Summer Fantasy

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Although on the highway, my home is not visible from the road, nestled in a grove of trees, up a slope from a pond and two streams that feed it. Beside and behind the house, my gardens are a work-in-progress, perhaps haphazard to the uninitiated eye [any other than my own] but I have collected rocks and stones all my life and have dragged some of them here… flagstone, rocks of quartz, with garnets, pleasing shapes, colours, textures, dug in with herbs and flowers planted between, piled into sculptures, lining pathways.

It is here and in my vegetable garden where I like to work and dream on summer days and it is here I picture myself… a morning in what must be July… warm and breezy… and I am naked… working, humming. The Canadian landscape is quite wild in my little oasis and it is not too unusual for me to see moose, deer, bear… even an otter out of its element this spring. My normal reaction is to sit, unmoving, to watch.

This particular morning, movement catches my eye and I see you walking toward me through the woods. You move towards me wearing a smile bostancı escort bayan and cut-off jeans and little else. I am struck by your beauty… your graceful, quiet stride, your body glistening in the sun. For some strange reason, I am not afraid or startled by your appearance… as you near, our eyes meet and a sudden stillness comes, without warning, a sudden cessation of all movement but your body moving towards mine.

I sense an affinity… like that of two people who expect to meet, who are intimate, who are eager for one another. Your hand reaches out, steady and warm, an open invitation which I accept. You take my face in your hands and we kiss… I can’t describe it except to say I am drawn into you through your sensual mouth, it is a promise, my mouth melts beneath yours, claiming your softness and taste. The dream becomes ethereal at this point, mostly images and sensations… as go most of my fantasies… visceral rather than graphic.

Your kiss has caused me to lose my sense of direction and my place in space and time. You are ümraniye escort my only connection, my touchstone and I cling to you, wrap myself around you, explore your face and neck, chest and the trail of hair that leads me down beneath your shorts. You laugh and drop me on the soft earth, pinning me under your body and begin your own exploration. We speak of our wonder, our enjoyment of one another’s bodies, our responses. I guide your hand to show you how I cum, lick your fingers clean. You suckle my breasts like a starving infant, I unbutton you and you stand to let me brush your clothes down your body.

Stripped of everything but desire, I drop to my knees and tease you with my mouth and breasts. You grab me and admonish me for making you want to cum too fast, too soon…we roll in my garden, crushing basil and lavender… the scent of you and the herbs, the peaty soil, the warmth, the joy of the moment, the mischief of your face… intoxicate me.

I impale myself on you… and with a languorous movement feel you fill me up inside… and once accustomed, escort kartal pushing away the sense that you feel so familiar, I move faster, flexing my muscles, drawing you in… laughing at your sweat-and-dirt smudged body and not letting you slip out from under me… teasing you more with my breasts, my hair, my smile… daring you to let go of your rigid control…

I feel myself cumming again and I tell you so. I tell you I can feel you getting bigger inside of me, pulsing, throbbing and I take your mouth, your tongue until you cry out and gasp for air, holding my shoulders, forehead to forehead, eye locked on mine. I feel as if every ounce of fluid and heat has collected between my thighs, damming, readying to unleash and your look undoes me. I moan and writhe beneath, wild and untamed as we both cry out in release. I feel our hot juices bursting out and mingling… feel the tremors… they continue for what seems like forever… allowing the after-shock like effects ripple through our joined bodies.

I wake up in the sun, feeling boneless, strangely weightless… look down and see my sweaty smudged- with-soil body, and see the disarray of my garden and wonder who you were, and if you were, where you are now….

I did wake up this morning with that weightless, boneless feeling… could have been fatigue, I guess. ~smile~

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