Successful Roadtrip

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I was driving my sixteen foot Rent-A-Truck from one end of town to the other. Moving my brother and his wife seemed like a relatively easy task until I saw how much shit they had.

“Don’t worry, Larry.” said Seth.

“Nothing to worry about, you’re my brother.” I replied. I’d recently hit forty-three and my brother, who was ten years my younger had just married for the second time. They were moving in together and I was more than happy to help. After all, I had introduced them. What I hadn’t told my brother was that I had been fucking his ex-wife ever since they split. It had made it easier to get him most of the property in the divorce. Life is like that sometimes.

The quickest way was across Route 80 and get off the South Pine exit. At this time of day there would be no traffic and I should make it in no time. I merged with the late morning stragglers and stayed in the right lane. It was the end of the month, ticket-hungry cops would be itching to pounce on this big a target. As I gazed at the sloping city skyline in the distance an old blue Chevy Prospector came into view next to me. A woman in her mid-forties was driving. She was quite attractive with her light brown hair waving in the wind. She had a wide smile and bold, dark eyes. I had sped up to get a better look and then let off the accelerator. The woman sitting next to her was in her late twenties. She sat close to the other woman in the front seat with her back to me. Her right hand seemed to be in the older woman’s lap. To my awe she had unbuttoned the woman’s jeans and was slowly fingering her.

“I love my life.” I said.

Every so often the woman would kiss the one driving on the cheek. She moved her hips forward, but the truck never veered or varied speed. The women’s arms and hands would alternate rubbing points on each other’s bodies. Desperately I tried to keep my eyes on the road and remain unnoticeable to the women. Suddenly a Ford Escort swerved in front of me. I calmly applied the brakes, knowing that if I jumped on them and turned the wheel there was a good chance I would tip the truck. Cautiously I checked my mirrors and downshifted. There was nothing to my left. I engaged my blinker, but before I could move the Escort made a farting noise and sped off into the other lane. Bringing my attention back to the lesbian car I discovered it had moved to exit the highway.

I followed under the pretense of getting gas. Spotting their blue behemoth I maneuvered my large truck in and parked. The younger woman emerged from the gas station door.

“Mom, they don’t have Sprite, do you want a Coke?” she asked.

“Ok, Carla. That’s fine.” she replied.

I was in shock. They were mother and daughter. S8trangely enough it turned me on. The uncertainty of what my next move was came quickly. Strolling into the store I saw the younger woman. The clerk was examining her license.

“Nineteen eighty-eight, canlı bahis huh?” he asked.

“Yep. Twenty-two, I am.” she replied.

“Ok.” he said.

She’d bought a Coke and two bottles of beer. The light came directly into the store. It showed the muscles in her shoulders, wrapped loosely in a blue tank top. Her curly hair traveled to the middle of her back and she balanced on one leg. Her ass was tiny and in the jeans she was wearing looked quite luscious. She didn’t wear a belt, didn’t need to.

It was all I could do to keep from staring. Nonchalantly I went over and picked out some beef jerky and a candy bar, getting in line behind her. She, Carla, finished paying and walked out the door followed by two sets of eyes – mine and the clerk’s. I paid for my contrivances and left. Carla and her mom went pulling away when I exited. Sighing and catching an eye full of dust, I walked to my truck.

Carla was glad they’d left the gas station behind. All eyes were on her, as usual.

“Here you go, Mom.” she said.

She handed her mom the open Coke and grabbed her beer from the bag. She twisted it open, folded her left leg under her and placed the other across her mother’s lap. Taking a swig and moved the bottle between her mom’s breasts.

“Oh now that feels good in this heat.” she said.

Carla slid the bottle up and down. Her mom lowered her head and licked the rim of the bottle. Carla’s other hand clamped onto her mom’s nipple and pulled until she heard a gasp.

“Oh girl, you know how I like that,” she said.

“I know.” Carla said.

Carla took a sip of her beer and looked out the window. They had about thirty miles until they were home. She’d been fingering her mom most of the way and given her several orgasms.

“Want me to drive, Mom?” Carla asked.

“No, I’m fine honey. Despite you trying to make us go off the road.” she teased.

Danica loved when her daughter got frisky on the road. They were on their way back from a weekend at Walland Lake. They’d fucked like rabbits until their clits were raw. The cabin they’d rented was secluded and running around naked was a daily ritual. Showering after lovemaking was the next step, followed by eating off each other at meals. Danica’s favorite part had been when Carla had shared her experience with Clarissa, her college roommate. Danica had eaten her pussy the entire episode and cum decorated her face from cheek to cheek. It was hard to leave such a special place to both of them. But they fondled and suckled like lovers the whole way home to make up for it. The miles flew by with this constant distraction and they eventually found themselves close to home.

Jim, the younger brother, had been left home all alone for the weekend. Although Danica suspected that this was not the case for very long. College loomed for Jim, being eighteen, in the fall and cramming all the hometown pussy he could bahis siteleri before he left became his project. As the pulled into the driveway Carla finished licking her fingers and wiped them on her jeans. Upon entering the house most of the lights had been left off despite the setting sun.

