Summer of Indian Aunties Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 – Trouble Boils Over

Aunt decides to help take care of injured nephew’s needs


I returned in the evening.

For the whole of Monday afternoon that I had been out, a sense of panic had gripped me. It had been with me ever since I had left the lodge. I still could not believe I had taken the initiative and made an advance on my aunt. My conservative, orthodox aunt. For so long we had been playing footsies and tip toeing around each other, but suddenly I had grabbed the bull by the horns. Or in this case, grabbed the lady of the house by her buns.

The whole day as I had done my work and chores my mind had gone back to that moment. That grab. That kiss. And somehow – I was fearing the worst. It seemed all fine at the moment, but now? What have it done? What would Shaheen think once I had left?

It was dark when I returned. I rang the doorbell but no one answered. Finding it somewhat strange, I opened the door with the key that Shaheen had given me. Upon entering the house, I found it eerily quiet.

For a second I was worried. Where was my aunt? Had she left? Did … my behaviour with her in the morning … cause her to flee? Oh my goodness, if that was the case, what would I say to my family!

I had literally molested my aunt, groped and fondled her, and then fingered her anus, kissed her forcefully, and she fled her own house when I was away, fearing even more sexual assault from me!

Calm down, tiger, I told myself. You know Shaheen was also playing with you. Just … calm down.

I took a few deep breaths and managed to calm myself. C’mon! This was just my own hyperactive imagination running away on steroids. Maybe Shaheen was just napping and hadn’t heard the doorbell.

After shutting and locking the front door, I ventured upstairs. I first checked in on Shaheen’s bedroom – the one that I shared with her at night. Knocking, and hearing no answer, I opened the door.

She wasn’t in there, but then I heard the shower running in the bathroom. Tiptoeing to the bathroom door, I heard her in there. She was actually singing to herself as she showered!


So that’s why no one answered the door, because she simply hadn’t heard it over the sound of the water and her own voice! A sense of relief came over me as I slowly banished my extreme imagination of my aunt running away to the police. She was singing – so she must be in a happy place! Shaheen was simply taking an evening shower. Probably getting ready for a night of fun with me. Oh my! My imagination then started to run in the other direction and I soon found myself standing in Shaheen’s room with a hard on.

Calm down again, tiger, I told myself. You made a bold move, now wait and see the response.

I went to my own room, and decided to take a small shower as well. Fifteen minutes later, refreshed, I decided to go downstairs for a cup of tea before dinner. Feeling naughty, I had dressed in my underwear again, and a T-shirt. My aunt would hardly say anything, I realized. My conservative mamani was becoming accustomed to seeing me in my small underwear. After this morning’s episode where I had literally finger fucked her ass, I had high hopes for tonight.

We were supposed to go out for a burger later. I wondered if that’s still on, given this morning’s incidents where I had molested her, but we’ll see. I was just ready to take her there and right then, if she was willing. Oh man was I ready to fuck her pussy. In fact, I was so horny – I would fuck any pussy. Even the maid’s.

That’s when the accident happened.

Shaheen had gone down after her shower and had been boiling water in a pot on the stove to make tea, when someone had called her on the phone. So responsibly she switched off the stove and went to take the call. She didn’t even realize at first that I was home. The water inside the pot, though, was still boiling hot.

You can see where this was going.

When I had walked in to the kitchen, I saw my aunt on the phone, and a pot on the stove which was switched off. I wanted to make tea, and I thought the pot was empty, so I went to grab the pot and fill it with water.


Immediately I let go of the pot. It was hot! I had scalded my hands. The pot landed back on the stove, and immediately tipped over, splashing hot water everywhere. Some of it fell on my legs and thighs. My small underwear meant my whole legs, almost right up to my balls, were exposed, and boiling hot water splashed everywhere.


I was immediately screaming and grimacing in pain. My aunt immediately hung up and came running to me.

“Nazu! Nazu! What happened? OH MY GOD!”

In a trice Shaheen, a trained nurse, knew what had happened. It was clear that I had scalded my hands, with most of my palm in pain, and portions of my leg, including the upper thigh. My aunt immediately saw what had happened and tried canlı bahis to calm me down.

“Nazu! Calm down! Listen to me! Nazu!”

I, however, was ashamed to say, was anything but calm. The pain, especially near my groin, was immense. I was howling and jumping around.

