Stormy Night

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The thunder boomed and shook the bedroom. Amanda’s hazel eyes popped open from a dead sleep.

She hated storms. The sound of the rain hit her window and she lifted her head just in time for the lightning to dance across the sky. She was terrified of storms.

It was kind of hard to believe how an 18 year old girl, who just graduated from Highschool last week would be terrified of something such as that, but she was.

Her room was located on the second floor of the house, and since her older brother and sister were gone and had moved out, she was the only one up there.

Her father’s room was on the first floor next to the den. It had been the two of them for about 4 years now. Amanda’s Mom left when she was 14 to be with a much younger guy she met at work. Her father, Terry tried to keep it from her and said her mother was just on vacation.

She soon found out the truth though when her mother started mailing her postcards with a picture of her and a guy around her age now. Amanda stretched slightly in bed and tried to shut her eyes again.

But the sound of the booming thunder again made her jump almost out of her skin. She looked over at the clock, 3am. Her father should be home now as he usually works late.

She waited till the thunder had stopped and got out of bed. She was wearing a blue tank top with matching boy short undies. Amanda never thought of herself as a looker.

She had only one steady boyfriend throughout school and he recently broke it off with her since he was going away for college.

He wanted to experience the college women he said. Amanda shook that image out of her head. She was 5 ft 7, 150lbs. She had milky white skin, dark blondish hair, and piercing hazel eyes.

Her breasts were somewhere between a D and DD and rarely went unnoticed. She didn’t try to attract attention and usually concealed them while out. When she was at home in her room she didn’t mind wearing things more revealing.

She threw the covers off and headed down stairs for her father’s room. It wasn’t unusually for her to go in there when it stormed or sometimes just to cuddle. Even at 18 she still loved to do it.

Her and her father were so close. The door to his room was ajar and Amanda could see her father was awake. She tapped lightly on the outside of the door.

“Daddy are you awake? It is storming outside pretty bad, can I come in here and cuddle with you?” Terry laid half laying half propped up on a pillow. He knew his daughter would be in soon as soon as he heard the rain.

He loved that she still loved to cuddle with him in bed. He held up the covers. “Of course babygirl. You better get under here before you get a cold wearing that.”

Amanda giggled and bolted for the bed. She climbed under the down comforter and was greeted by her father’s warmth. He was wearing just a pair or shorts, which Amanda loved. She loved to put her head on his chest and run her hand down the length of it.

His greying chest hair entangled her fingers and she loved the feel of it. He put an arm around her side and kissed the top of her head.

“Thank you Daddy for letting me come in here.” Amanda put a leg over her father’s. “Anytime baby, I love cuddling with you.” He stroked her hair softly and ran his down down the bare part of her back.

“I knew you would be in here soon so I waited for you to come down.” She looked up at him lovingly and gently kissed his cheek.

The sound of thunder shook the room and lightning danced across the sky again. Amanda squeezed her father tightly and closed her eyes. Terry tried to sooth her by rubbing her hair and back still.

They both felt a big boom and the power go out. Terry mumbled a curse word under his breath. It was in the 30s outside and hoped the power wouldn’t stay off for long.

The house was always drafty, and didn’t take long to get cold. “What do we do now Daddy?” Amanda’s voice wavered a little, unsure of what to do next. It was pitch black in the room.

“We wait canlı bahis babygirl, and try to stay warm.”

Terry pulled the blanket higher on both of them. They both laid down all the way and Terry positioned Amanda so her back was to him.

He was trying to wrap the blanket tightly around them, with it being dark as it was, it was hard to feel where things were.

He went to tuck the blanket under his daughter’s front and accidently grabbed boob. Now, it wasn’t the first time during the cuddling sessions that there would be an accidently touch or brushing, but this was the first time his whole hand cupped it. It was firm and the nipple was hard.

He shook that idea out of his head and went back to the task at hand. Amanda didn’t know how to respond. She knew it was an accident, but it felt good feeling her father’s hand on her breast.

She was already cold but didn’t want her father to know. She wrapped her arms around her self and tried to contain her shivering. She snuggled close. Terry placed an arm around her waist and instantly felt the chill from her.

He knew his daughter was cold natured and it didn’t take her long to get cold. He just hoped it wouldn’t be this soon. Her tanktop was freezing.

He contemplated the options they had. It didn’t seem like the storm was letting up at all, and there was no telling when the power would come back on. He enhaled sharply.

“Baby your freezing.” Amanda let go and started to shiver.

