Swimming with My Cousin Andrea Ch. 01

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It was yet another typical summer day in Colorado. The temperature was in the nineties and the air conditioner was broken again. I was expecting another boring day of playing video games and sitting around the house when the phone rang. It was my cousin Andrea. She was just as bored as I was and seeing as how she had a car and I didn’t I suggested that she come over to my place.

Andrea and I had been friends for as long as I could remember. We were always close, and more like brother and sister than cousins. I had just graduated high school and Andrea the year before. She was going to college while I was working at a warehouse. We were both nineteen but I had started school a year late so she was always ahead of me. Andrea was a little short, maybe five foot five or six, compared to my six foot two. I had always had physical jobs and I worked out at the gym so I was always in good shape and never afraid to walk around without a shirt on. Andrea on the other hand was much more studious and seldom had time to work out. But what she lacked in muscle tone she more than made up for with her voluptuous curves. She had natural D cup breasts and the most beautiful round ass you’ve ever seen. She was a natural blonde and always kept her hair just above shoulder length. Our biggest difference was definitely our sex lives. The fact was, Andrea was still a virgin. I on the other hand had been banging my high school classmates since I was fifteen. Andrea wasn’t a prude or anything, she just never seemed to have time for a boyfriend.

When Andrea arrived, I asked what she wanted to do.

“It’s a real scorcher today isn’t it Dan? I was thinking about hitting the pool.”

“Sounds great, I’ll get my trunks.” I would never turn down a chance to see my cousin in a swim suit.

We headed over to my apartments pool building which was surprisingly deserted. We didn’t even see any employees around. Not a problem, I had a key and we headed to the back where the pool was. The pool was half covered and half open and surrounded by a high fence. The owners really didn’t like outsiders coming in to use the pool. The up shot of this was that nobody could really see you from the outside.

“Damn that water looks good,” Andrea was quick to say. “But canlı bahis I want to work on my tan for few minutes first.”

My eyes never left her body as she peeled off her shirt and shorts to reveal a beautiful blue bikini. Normally Andrea is a little self conscious about her body but since it was just the two of us she let loose.

“I think I’ll wait then.” I really wanted to get in the pool but I was more interested in scoping out my gorgeous cousin up close. I sat down next to the fence which gave me perfect side view as she laid down on her stomach.

“Don’t be silly, jump in. I’ll join in you in few.”

“Nah, where’s the fun in that. Why don’t we just talk while your tanning?”

“Sure, I always enjoy our conversations.”

I was enjoying myself but I quickly realized I was getting hard! I wasn’t surprised that she was turning me on. She’s a beautiful woman after all. But I really didn’t want her to see that I was aroused.

“Hey, could you be a buddy and put some lotion on my back?”

Oh man. “Sure no problem.” I got up very carefully so that she wouldn’t see my cock standing at attention. I moved behind her and grabbed her sun block. I had done this sort of thing before with her but never when I was this aroused. It was then that I realized that I was in the middle of a real dry spell, I hadn’t had sex in more than six months since I dumped my last high school fling. No wonder I was so horny.

“Uhm, where do you want me to start?” I would normally sit on her butt and start with her shoulders but I didn’t want to risk her feeling my hard on.

“Just do it like last time, sit on me and start with my back, then you can do my legs if that’s cool.”

“Oh, uh, sure . . . no problem at all.”

I carefully sat down on her butt and started doing her back. I had everything under control until she said . . .

“That’s good, now do my legs.”

I moved behind her and she spread her legs a little for me. I just stared at her crotch, that thin blue fabric barley covering her virgin pussy. I could clearly see that she didn’t shave and some of her pubic hair was sticking out the sides of her bikini. I spared a quick second to give my throbbing cock a couple of good strokes. I wanted to jerk off bahis siteleri so badly it hurt.

“Hey what’s the hold up?” Andrea said as she looked back almost catching me in mid stroke.

“Sorry Andrea, my minds just wondering again,” I said as I started rubbing the lotion inter her shapely legs. I started at her caves and worked my way up to her thighs. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was, by my cousin no less! I felt really nervous, like I was doing something very wrong. Incest . . . the thought crept through my mind over and over. But instead of being repulsed by the idea I was getting more and more turned on.

I worked my hands high up her thighs, I wanted to touch her pussy so bad it hurt. Andrea just laid there and made no movements to make me think I had crossed the line. So I got more daring and moved my hand so that I just barely brushed her thinly covered pussy. I could feel the heat. And that’s when I noticed a small dark spot where I had touched her bikini. She was wet! I couldn’t believe it, this was incredible I thought. Suddenly she stood up and said:

“I think that’s enough sun for today,” and she jumped in the pool. Her voice sounded uncomfortable. I told myself that was it, time to come back to reality where people don’t lust after their cousins. I jumped in the pool hoping that the cool water would put a quick end to my hard on and incestuous thoughts.

After a few minutes of swimming around, everything seemed to be back to normal. We were laughing and playing around splashing each other. Soon our splashing turned into a playful game of tag as I chased Andrea around the pool. The pool wasn’t very big and it didn’t take long for me to corner her. Breathing hard with my arms blocking her from getting around me, I said:

“Damn Andrea, you’re a tough one to catch.”

“Oh yeah? Who says I’m caught?” With a giggle she lunged to my right but I catch her with my right arm and soon I have both my arms around her as she struggled to break free.

“No fair! You always were a lot stronger then me,” she said as she finally stopped trying to break away.

“Hey, it’s your fault, don’t start something you can’t finish.”

There was a sudden pause as we locked eyes and I became very aware of bahis şirketleri Andrea’s rock hard nipples digging into my chest. I felt her put her arms around me as she said:

“Maybe this is how I wanted it to end . . . ” Her words trailed off as my hands started roaming her back.

Our breathing quickened as I dared to move my hand onto her round shapely ass. Her eyes told me to continue as I slipped my hand inside her bikini, touching her bare ass for the first time. I felt her do the same as she put both her hands down the back of my trunks. I felt her legs spread and I moved my leg between hers. I could feel the heat from her pussy as she began to slowly grind on my leg. I continued to lock eyes with her as I moved my left hand up between us and onto her breast. As soon as my hand touched her nipple she shuddered and her eyes rolled back slightly. I felt her move her hand in between us and touch my throbbing cock. I felt like I could cum just from her slightest touch!

“Andrea . . . “

“Please . . . ” She softly moaned.

Her eyes said the rest, I leaned in and for the first time in our lives we kissed, not as cousins, not as friends but as lovers.

WHAM! Suddenly the pool door came flying open as three little kids and their parents came walking through. We just about jumped right out of the water! We had been so caught up in the moment we that had not heard a thing. We quickly left the pool and started walking back toward my apartment. My mind was racing as we walked back, I didn’t know what to say to her. What exactly had just happened? What was she going to do when we got back to my place? My question was answered when she stopped in front of her car.

“I think I’d better be heading home.”

“What? Why? I mean, you don’t have to run off you know. Come up to my place and get dried off first.”

“No thanks, I think I should really get going . . . “

We stood in silence for a moment. I didn’t want her to leave. I didn’t want it to end like this.

“Daniel, I . . . ” Her words trailed off as she stepped in toward me and gently kissed me. Before I could react, she broke the kiss and stepped away to get in her car.

“Don’t worry, I promise to visit again soon so we can talk about this.”

I didn’t know what to say as she stepped into her car drove away. I stood there for a long time thinking about what had happened. I decided I was really looking forward to our next talk.

To be continued . . .

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