“Oh my God! It stings! Barey mamani! It stings! I am burning! Oh my God! Mamani!”

“Nazu! Calm down! It’ll be OK. Listen to me, Nazu!”

I wasn’t calming down at all – in fact, I was having a panic attack. My aunt decided to calm me the only way she knew how.


Shaheen raised her powerful right hand high and moved it fast. Before I could realize what was happening, her palm landed flat against my left cheek. Immediately my face started to sting as I reddened, partly in embarrassment, partly with pain. She then raised her hand again and swung it the other way.


She had slapped me again, this time on my right cheek. I stopped howling and looked at her. I could sense my feeling of panic slowly start to dissipate.

“I am extremely sorry for slapping you, Nazu beta, but I had to calm you down. Now let’s see what happened.”

I was now calm. Being suddenly bitch slapped by your aunt can make you very calm. Shaheen was now examining my fingers.

“OK, you have scalded your fingers. Most of your palm, actually.”

My aunt, in a calm, professional manner, took me to the sink. She opened the taps and let them go, occasionally testing the temperature with her fingers. When she felt it was cool, but not ice cold, she held my hands under the running water.

“Keep your hands here, under the water, Nazu.” Shaheen instructed. “This will relieve the pain. I will get you a pain killer later if needed.”

“Yes, mamani.” I said, sniffling between my tears. If it was someone else I doubt I would have cried, but I felt myself free to let go before my mamani. She kept hugging me even as I sniffled and held my arms firmly under the running water.

After almost about five minutes, she shut off the tap.

“Let me see.” She examined my hands and made some ‘tsk tsk’ sounds.

“OK. This doesn’t look that bad. I have to use a cold compress, and wrap this with sterile gauze bandages.” She said. “I have a first aid kit in my room; we have to go there.”

“Yes, mamani.”

Shaheen held me by my shoulders and turned me around to face her.

“Anywhere else you have pain, beta?”

I mumbled something, but then looked downwards. My eyes had an embarrassed look in them.

“Beta!” Shaheen’s voice was firm. “Where else did the water touch you?”

“I … I …” I didn’t want to say it. The water had reached pretty high up my thigh.

“I see some on your thigh.” She said, and then looked into my eyes. “Nazu, beta, it’s OK.”

Her hands were on the waistband of my underwear.

“Mamani!” I immediately cried out in alarm. “What are you doing?”

“Nazu!” My aunt’s voice was loving, but stern. “I see most of your right thigh is wet, and I also see wet spots on your underwear. I have to see if there’s any scalding.”

“Mamani…” I croaked. “Please … it’s embarrassing … I … I am sure I will be fine. It’s only my hands. I can look myself later.”

“Nonsense!” Shaheen said. Her hands clasped the waistband of my underwear. “I have to see the burn. If it’s bigger than your palm, we have to take you to the hospital, immediately.”

“Mamani, please.” I cringed. This was not how I had imagined being naked in front of my aunt. “Let me just …”

“Your hands are scalded.” Shaheen reminded me. Her hand had slowly started to pull down my underwear. “Besides, I am your aunt, beta. I am also a nurse. You have to let me see. Now keep quiet or I’ll slap you again.”

And so saying, she knelt down and pulled down my underwear in one firm tug. My briefs fell to my ankles.

That’s it. That was the moment.

I was now butt naked from the waist down in front of my mamani. My dick sprang up and nearly hit her in the face.

“Hmm, at least we know that’s alright.”

Trying to make light of an embarrassing situation, my mamani only made it worse. I felt mortified. At that moment, I wanted to be anywhere but here. Shaheen then cast a professional nurse’s look at my genitals.

“Please step out of the underwear, beta.” Shaheen instructed me. I dutifully obeyed her, almost in a trance. If I wasn’t in pain, this would have been too good to be true. Except that it wasn’t.

She quickly caught hold of my flaccid penis with her left hand and lifted it up from my balls. Shaheen examined my scrotum. As she held me, my penis started to grow in size, and was now on its way to its full length. I was blushing a bright beetroot red.

“Oh God, please,” I mumbled but Shaheen heard me.

“It’s okay, beta. Act a little mature, will you?” Shaheen scolded me. “It’s a good sign that your … lund … bahis siteleri your penis … is functioning and responding. And it’s common for any man to get excited with a female’s touch on his organ, doesn’t matter who the female is. And you are a young man so it’s completely expected.”