“I know Daddy.”

He rolled her on her back and got on top of her. He wrapped his arms around her to pull her close.

Her cold skin almost made it impossible for him to keep warm. “Babygirl, your gonna have to lose that tanktop so I can get you warm.

With the power being out there’s not much I can do.” She paused for a second. It was dark so she knew her father couldn’t see anything.

“Ok Daddy, I know body contact is the best way to keep warm.”

He helped her out of the tank top and pressed his body close to hers. It was awkward at first having the feel of his daughter’s breasts against him but nice at the same time. He could feel the nipples press into him and that was the first time in a long time he felt naked flesh on him.

He tried to block thoughts about his daughter from his mind. He knew what they were doing was innocent enough, but the last thing he needed to get was a boner from his daughter.

He lay on top of her, her legs spread slightly. Their pelvics touching. Her face nuzzled into his neck. They laid like that for a while, Terry mindlessly rubbing her bare back.

Amanda put her arms around her father’s neck and began to shift slightly. The weight of her father wasn’t hurting her, but the sensations she was having in her pussy was uncomfortable. She could feel her father’s manhood through his shorts, even though it wasn’t hard.

The thought of it being so close turned her on. Terry wished Amanda would stop moving as the movement was causing him to get a slight boner.

Knowing there wasn’t much separating them wasn’t helping matters any. Terry propped himself up on his hands for a moment. “Babygirl I can’t tell if this is helping or not. You still feel like you are freezing.”

She let her hands rest on the sides of his waist. “I still feel cold Daddy.” He looked at the time on his cellphone, the power had already been out almost 2 hours.

It was going to be at least 2 more hours before daylight hit. He sighed deeply. “Baby the only thing I can think of to do is get completely naked and you get on top of me and I wrap the blanket around us. It is going to be a few hours yet before the sun comes up.”

Even with him saying this he felt a jolt in his manhood. Amanda thought for a minute before she concluded it was the only way for her not to freeze or get pneumonia.

“Ok Daddy. I trust you.”

He got off of her, the words bore into him. She slid her undies off as he did the same with his shorts. He was hoping the cool air would stifle his growing bahis siteleri erection. He lay on his back as his naked daughter climbed on top of him.

Lightning striked and he got a perfect view of her breasts. They were perfect. The nipples stuck out with quarter sized pink areoles.

They definitely had some size to them. He remembered she wore 34 DD bras from the times he did her laundry.

She didn’t seem to notice he was staring as she was too busy trying to position herself on top of her father. Somewhat embarrassed that her shaved pussy was straddling right above his groin.

As soon as she covered him he through the blanket on top of both of them. He had a full on erection at this point and he was just glad she sat higher and couldn’t feel it.

Amanda propped herself on her elbows and was very much aware her breasts were inches from her father’s face. Terry ran his arms and hands down the length of her stopping when he reached her butt.

She shivered over him, partly because of her being cold but also because this was the first time she had ever been completely naked with someone before.

Sure she fooled around with her ex, but they didn’t do this together. “Daddy I have never felt so close to you before. I really enjoy this.” He was surprised that his daughter was enjoying herself.

It felt awkward and natural for them to be doing what they were doing. “Me too babygirl.” He ran his hands down her sides feeling the sides of her breasts. He ran his hands down to her hips and stopped to rub her hip bones.

It had been too long since he felt like this. He had a want, a desire to be inside his daughter, he had to control it though.

As he ran his hands back up Amanda grabbed them and giggled, Daddy I’m ticklish. “Is that so,” he said chuckling and did it faster and harder this time. As she moved to fight him off one of her nipples landed on her father’s lips.

XzThe wetness turned her on and she moaned slightly.

“Daddy I am sorry.”

“Why it was an accident babygirl.” Oh god how he wanted her.

He tried to reassure her as he had his own need to be sucking on that nipple. He resumed tickling her and it happened again only this time she didn’t move away.

The tiny mound sat there on his lips inviting him to put it in his mouth and he did. Everything in that moment got quiet as her father gently sucked on her nipple.

She let out a small moan and her father reached to cup the other breast. He tugged on the nipple and traced circles with his fingers. Neither one knew for sure what was happening, but it was happening.

She removed her breast from her father’s mouth and kissed him passionately. Terry grabbed the back of his daughter’s head and they kissed for what seemed like eternity. He felt her tongue enter his mouth and meet with his.

Their tongues danced the forbidden dance of lust. Amanda let out a small moan. Terry grabbed his daughter’s hips and pushed them back to where she would feel his 8 inch dick against her.

