Strangers Ch. 01

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Jennifer stood in the changing room in front of a large, floor length mirror, critically eyeing herself. Wearing nothing but a pair of delicate lace panties and a matching bra that neither covered nor offered support, but made her look damned sexy, she gnawed on her lower lip in agony. This set of lingerie, which made her look like a goddess in lace, cost almost a thousand dollars. That was the money for two months rent. That was a lot of food. That was a whole closet full of regular clothes. Buying this lingerie, Jennifer thought sadly, was just plain irresponsible. She was a secretary, living with her boyfriend in a small apartment in the city. She couldn’t afford this. No matter how good it looked on her. She shouldn’t have entered this boutique to begin with, she knew. But it had opened just recently and everyone at her workplace had gushed about the fancy designer articles that were offered.

“Damn,” she murmured and decided not to buy it. Turning around, she pulled the curtain back just a few inches, looking around for one of the employees. She found one, emerging from the back of the store. “Excuse me, could you help me for a second? I’ve decided against this. Could you bring me one of the plain black bras that are currently on sale?”

The man, wearing black slacks and a black shirt with a dark grey jacket, looked momentarily confused before nodding with a smile. “Sure.” He grabbed the first black bra on the shelf, not caring for the size.

“You’ve done this before, right? Helping women in underwear?” She was slightly nervous, having hoped there would be a woman to help her out. But then again, this was the year 2013 and why shouldn’t men work at lingerie stores. Jennifer smiled shyly.

The guy nodded reassuringly. “Call me Mike. And yes, I’ve undressed countless women before.”

Jennifer was relieved. “Well, then. Come in.” She pulled the curtain back to grant him entrance. “Could you help me with the clasp of the bra? The material is so flimsy, I don’t want to tear it.” If it ripped, she might be forced to buy it after all.

“Absolutely.” Mike stepped behind her, fumbled with the clasp for a second, then had it opened. “How come you don’t want this?” His thumbs brushed the straps off her shoulder without so much as asking for her approval. Jennifer yielded to his actions and after a moment of hesitation let him drop the bra to the floor. ataşehir escort bayan His eyes were roaming her unabashedly. And he was waiting for an answer.

Feeling insecure and vulnerable, she crossed her arms. “It is, um, pretty expensive. Rent is more important than lingerie,” she joked, desperate in her attempt to lighten this intensely erotic moment up. Who knew being naked in front of a stranger would have such an unsettling effect on her nerves!

“If you wore this, men would gladly pay the rent for you,” Mike noted, and reached next to him to grab the ‘for sale’ bra. He didn’t offer it to her, but simply went ahead and put it on her. It was a strapless one. After the clasp was closed, he let his hands wander to her front, brushing her skin ever so slightly. “May I?” Jennifer was about to adjust the cups when Mike’s hands took over. Both thumbs slipped into the bra, his nails grazing her erect nipples. She shivered involuntarily. “Apologies.” His voice was raspy and Jennifer was sure to have felt his erection brush against her back a couple of times.

She stepped forward, away from him. She glanced at him via the mirror. His eyes were dark, his lids heavy. If there ever was a perfect example of bedroom eyes, this was it. It flustered her. “Good guess with the size,” she remarked, just to break the silence. “How much does this one cost?” Her question was a futile attempt to remind him, and herself, that this was a store and she his client.

He smiled remorsefully. “I need to check, I’m afraid. The tag is inside.” Without asking, he undid the bra, baring her so suddenly that she had no chance to stop him. Instead of looking at the price, however, his eyes settled on her fully exposed chest. Her nipples were achingly erect. Damn him for doing this to her, she fretted inwardly. She wasn’t used to this kind of physical reaction towards men. It certainly never happened when she undressed in front of her boyfriend.

Mike finally checked the price. “Twenty bucks. But I’d still go for the lingerie set if I were you. You look absolutely ravishing in it.”

Jennifer actually blushed. “Well…uh…thanks.” She was acutely aware that she was still topless, wearing nothing but see-through panties. And above all, she felt a traitorous wetness building between her legs, which was clearly seeping into those damned panties’ material. How embarrassing! escort kadıköy She tried to recall the current balance of her credit card. Now that she ‘stained’ the panties, she felt obliged to buy them after all.

