Taboo 2010 Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Chapter 2

The Hot Tub

Everything had started to cool down after those first few days. Sara I guess had had her fun and now was on to bigger and better things. This left me feeling split in two. I knew that it was better for it to end and end as quickly as possible. If my wife found out that I had been fooling around with her daughter, my step-daughter. It would be a nightmare. However I could not stop thinking about the things we had done together. The feeling of wet, young snatch in my mouth. Or the way she smelled as my face buried into her chest. But at last, it was over, or so I thought.

My oldest son Richard was going to be in town for a week or so and he was bringing his girlfriend Elizabeth, and they planned on staying at the house. So I had been busying myself all day with getting things set up for them. They arrived sometime just after six and we had dinner together with my wife Jenny and her daughter Sara, who was dressed fairly provocatively for a family occasion . She was sporting a small black skirt, with a blue light sweater that was cut low in the front. This was the first time that we all had met Elizabeth and let me tell you, she is stunning. She has long blonde hair, and a curvy body. She was wearing tight blue jeans with tall black boots over them. Her tits looked huge under the tight white, silky top she was wearing. The dinner conversation was light and fun we all had a bit too much wine and everyone’s spirits were high. Sara suggested that they go relax in the hot tub after dinner. I retired upstairs as the kids got ready to get into the hot tub. Upstairs I heard a splash and looked out my bedroom window that just happens to overlook the hot tub. I could see that the girls had pushed Richard in in all of his clothes. He did not look happy about this even though he was still smiling. I opened my window a little so I could hear the conversation. Elizabeth was asking if she could borrow a swimsuit from Sara, and Sara responded yes. They both left and I could hear them coming up the stairs, and down below I could see Richard getting out and just stripping down to his boxers and getting back in. Sara’s room is just down the hall from mine. So I pulled the curtains closed on the window and went to busying myself hanging up some clothes in my closet.

I could hear the girls snickering and trying to be quite. It would seem they drank a little more than they needed, and I heard the sloshing around of another half drank wine bottle of wine. After they passed I crept over to the door and watched them go into Sara’s room. They didn’t even close the door. I silently walked over so I could see them together. Sara was knelt down looking in a drawer full of underwear. She was on all fours, and she was still wearing the little short skirt from dinner, but now it was rising up. I could see her round ass and that little strip on white panty running up her crack. I wasn’t the only one that noticed. Elizabeth walked around the bed slowly and stared down at Sara on her knees. Sara looked back and Elizabeth quickly turned away blushing. Sara smiled as she tossed out a couple of bathing suits and I hear her say, “This one is really small, but it doesn’t matter, we won’t be wearing them very long.”

Then I heard Elizabeth ask, “Really? Is that okay?” she smiled at Sara in a provocative way.

“Oh yea it is fine, I do it all the time, none of the neighbors can see over the fence, and besides who cares if they do?” Sara said dismissively.

I heard Sara from outside ask plainly, “Have you ever made out with a woman?”

And Elizabeth replied, “Yeah, I used to do it all the time to get guys attention. At parties or bars.”

Then Sara said, “Because that is what I want to do tonight, in front pendik escort of Richard. He has always been such a prude, I want him to watch his step-sister make-out with his girlfriend and get turned on. Would that make you uncomfortable, Elizabeth?”

“Not at all, and please call me Liz” she replied.

I tip-toed back to my room and closed the door. The two came out of Sara’s room and I heard them going downstairs and then saw them appear outside. Both girls were wearing towels wrapped around their bathing suits. I was back at the window watching them with the lights turned out so that they couldn’t see me watching them from above.

“Can we really go naked?” asked Elizabeth.

“Do what you wanna, baby!” said Richard from inside the tub. “Hell I got bored while you are gone and I’m already naked.”

Elizabeth looked around a little shy, and unwrapped the towel that had been covering her body. The little white bikini that Sara had lent her was way to small. It barely covered her at all, and wow, she was awesome looking. Her tits were really big, and she had and ass that matched. She was tall maybe five nine or ten. Long shapely legs. Right above the crack of her ass she had a tattoo that looked like fire or something, and she also had tattoos on both of her upper arms. The white bikini stood out on her dark bronze skin. She quickly slipped into the water. No more than a second after she was under the water I saw her hold up the bikini top that she had just had on. She twirled it around and then threw it at Richard. He didn’t even flinch. He took it and threw it out of the tub over towards his piled up clothes.