She gasps. Never would she thought she would of given her father a hard on. She was already wet and feeling her father’s dick rub on her shaved pussy made it worse.

“Oh babygirl, what we are doing is wrong. But I want you.”

This made Amanda’s heart skip a beat. Any signs of her being cold vanished. She felt on fire from the heat building up in her.

“Daddy I want you. I want to feel you and be closer to you than ever before.” Before she finished the sentence he had already flipped them over, his body back on top of hers. He trailed kisses from her neck down to inbetween her breasts. He tenderly kissed both nipples and rolled the other between his fingers. His manhood ached to be inside her, but he would not rush things.

He continued with his kisses down to her navel to which he kissed playfully. Terry spread his daughter’s legs and with his hand felt the smoothness of her pussy.

He wondered to himself how long she had been shaving, but didn’t dare want bahis şirketleri to ask. He rubbed his palm on the outside of her pussy lips feeling the heat radiate from within.

She moaned deeper and pressed her hips into his hand. She wished it wasn’t so dark so she may see him. He rubbed his finger down the slit, parting the sweet lips of her pussy. He felt the hardness of her clit and it was already wet.

His tongue met her mound and he gently sucked the forbidden fruit of her clit. It was the sweetest one he had ever tasted. Amanda arched her back. “Oh Daddy.”

She said gasping. His tongue on her sex sent waves of energy throughout her body. He ran it down both sides slowly, then flicked it gently. He did this several times before he stuck his tongue in her pussy. This almost sent Amanda over the edge to ecstasy.

He traced circles around the sides, then tongue fucked her. Amanda’s body was tensing. Terry grabbed her ass with both hands to fully take her in. She moaned and squirmed. She gripped the sheets.

She knew she was about to cum. Her body convulsed and let go of the building tension. All her senses went off as her father sucked the juices from her pussy. “Oh Daddy” she screamed over and over. “You make me feel so good.”

He sucked every last drop of cum from her. She laid there spent. Her body feeling as if it had been through the ringer. Terry couldn’t believe he made his daughter have an orgasm, possible the best orgasm she had ever had.

“Daddy”, she whispered. “I want you. I want to feel you inside me.”

He took his index finger and slowly stuck it inside her. She was very wet and ready for his cock. He felt her hymen and contemplated if he wanted to be the one that took it from her. He got on top of her, wedged in between her thighs.

“Babygirl, daddy would like nothing more than to be your first. Are you sure you want this. He asked.” His dick pressed against her.

In almost a whisper she answered “yes daddy. I want my first time to be special.” He sat up on his knees positioning the head of his dick to her opening. He wanted so bad to just ram it inside her hard, but he resisted that urge.

He slowly worked the head of his dick into her warmth. She wrapped her arms around his neck and put both legs on his sides. “Baby, your first time will hurt a little. But then it will feel good ok.” She nodded.

He started to pump it slowly in and out. The tightness almost made him blow his wad right there, but he waited.

He was about 3 inches in when he felt the resistance of her virginity. He knew this was now or never. There would be no looking back. Still pumping back and forth he contemplated the choice.

That was when Amanda thrusted her hips to meet his and broke the hymen. She let out a small cry. Terry couldn’t believe what she had just done. He paused his thrusting for a moment.

He took her face in his hand and wished he could see her eyes. “Mmm Daddy it feels so good.” He started to thrust slowly.

“It feels great to me too babygirl.” Her pussy was so tight and wet.

It wouldn’t all fit in her, but she could take at least 6 inches of his 8 inch dick.

Amanda started to move her hips in line with his thrusts. Terry’s desire for a woman, to cum became an animalist need. He started fucking his daughter hard. Each thrust brought a loud moan from Amanda.

“Do you like that cock in your tight pussy baby?” Her father was close to cuming.

“Oh Daddy I love the way your dick fills up my pussy. I want to fuck you every night. With that, he pulled all the way out of her, flipped her over and picked up her ass with his hands.

He rammed his dick in her pussy doggie style. He was fucking her so hard the bed was moving. He felt his balls smacking her pussy lips. He knew he was all the way in her. “Mmm baby. Daddy will make sure you get fucked every night.” With that he came.

Shooting load after load of warm juice in his daughter’s pussy. He let go of her hips once the sensation left. Both laid there spent. He collapsed on the bed beside her.

Both were sweating. He rubbed the hair out of her face. “Well baby, your not cold anymore.” They both laughed and feel asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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