Swordfight: Steel vs. Voltra

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A sword-fight (cock vs cock) between two guys; Voltramax, a white guy with a cock that’s 3.7 4.1 soft and 7 x 5 hard, and myself, Steel, a black guy with a cock that’s 5.2 x 4.6 soft and 7.4 x 5.8 hard.

The ‘match’ is in three rounds, winner via knock-out or decision.


Voltramax’s skinny prick is ripe and ready for a relentless beat-down by my meatier member. Right out of the opening gate, the combined size difference puts him at a major disadvantage against my all around larger cock. He’s neither hefty enough to weather my own side-to-side slams let alone knock my cock around, and he lacks the reach to try for a nut-shot to even the odds. Instead, he suffers a devastating down slam from my powerful erection, sending him staggering backward. The opening round has barely made it to the midway mark and he’s already on the ropes. Smirking, I approach him unhurriedly, toying with his member, pinning it helplessly against his body with a minimum of effort.

As the first round comes to a close, he scrambles to his corner covering his bruised and beaten crotch in burning agony and searing shame. His girlfriend tenderly attends to his limp erection, even sucking on it some to rouse it back to life. escort kartal Meanwhile, I leisurely lounge against my corner, giving both my opponent and his escort an unadulterated view of my proud erection which pulses and flexes on occasion.

The bell for the second round rings, and Voltramax comes out of his corner sporting a saliva slicked erection that’s regained all its former rigidity. Pleased with her handiwork his girlfriend gives him the thumbs up before using that same thumb to make a throat-slashing motion. It seems that between her blowjob they were working on a plan to take me down as well. …but as quoted in Donnybrook, The Battle of Bull Run, “No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.”

Approaching me confidently, Voltramax immediately attempts to spear the underside of my cock-head with his. It’s apparently an attempt to trap my dick against my body like I’d done with his earlier. His head uppercuts just beneath the base of my cock-head full force, and to his merit, he manages to lift my shaft two, perhaps three quarters of an inch. But no more. His former cock-sure confidence falters. He tries flexing his dick upward, but to little avail, my iron-clad cock barely budges.

His maltepe escort plan rapidly unraveling, I deliver my own coup de grâce. Flexing my dick downward, I force his erection down to the point where he’s now lower than where he started. Eyeing his girlfriend’s shocked expression, I complete the maneuver with a series of repetitive downward flexes, continuously knocking at the head of his cock. He tries to retreat, but I say on him this time, backing him up until he’s trapped in his corner. Locking my cock-head against his, I flex downward once move before thrusting my dick forward, bending his shaft downward agonizingly. He howls in pain as his dick is pushed between his legs, grips the ropes in a futile effort to push his entire body against me… but that only serves to increase the severity of his pain.

Standing on the other side of the ropes, his girlfriend can only watch as Voltramax’s dick is forced to submit to the superior strength of my erection, rapidly losing its size and rigidity if only to marginally alleviate the pain of its predicament. In seconds, it’s all over, his cock hangs limply between his legs whilst mine now sports a sheen of pre-cum, produced through the thrill pendik escort bayan of victory. In ring, Voltra has collapsed to the mat, exhausted whereas ringside, his girlfriend looks on in heartbroken awe.

Climbing onto the ropes above Voltra, I position my dick level with his girlfriend’s face. She blinks in recognition. Hesitates. Then tentatively licks the tip stretching the strand of pre-cum from my cock-head to her tongue. She goes so again, then a few more times, then begins to suck on my cock in earnest, sloppily sucking on its length, savoring the feel of a victor in her mouth.

As she does, droplets of pre-cum and saliva fall onto Voltra and his exposed dick. Rousing him from his stupor enough to look up and witness his girlfriend sucking me off. Incised but exhausted and utterly defeated, he can only watch helplessly as his girlfriend gets me off, my cock blasting her tonsils with a few hearty helpings of cum. She swallows desperately as she tries to choke down the second and third loads, before finally relaxing some as she slurps off the dregs of the fourth and swallows. A fifth and final unexpected shot splatters in her face and she winces, but takes a finger to wipe it off, happily sucking on it.

Sated, I hop down from the corner ropes, my still erect cock bouncing a bit from the slight loss of rigidity. But the fact that it’s remained hard is a testament to my virility and let’s Voltramax know that his challenge was utterly futile in the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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