The abandoned smells of cigarettes, sex, alcohol and marijuana whispered, but could not be caught.

“Jimmy, we’re home!” Carla yelled.

Danica came through the door a moment later with their bags.

“Do you smell something?” Danica asked.

“Kinda.” Carla answered.

They walked to the kitchen. Danica put the bags down and Carla called to Jim again. No answer. Carla walked down the hall to the stairs, stopped half way up and listened. She heard nothing. Continuing up the stairs she stopped in front of Jim’s room and knocked softly.

No answer.

Twisting the knob, she slowly opened the door. There lay Jim, completely naked on his bed. Carla let out a small gasp.

She closed the door and went back downstairs.

“Jim’s taking a nap.” She said.

“Ok. I’ll do the dishes. There seem to be a few. Apparently there were some things that just couldn’t be microwaved.” Danica said.

“I’ll bring our bags up and unpack.” Carla offered.

“Sure. Remember to wash the toys with the disinfectant. Boy they sure get sticky.” Danica said.

Carla gave a knowing smile. Taking thee bags in hand she walked quickly up the stairs. She put the bags down opposite Jim’s room and re-entered without a sound. Jim had turned his head in the time she was gone.

“Jim. Jim,” she whispered.

He did not stir. She looked him over. Delicious thoughts about licking him up and down ran through her head. He was five foot, ten inches with completely brown skin. Most of his final summer of freedom had been spent in the sun. His hair, normally brown was not flecked with blonde. His skin was smooth, muscular and firm. It almost looked like he was chiseled out of plastic. His lips protruded slightly, almost meeting his hook nose, inherited from his father. Carla couldn’t help connect the two as she’d been privileged to be taken by her father on more than one visit to her in college.

She reached down and stroked his flaccid penis, gently with one finger. She ran her nail down the top and then the side. It jerked a little at the sensation. Slowly it began to grow. Licking her palm she returned it to the growing shaft. Jim was average in length, but sizeable in girth. Wrapping her hand around it she began to pump it.

“Jim, get up.” She said. Her voice became slightly louder than she wanted, but he blinked open his eyes.

“What?” he asked.

“Here to give you a welcome home present.” Carla said.

“Welcome home.” Jim said and smiled.

He sat up and Carla knelt before him. She pushed back her hair and shoved his cock into her wet, awaiting bahis şirketleri mouth. She’d missed cock. Sure her mom could destroy her pussy with the best of them, but there was little substitute for a living, squirting penis. She sucked Jim hard, stopping only to lick the “secret spot” at the base of it, just above his left testicle. Her hand began to swirl his shaft. He moaned and knew he was hurtling towards loss of all control. In quick succession she removed her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and shoved it back down his shaft to meet her hand.

“Oh yea, suck it, Sis.” He said.

She looked up at him and smiled. She enjoyed giving head and knew how much Jim appreciated it. It had made them closer. This past winter they sat in the back of the car on their way to ice pond and fondled one another. It was the day after Jim’s eighteenth birthday and she wanted to give him something special. Slouching as much as she could so he could get as many fingers in there as possible, feigning sleep most of time, Carla enjoyed his thick, nimble movements. God, he had made her so wet. Now it was her turn.

He stood up. “I’m gonna cum, Car.” He said.

The shadow of his cock loomed over her. The light was falling in the room, but her excitement and anticipation only rose. She wanted his warm seed on her face.

“Feed me, Jim. Feed me.” She said.

He was so close. Just then the door burst open.

“What the HELL is going on here?” Danica asked.

They both looked at her.

“Uh, nothing.” Carla said.

“You weren’t about to let him cum without me, were you?” Danica asked.

“Well it was kind of a sibling thing, but you are family after all.” Jim said.

Danica returned the smiles of her children and rushed to Carla’s side. She knelt down beside her daughter and waited patiently.

“Tilt your head mom. Remember what happened last time. Like that.” Carla instructed.

The last orgasm Danica was present for had gone mostly in her eye and she had to rush to the women’s restroom from the boy’s locker room. They were at Jim’s high school graduation and the marching band was doing a final performance. Jim had a trumpet solo and was a bit nervous. Carla was jerking him off into Danica’s mouth, but her aim had been off. Since then she decided that she should stand a certain distance from Jim’s cock and aim it at Danica’s chin.

Carla resumed jerking Jim off. Danica tilted her head back and lifted her shirt. Her tan breasts popped out and stood ready to receive. Carla licked Danica’s nipples in eager repetition.

“Oh yea,” Jim said, “I want my women to catch my cum. Be my sluts, be my sluts.”

Jim came in gushes. It landed perfectly all over Danica’s chin and mouth. White splatters were everywhere on her cheeks. Rivulets of cum ran down her neck that Carla greedily licked. Carla kissed her mom and helped harvest the rest of the jism into her mouth. They spent the next several minutes swapping and playing with the cum on each other’s nipples as Jim watched in awe.

“Best homecoming, ever.” Jim said.

Danica and Carla nodded in agreement and went back to kissing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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