“Wheres the rest of it?” he asked.

She then crouched down in the water and shimmied out of her bottoms. She half turned and threw them at Sara. Sara didn’t look nearly as shy. She stood outside the water and walked up onto the decking around the hot-tub and reached behind her and undid her straps. With one hand she flung the top away and just as quick grabbed the bottoms, as I’ve seen her do before and stripped them off in a single graceful move. She stood naked and spread legged for a moment before stepping into the warm bubbling water. This is the first time I had seen her naked from a distance. Wow, she is a vision of youthful beauty. Petite, small perky breast. A flat stomach, her golden brown hair spilling over her fragile looking shoulders. She extended one leg and touched the water with her foot. My eyes traced every curve from her foot to her hips. The most amazing lines on this earth. She was small, maybe only five-five or five-six and thin, but where she curved she was perfectly round, her small breasts were perfect little globes, and her ass stuck out from her body, a perfect little bubble butt. She stepped into the water, and I watched as the bubbling foam engulfed her beautiful form.

Richard leaned over and grabbed a bottle of wine and handed it to Sara. She stood up and turned the bottle upside down and filled her mouth with wine. She then turned slowly toward Liz, and straddled her. She leaned down and kissed her, exchanging the wine in her mouth with tongue. They drank from each others mouths. Liz spread her legs a little and let Sara slid in closer. The two undulated their hips in a rhythmic dance as Sara fondled Liz’s breast. Richard looked on with a look of shock bordering on pure horror. As he watched Liz reached around and grabbed Sara’s ass. Both girls were locked into their embrace. Liz’s hands traced up Sara’s body and grabbed her breasts and pushed them together as she put her mouth over the nipple of her left breast.

I could tell that she bit down as Sara moaned and wriggled. Sara was humping Liz as she sat in her lap. What was supposed to be a little escort pendik show to shock Richard had unleashed something that had been building all night. The two girls leaned back as the realized what was happening.

“Wow, your sister is a good kisser.” Liz said as she was still rubbing Sara’s wet body.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean too…” Sara trailed off not knowing what to call that.

Richard looked around a little embarrassed, “Ladies if you need a little time alone.”

“Don’t start.” Liz said with some authority. She turned and swam over to him, and climbed up in his lap. She kissed him deeply and then wrapped her arms around his head and pulled his face down to her chest. He kissed on her breasts, lost. Liz looked back at Sara and motioned with her head for Sara to come over. Sara swam to them and the two kissed again. Liz turned around on Richard’s lap so that her back was to him, and she was facing Sara. The two girls stayed locked into their deep kiss. Liz was rocking back and forth on Richard’s lap. He was reaching around rubbing Liz’s tits. She reached down and grabbed his wrists and put them on Sara’s tits. I couldn’t see how wide his eyes got when she made him grab his step-sister’s tits, but I could imagine. Liz held his hands in place and kept grinding his crotch. She made his hands travel all over Sara’s body, and Sara did not object once. Finally she made Richard grab Sara by the ass and pull her closer. Sara was now in between both their legs.

“I can feel how hard you got when you touched Sara, that’s something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, isn’t it?” Liz asked Richard in a sultry voice.

Richard did not reply, but he did not stop touching Sara either. Liz’s hands no long had to force him. From where I was I couldn’t see Richard’s face, but I have been caught in that same girls spell, so I know what was going through his mind. Liz stood up and pulled Sara with her. She walked in the water around behind her so that brother and sister could make eye contact. She stood behind Sara with her arms wrapped around her. Rubbing up and down from her tits to her snatch. I saw Sara swooning in her arms. Liz had so easily taken complete control over Sara. Richard was mesmerized. Liz walked forward pushing Sara closer to Richard. The look on his face was like a man about to be hit by a car, and time has slowed down in the instant before impact. Sara was forced to straddle Richard, Liz sat down on Richard’s legs behind her. Liz was whispering something but I couldn’t hear. Then Sara leaned forward and kissed Richard. The two girls sat on his lap with Liz rubbing Sara, and Sara kissing Richard for a long time. Then Richard came to his senses.