But her thoughts were disrupted by Mike, whose hands settled low on her hips. Unaware to her, he’d stepped closer. His undeniable erection pushed against her butt, while his fingertips edged along the seam of that cursed piece of overpriced lingerie. She gulped heavily. “What are you doing?” Her voice was strained. Hoarse. Aroused.

“Just look how excellent this material adjusts to your figure. Like a second skin,” he pointed out, his lips dangerously close to her nape. Her eyes began to flutter. His right hand dared moving even further, right across her damp core. A single finger curled ever so slightly, tickling her. She moaned unwillingly.

“So tight,” Mike hushed.

She nodded jerkily.

His other hand had ventured across her belly, upwards, almost unbeknownst to her, for Jennifer was utterly focused on what he was doing between her legs. But then his thumb brushed a perked nipple. Just once. It was all she needed to give in completely. Practically dropping backwards against him, she arched when the curling finger slipped under the material, finding her engorged clitoris. He flicked it once, twice. She buckled in his arms. Then he pressed down on it and she all but called out his name.

A fiery yearning for more had fully clouded her better judgment. Without hesitation she wedged one arm between them, fumbling with his zipper. Finally she had it undone. Her hand grabbed him through his underwear, then she felt his skin, hot and steeled, throbbing and alive with the same desire that pulsated through her. “So big,” she murmured, stroking up and down. She let her thumb touch the crest on the tip. He growled deeply. At this point she was so far gone, she wouldn’t have cared if an audience was looking on. “Fuck me,” Jennifer begged shamelessly. “Fuck me hard!”

She positioned him at her entrance and he pushed in, in one swift motion. He paused for a second, then pulled out slowly, only to thrust in again, deeper this time. He was bigger than her boyfriend. She had never found size a matter before. But now? Mike was so big, so large, so fulfilling. “More,” she pleaded, leaning forward to find support by pressing her bostancı escort hands against the mirror. He gripped her hips firmly, almost ramming into her, again and again, over and over. “Fuck yeah!”

“You’re so fucking tight,” he panted, “so tight. Take me, take all of me.” He went even deeper. Drops of sweat were building on his forehead and on her back. How long had it been since she’d been fucked real good? Too long, she realized. This was pure sex; a dirty, exhilarating fuck. “Arrgghhh!” Mike groaned, not slowing down, but going faster and harder.

“Yes, yes, ahhhhh!” She was so damn close! Then he pulled her body flush against his, shoved her forward, flush against the mirror. The cold glass was a stark contrast against her overheated skin. Jennifer almost fainted in bliss. Her breasts were squashed against the mirror, flattened, raw from his manipulations. “AHHHH!” She had forgotten where she was, or otherwise she would not have yelled so loud. But her orgasm overpowered her. And when she felt him spill his seed deep inside her, she felt an unrivaled sense of pure female pride. She’d made him fuck her in a goddamned changing room, for God’s sake. That man had wanted her. Her. And boy, had she wanted him.

Jennifer grasped for air when Mike pulled out of her. She leaned against the mirror, resting her forehead against the cold glass to cool down. “That was…”

“Fucking awesome,” he volunteered. Both laughed in a state of blissful happiness.

“I’m Jennifer, by the way.” She felt like a slut, having to introduce herself after she had fucked him.

Then, suddenly, the curtain of the changing room was pulled open and Jennifer scrambled to grab her dress and put it on. “Excuse me,” she snapped at the woman who had interrupted their intimate moment. “Could you wait outside?!”

Mike said nothing, but put himself back into his pants, avoiding eye contact with the other person.

The other person was all but polite, sternly pointing out, “you’ve disrupted the business in this store in a most inappropriate manner. Please get dressed right now and leave the building. You’re prohibited from ever shopping here again. The same goes for you, sir. Please, hurry.”

Jennifer was deeply humiliated. She buttoned her dress, put her own underwear into her purse and left without so much as a goodbye for the man whom she’d just fucked. Outside she flagged down a cab and didn’t look back. She had never felt so…lewd. His cum was still leaking from her as she crossed her legs and instructed the driver to take her home.

How could she possibly explain what had happened to her boyfriend, she wondered…

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