Sue Ann (Swan) Ch. 01

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First, this is my first erotic story ever. Second this is just an introduction and a bit of history I will add more chapters as I get them written I promise that it does get more intimate. Some of this is based on fact and some based on fantasies. I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Please let me know what you think.

++Private No-one++

Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. I grew up in a large and very religious family. The problem was that I was the only son. “How could a guy get so lucky?” You might ask, but in truth it was a real curse. I never really knew how to act romantically with girl but I was very familiar with being a sympathetic ear. So I usually ended up being the ‘best friend’ of any girl I was interested in during high school.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t horny just like every other red blooded teenager. It just meant I didn’t have much of an outlet. I think that is why I became a closet perv, or so I always thought of myself. My sisters were downright sexy I enjoyed any chance I could get to wrestle or tickle them. Usually it was a fights or arguments that lead to the wrestling or tickling. It was during of these fights that my closest older sister got her nickname from me. Her full name was Sue Ann and she was 18 months older than myself. Well, she was baiting me as usual and I got angry and went to yell her full name but my tongue tripping up in my frustration at her and I meant to call her full name “Sue Ann” but it all ran together and sounded like “Swan”. At that we both stopped and laughed. Ever since then she has been “Swan” to me.

This is about my first foray into ‘perv’ canlı bahis behavior. One night she was having a girlfriend sleep over and they were sleeping in the family room on the floor. My other older sisters had moved out either because they got married or were off to college. Swan and her friend were both dressed in nothing but night shirts and panties. I being the pest of a little brother (and a horny teenager) wanted to stick around to watch the movies they brought over. My parents didn’t think that was appropriate so I was relegated to my room. Being the only guy (besides my father) I had my own room and it was in the basement and the rest of the bedrooms were upstairs. So after everyone went to bed I snuck upstairs to spy on my sister’s friend.

Fortunately for me they were both sound sleepers as is everyone in my family. Unfortunately for my sister’s friend was wrapped head to toe in the light blanket they were using. But my sister on the other hand was completely uncovered and laying on her back. Even in the shadows I was able to see her sandy blond hair splayed across the makeshift bed. Her CC or D cup breasts seemed even bigger in the shadows and her full figure was clear in the light from the moon streaming in the large windows. I also got my first clear look at her panty clad pussy. At that point I didn’t care that it was my sister’s panties I was seeing or at least my shaft didn’t care. It got harder than I had ever gotten at that point. I very quietly crept as close as I dared to get a good look and started stroking my cock until I came in my shorts. Then I slipped back downstairs and spent all night dreaming of ways bahis siteleri I could see it again as I masturbated again before going to sleep.

My first plan worked like a charm and was a last might throw together idea. Swan’s friend had gotten grounded that morning so she didn’t have anything to do all day. Late that afternoon I offered to pay for a couple video rentals if she would give me a ride over to the store. We had done that fairly often so it was not anything unusual. We got one for me and one for her. Swan usually gets up early and goes to bed early so I made sure that we watched mine first. That way she would not make an excuse and go to bed for the second movie.

We both settled down on the sofa her lying on her stomach at one end and me lying at the other with my legs beside hers. Since we knew we’d be going to bed right after the movies we were dressed for bed. She again had on a night shirt and panties only. My first wish came true as soon as we were settled. During her shifting to get comfortable, her night shirt slid up just enough for me to see her pink satin panties. I missed most of my movie as I was staring at her panties and trying to make sure when she shifted she didn’t see the tent in my shorts (nor brush it with her feet). My second wish came true less than 30 minutes into her movie. She dozed off and a few minutes after that she was snoring lightly. Using the pretext of shifting, I used my feet to nudge her shirt higher revealing her sweet round ass. After that got no reaction I ‘shifted’ again this time sliding one foot between her legs. Then just in case she woke up I pretended I had fallen asleep. bahis şirketleri I slowly slid my foot until it was wedged between her thighs. I could feel the heat of her pussy but was not quite close enough to touch it. Then a miracle occurred, she shifted her legs apart. I hesitated afraid that she had woken up but she was still snoring lightly and her slow deep breathing had not changed. So of course I slid my foot higher until I felt the satin against the ball of my foot. I paused again pretending to be asleep just savoring the excitement racing through me for a minute. Then I slid my hand into my shorts and very slowly and gently started to rub my cock.

I was just about to cum when the movie suddenly got to an action scene and got louder waking Swan up. Luckily it took her a moment to become fully awake so I had time to pull my hand from my shorts and drape it across my cock pressing the tent down and hiding my hard on, and at the same time going into ‘full sleep’ mode leaving one eye barely cracked. I was sure that in dark room with only the TV screen for a light she would not notice.

As she came more aware of the situation she shifted to close her legs and pulled her night shirt down. She called my name a couple times and asked if I was awake. I didn’t respond and continued pretending to be asleep. She finally settled back down and watched the last of her movie, awake the whole time. I don’t know when it happened but at some point in my ‘pretending to sleep’ I actually did fall asleep. I woke later to see that the movie was rewound and in the case on the table. I had a light blanket over me and my sister had long since gone to bed.

I was nervous at first the next few days but Swan never mentioned anything about it nor did she act any different so eventually I relaxed again. I still couldn’t get her out of my fantasies though.

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