“Stop, what are you doing.” he looked really shocked.

“What’s wrong?” said Sara.

“What do you mean, what is wrong! All this is wrong.” standing as he was talking he pushed both girls off into the water. He got out of the tub, and stormed into the house.

“whats all the noise outside?”

Oh my god. It was Jenny, my wife. She was standing just inside the doorway. I was so busted.

“I don’t know I just looked out.” I tried to lie.

She crossed the room and stood behind me. “Why are you so hard then?” she reached around me and grabbed my cock. She peered around me and down into the hot tub in the backyard and saw the two naked girls. They were laughing drunkenly and still rubbing each other.

“I’m guessing that is why.”

“I’m sorry honey, it’s just-“

“Just what? Your a man, and there are two hot, naked girls, making out in a hot tub right outside your window.” she said with no anger in her voice.

“I know how Sara is, she’s my daughter, and I was no different when I was her age. I don’t expect pendik escort bayan you not to get hard when she does things like that. You can’t help that. I just want you to put it to some good use.” she immediately crossed in front of me and dropped to her knees. She quickly undid my belt and unzipped my pants. She pulled them down and my hard cock sprang out. It felt so good to have it out. No sooner was it out than Jenny had swallowed it to the base. She grabbed my balls sucked my cock furiously.

I kept watching out the window as Jenny sucked my cock. The girls in the hot tub were heating back up. Sara was laid back and up on the side of the tub as Liz was between her legs. Liz was licking from Sara’s stomach all the way to her tits. Now that I had Jenny’s hot mouth around my cock, I couldn’t help but fantasizing about Sara being the one on her knees gobbling down my rod. Liz reached in between Sara’s legs and started to finger her pussy. I was feeling a little jealous, but come on it was really hot. Jenny was sucking hard on my cock. I wanted her to slow down because if she made me cum I wouldn’t get to watch the rest of Sara and Liz. So I grabbed her hair and pulled her up and spun her around. I pulled up her shirt and quickly unbuckled her pants and pulled them down to her knees. I bent her over and forced my cock into cunt. She perched her elbows on the window sill and started watching the show outside as well. I fucked Jenny from behind hard as we both watched the two girls in the hot tub.

Outside Sara climbed up on the side of the tub and Liz dove her face into Sara’s snatch. Her head moved furiously between Sara’s legs. Richard emerged back out of the house. He was still naked and I could see that he was still hard. He stood watching for a moment before opportunity and drunkenness won out over his prudish nature. He climbed back into the tub and got behind Liz. He reached down into the water and rammed into her. He then grabbed her waist and started angrily pounding away at her. He fucked Liz as hard as he could, maybe he was scared that he was going to lose her to Sara, but no matter what, he made her realize he was her man. This carried on this way till Sara screamed as she grabbed Liz’s hair, and Richard thrust back and I could see this thing was coming to a head. So I grabbed Jenny and spun her around back onto her knees, and fucked her face hard. Everyone started cumming together. From the backyard you could hear screams, upstairs I grabbed onto the curtains as I shot hot sticky loads in Jenny’s mouth, and screamed out myself. I got lost in the moment. I forgot that we were supposed to be quite, and that they could hear us as well as we could hear them. I had pulled the curtains wide open in my climax and now everyone down there was looking up at the window Just as Jenny got up of her knees and wiped her mouth as she pulled her shirt down. She only realized after the threesome down in the backyard started clapping that we were now the show not the audience.

She just waved them off and yelled, “You kids keep the noise down out there. Some of us have to go to work in the morning.”

Riotous laughter erupted outside, and Jenny started getting ready for bed. I closed the curtains. I then got up and walked to the bathroom. I stopped at the mirror, and looked at myself. “Do I feel bad.” I thought. “No, no I don’t. That was hot.” and Jenny was not upset, hell she was happy. You should have seen how she was glowing and humming to herself as she got ready for bed. I just hope she is a as cool about me peeping on her daughter in the mourning when she is sober.

As I walked out of the bathroom and there was Sara. Standing in front of the door totally naked.

“Good night daddy!” she said as she wrapped her arms around me, “Sweet dreams,” she said in that low tone. She pressed the full length of her amazing body against me, and brushed past me into the bathroom. Dazed I went to my room and turned in for the night.

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