Her words made my cock twitch. I knew she could feel it. As she was examining my testicles, my cock kept twitching in her hands. So now one hand of hers held my turgid phallus up, while with her other hand she touched my balls and gently examined my groin area.

“There’s some wetness on your scrotum.” She said, her fingers expertly examining my testes. “But I don’t see any burns. Spread your legs, beta. Let me take a look at your thighs.”

Shaheen let go of my penis and balls. My dick remained up, aroused and pointed, as she felt up my thighs and legs.

“You have some small burns.” She said, briefly examining my thigh. “I think we can treat it at home; it’s not a large area. Let’s go upstairs to the bathroom in our bedroom.”

Our bedroom. Not her bedroom.

Almost in a trance, I accompanied her upstairs, my aunt leading my by the arm. I was fully conscious now that I was very much naked from my waist down, wearing just a T-shirt, with my dick fully erect. As we walked up the stairs, my aunt supported me by holding me around my waist. Occasionally her palm would stray down to my bare bottom, but she would then wrap it back firmly around my hip.

Once we were in our room, she led me straight to the bathroom.

“Beta,” She told me, “Please take off your T-shirt.”

I looked at my aunt flabbergasted.

“But … mamani … I will be …” I was at a loss for words.

My aunt gave me an unkind grin.

“Nazu. I have already seen all there is to see, don’t you think?” She laughingly pointed at my dick. “Besides, I have to wash you all over.”

“Er … ok, mamani. But, um, please don’t tell anyone, will you? It’s embarrassing.”

“OK, beta.” Shaheen chuckled. “I won’t if you don’t. And I won’t even pinch your gaand.”

It was almost a reverse situation. Rather than me harassing my aunt, she was the one who now had me at her mercy. I was now completely, utterly, amazingly naked in front of my buxom aunt. Once we were in the bathroom, she made me sit on the bathtub. Here I should say her bathroom had a standing shower, which is what I usually used, and then a bathtub if you wanted to take a leisurely dip. That’s where I was seated now.

Shaheen took the hand held shower nozzle and switched it on. She adjusted the taps until the temperature was to her liking, and then started to run the water at my legs.

“OOOOOOH.” I exclaimed. “This is cold, mamani.”

“It’s coldish.” Shaheen corrected me. “But not ice cold. I am slowly going to work the water up your legs, and then on to your lund.”

“Yes, mamani.”

Soon Shaheen was aiming the nozzle at my knees. There was a small burn area there, and it did sting initially, but then I got used to it.

“Spread your legs a bit, beta.”

I obeyed her, so my balls now hit the cold edge of the porcelain tub. Shaheen expertly aimed the water at my inner thighs and genitals, letting the water flow for some time.

Then she bent in and grabbed my balls in her hand.

“Ooh.” I cried out, as she aimed the water at my penis.

Cold (well, coldish) water poured out of the showerhead onto my genitals. Shaheen had my scrotum in her hands and gently kneaded my balls as she made sure every area of my groin got wet.

“That should do it.” She said, shutting off the tap. I could see she had become a little wet herself from the water splashes, particularly near her chest. Her nightie clung to her body. Through the wetness of her dress, the shape of her areoles became highly prominent. I tried to look away, but my penis, first at her touch, and then at her sight, had a mind of its own. It was like a flagpole raised.

Completely ignoring my hapless aroused state, Shaheen turned and got out of the tub.

“Come, let’s dry you.” She took a towel and asked me to stand up. I stood up.

Shaheen began to rub me with a towel. She started with my head and hands, taking care to be gentle near the scalded areas. Then she rubbed my tummy and then knelt down. She rubbed my ankle and legs, before looking at my scrotum. My dick was semi-hard now.

“I am going to take a little closer look, ok, beta?” She asked me. “I want to make sure you haven’t splashed any hot water there, ok, and there are no burns there, OK?”

“Er …” I croaked. “If you think it’s needed, mamani. You did examine me downstairs.”

“Yes, I know.” Shaheen told me, almost absent mindedly. “But I am going to take another look.”

“As you wish, mamani.” I was helpless to say anything else.

As I stood there, my aunt gently touched the tip of my penis. The reaction was almost immediate – I began bahis şirketleri to harden again.

“Um … I am sorry, mamani.” I squawked. “I don’t know why …”

“Shhh.” My mamani shushed me, and continued her work. “Shut up, beta.”

