

Then he heard a moan in the other room. A moan from Mindy. He didn’t think anyone was home. He sat up fast and listened. It was definitely Mindy moaning softly. He walked quietly to his door and into the hall towards Mindy’s room. She was moaning quietly but it was definitely sexual. He wondered if she was masturbating or if she had a boy in the room. He listened at the door and found himself getting even harder. He noticed the door wasn’t closed completely and he couldn’t help himself. He pushed it open just a tiny bit to get a peek inside.

There was Mindy and her friend Veronica! Veronica was hot for sure, but he never really liked that girl. He felt she was a bad influence on Mindy, always dressing a little slutty, staring into his eyes longer than he felt comfortable, but he couldn’t deny what a good-looking girl she was. And apparently a lesbian! The two of them were on Mindy’s bed, just wearing their bras and panties. Veronica had her fingers inside Mindy’s panties and was gently playing with her. Mindy was moving her hips and moaning, eyes closed.

Craig was frozen. bahis siteleri He knew he should walk away and pretend he never saw this, but it was one of the hottest things he’d ever seen. His gorgeous step daughter who he’d been jerking off to for months, and her hot friend, in their underwear, right in front of him. He couldn’t move away. He kept watching through the crack in the door and started to jerk off.

Veronica sat up and unclipped her bra and slid it off to reveal her perfect, round, young tits. She instructed Mindy to do the same. Veronica said, “and remember, I am in control. You have to do whatever I say. No matter what. Okay?” Mindy nodded, smiling. She sat up, unclipped her bra, and her gorgeous tits fell out. So that’s what they look like, Craig thought. Even better than he imagined. He slowed down his stroking to savor this longer, otherwise he might have cum right there. Veronica told Mindy to lay back down again and Mindy followed orders. Then Veronica started kissing Mindy and moving down her neck to her tits. Mindy moaned. Veronica started kissing her belly and around the top of Mindy’s panties. Then she hooked her fingers in Mindy’s panties and started to slowly peal them down.

Craig couldn’t stop staring. He was so turned on he started jerking faster again. He knew he should leave before they caught him but he couldn’t stop. He felt himself getting bahis şirketleri closer and was thinking of moving away to finish off, when suddenly Veronica turned around and looked at the door and they locked eyes. Startled he stopped moving, hoping she couldn’t see him. But she could. She smiled at him, and held her finger to her lips to say, “shhhhhhh.”

He didn’t know what to do. Veronica totally busted him jerking off while watching them. He started to move away and she put her hand up to say stop. Then she said to Mindy, “I can tell you are so close to cumming. I bet you’d love to feel a nice, hard cock inside of you.” Mindy moaned louder in agreement. Veronica said, “well, how about your step dad? You told me you think he’s hot. We know he’s home.” Mindy laughed. “No way. He’s married to my mom. But he’s also a prude. Even if he wanted to, he would never fuck me.” Veronica said, “what about blackmail?”

“What do you mean?” Mindy asked. Veronica continued, “well, what if there’s something he really would not want to get out, like what if we caught him spying on us and threatened to tell your mother unless he did what we said.” Mindy laughed, “well first we would need to catch him doing this. I’m horny now.”

Craig started to back up, heart racing, when Veronica yelled out, “Mr. Vaughn, you wait just there.” He closed his eyes. She was really going to do this. He felt the blood rush to his face. He heard footsteps and Veronica opened the door, in her panties, no bras. “Have you been spying on us you pervert?” She said with a smile. He could see Mindy on the bed, mouth opened in surprise, smiling.

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