Firmly holding my penis with one hand, she examined it pretty closely, bringing it close to her face and peering at it attentively. She then ran a finger up and down my manhood, checking for any irregularities. After that she took one testicle in one palm, and gently kneaded it, at the same time inspecting for any scalding, and then repeated it for the other testicle. By the time she was done, I was rock hard, and a little precum was forming at the tip of my manhood.

My aunt stood up, and gave me a little smile.

“No burns or scalds there, you will be glad to know.” She said, washing her hands in the sink. She then came back and glanced at my helpless aroused state and shook her head.

“I had forgotten how virile a young man can be.” She remarked.

“I am sorry, mamani.” I apologized once again. “Please don’t think that …”

“Nazu!” Shaheen held up one hand, silencing me. “You are a young man – this is to be expected. Frankly, I would be more surprised, and let’s say a little insulted, if you didn’t get hard, you know! You get hard from just kissing me, and here I am, holding it! I expect you to get hard!”

“Er … thank you for understanding, mamani.”

My aunt then went back to the bedroom, and called out to me.

“Come here, Nazu. Let’s get you dressed before you catch a cold, beta.”

She helped me into one of my T-shirts. I then glanced around at my bottom.

“Oh no.” Shaheen told me. “I am afraid you have to remain naked like that for a while.”

I looked at my aunt, completely surprised.

“But … mamani … I can’t … I mean …”

“You will stay in bed.” So saying, Shaheen made me lie down on the bed. The cold sheet of the bed against my naked bum made me feel tingly.

“I am going to cover you with a light sheet so you don’t catch a cold,” Shaheen told me, placing a bed sheet over me, “But I don’t want any tight fabric rubbing your thighs. I want your bottom and your legs – and your big lund – exposed to the air so it heals faster.”

“Er … ok, mamani. If you say so.”

“I am going to now rub an ointment on your burns.” Shaheen fetched a tube from her medicine kit. “And also I am going to wrap your hands in bandages.”

“But, mamani,” I asked, “I need my hands … I mean … I have to go to the bathroom and …”

“You will call me.” Shaheen told me, firmly. “No ifs and buts. If you have to pee, or go potty, I will have to help you.”

“But mamani …”

Shaheen gently placed her left hand on my right cheek, and looked at me straight in the eye.

“Do you want another slap, Nazu beta?” She asked, patting my cheek. “No? Good. Now lie down and remain still.”

“Er … yes, mamani.”

Leaving me on the bed, Shaheen stood up. She walked over to a cupboard and started to search for something. After rummaging through her drawers for a good fifteen minutes, she returned with a first aid kit.

“Let me do your hands first.” She said. She took out some sterile gauze wraps and mesh, along with some cotton and anti-septic. Fifteen minutes later, both my hands were wrapped in sterile gauze bandages. It looked like I was wearing soft and fluffy boxing glove-like mittens on both of my hands.

“Good.” Shaheen said, examining her work. “Now you won’t be touching or holding anything on your hands. Now I am going to rub an ointment on those burns.”

“Yes, mamani.”

Shaheen gently lifted the cotton sheet from my ankles. There was a spot there on my heel, and she diligently applied a salve on the skin there. As she took her time rubbing my feet, I thought back about how I had treated her this morning, and felt a sharp pang of regret.

I don’t know what had come over me this morning. She was my aunt! There she had been, talking about her ass, true – she was touching herself and squeezing her bottom – but then I … I am ashamed to think of how I had taken the opportunity – the excuse, rather – of giving her some exercising tips, and instead groped and fondled her as she stood there helplessly. Only when the maid was coming downstairs had she the presence of mind to use that as an excuse to stop my assault.

And even, EVEN, if you say well she DID give me permission to touch her buttocks, what happened later, in her room, was all my fault. She had just been standing there, when I had grabbed her bottom, kneaded and patted her rump, and then kissed her on the mouth while taking her leave. I am sure she had been in total shock, and had to smile because she couldn’t believe I was doing this to her. Oh man! Why had I behaved liked this?

Shaheen meanwhile had finished with my ankles. She then lifted the bedsheet even further up, and started to apply the ointment to my inner thighs. Against my better judgement, my penis started to perk up. By the time she had reached my upper inner thighs, there was a noticeable tent in the bedsheet.

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