Taking Care of Herself

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Author’s Note: This is my very first erotic story ever so would appreciate any and all feedback you might have. Hope you enjoy it.

Acknowledgements: Credit to ‘naughtynotnaked’ for challenging me to write an erotic story based on a photograph. That was one hell of a photograph girl. 😉


The summer heat was starting to get to her. The prospect of spending her summer here, pursuing her internship was beginning to seem dreary. She got up from the bed, wiped the sweat off her forehead and walked over to the switch. She turned on the ceiling fan and adjusted the air conditioner to a cooler setting. Walking over to the window, she split the curtains apart with her hand and peeped out at the still moonless night. She just stood there awhile, letting her thoughts wander. Her train of thought was interrupted by the muted buzzing of her phone.

Her spirits lifted momentarily. She quickly walked over to her bedside table and picked up her phone; hoping against hope that it was a text from him. She imagined Caleb on the other end, hastily texting her an apology for the way he’d reacted to her plans to spend the summer in Florida. Her hopes shattered as yet another silly promotional message from AT&T popped up in her messages. She threw her phone onto the bed in disappointment.

She wiped the sweat off her brow again. Her breasts bounced briefly as she took off her tank top and threw it aside. She looked down at her perky breasts and cupped them with her hands, giving them a squeeze. She loved the way her breasts remained firm and shapely without a bra. She sat back down on her bed and lifted her legs up, pulling her shorts off. They joined her tank top on the floor. Naked, she spread herself out under the ceiling fan and sighed; finally feeling the cool air on her skin. She gave her phone a wistful look, wishing it would ring soon. She’d imagined Caleb calling her in the dead of the night to make up. She was dying to hear his voice, dying to hear him say how much he loved her and wanted to be with her. But what she was dying to hear the most, was him telling her how he wanted to fuck her in hushed, breathless sentences as he stroked his big, fat cock for her.

The memories of all the things they’d done together made her reach for her phone. She found his number quickly enough but stopped herself just in time as she remembered him calling her a selfish, heartless bitch for wanting to be here. Would it kill him to be supportive of me just this once, she wondered. She closed her contact list quickly as her anger resurfaced and threatened to overwhelm her. Looking down at her naked body in the dark, her thumb briefly hovered over the VLC player in her phone. She’d downloaded a lesbian foursome the other day and somehow hadn’t gotten casino siteleri around to watching it yet. As she contemplated watching porn, her eyes also went to the Whisper icon right beside VLC. One post on Whisper and she’d have a thousand guys lining up for her phone number and address; depending on what she wanted out of the night. One post on Whisper and she’d have guys bigger and leaner than Caleb kneeling at her feet, begging her. She really felt like she needed, nay deserved a good cock tonight.

She imagined a lean, tall guy with his long black hair tied up neatly in a man-bun, coming through her door as she lay there on her bed. She pictured the lust and passion in his eyes as his eyes fell on her nakedness for the first time; imagined his breath catch as his eyes fell on her nipples and the droplets of arousal glistening on the hair that barely covered her pussy.

Beads of sweat rolled down the sides of her face as her breathing quickened and her hand began cupping and squeezing her boobs rhythmically. Her other hand started caressing her neck and shoulders as a quiet moan escaped her lips. She closed her eyes as her hand made its way down her body to her thighs, running up and down her length. She imagined that that was her man, feeling his way up to the heaven between her legs. Her breath caught as her hand- his hand- made contact with her glistening pussy. Her hand was now starting to move on her pussy in gentle circles, rubbing the beginnings of her arousal all around it. Using her index and middle finger, she began to rub her labia a little harder, starting to enjoy the sensations coursing through her body. Meanwhile, her hand began to pull on her nipples, pinching them again and again.

Another moan escaped her lips, a little louder this time. She spread her legs further apart, relaxing her body completely as her hands began to play with her clit. Pressing down on her little pink nub hard and then rubbing it in quick but gentle circles, she could feel her pussy beginning to gush now. Her breath began to come in gasps as her head rolled back onto the bed in pleasure. She then began to rub her clit blindingly fast in a sideways, swiping motion. The smell of her arousal filled the air, the sound of her wet pussy squishing delightfully grew louder as she really got into the act. She brought her legs together and squeezed them as she continued rubbing her clit; her squeezed legs amplifying the waves of pleasure radiating from her sex.

Her arousal building, she got up and turned around, presenting her sexy ass to her bedroom wall. Down on all fours, she imagined her man getting up behind her and giving her pussy a nice rub before slowly putting his cock inside her. Right now all she could think of was getting canlı casino fucked from behind like a dirty little whore. She spanked herself hard a few times, the whip-like cracks filling the room as she moaned softly and pushed her other hand deep inside her warm, wet, waiting pussy. Starting with two fingers, she began to thrust in and out of her pussy hard and fast; just how she liked it. She imagined her man grabbing her neck from behind and tilting her face slightly to kiss her lips as his hips bucked against her; his cock slipping smoothly in and out coated in her juices. She felt his hands grab her boobs and squeeze them; imagined him using her boobs for grip as he matched his thrusts perfectly to hers. Her ass cheeks shook in waves with each thrust of her hand and the bed began to vibrate and creak as she sped up on herself.

She stayed like that for a few minutes, her head resting on her pillow, her butt up in the air as she fingered herself hard and fast while playing with her boobs. As she felt her orgasm approach, she stopped. Her fingers still inside her, she breathed deeply. As she moved a little to adjust her position, a soft moan instantly escaped her lips. She could feel her pussy dripping all over her hand now and her nipples felt like bullets- hard and erect. Enjoying herself, she began to finger herself a little slower now. She could feel the pleasure build and knew it would overwhelm her soon. Tethering on the cusp of a crushing orgasm, she stroked herself just hard enough to keep herself wet but not hard enough to cum from it. Edging, she kept her eyes closed as she focused on the pleasure she was feeling, forgetting the heat and the stress of her relationship. She stayed like that for a few minutes, entering an almost meditative state of relaxation.

But soon the whore within her began to take over. Veering her away from the calm pleasure that had been guiding her so far, her hands began to move faster once more. She opened her eyes and began to look around her room as she thought of ways she could make this better for herself. A wide smile spread across her face as her eyes came to a rest on her hairbrush. She reached out and grabbed it from her bedside table. She put the fat round handle of her hairbrush in her mouth and sucked and licked it hard, making sure to get it good and wet. She imagined her man standing in front of her, his cock erect, as she brought her face down on her hairbrush. A minute or two of sucking and the hairbrush was dripping with her saliva. She could have stopped then and moved on to the obvious, but she was a whore in heat now. Pushing the hairbrush deeper inside her mouth she began to gag on it, filling her pussy and mouth at the same time. She moaned and dripped all over that hairbrush as she kaçak casino indulged her inner whore.

She felt her orgasm close now, a lot closer than before. She stopped fingering herself and instead switched her hairbrush to her other hand and shoved it deep inside her in one smooth motion. The pleasure was immediate and she moaned loudly- a sharp gasp followed by a longer self-indulgent groan- as the hairbrush sank deep inside her dripping pussy. Her ass began to vibrate with lust as she started thrusting the hairbrush inside her hard and fast. As the handle began to drip with her juices, she felt her first orgasm hit her. It hit her unexpectedly; as if she’d been suddenly smacked by a bus while crossing an empty street. Her eyes rolled back and she moaned a shrill screech that faded to silence as it reached a crescendo. Her knees fell under her and she crashed onto the bed, breathing heavily.

On an ordinary night this would have been her cue to fall asleep but this was no ordinary night. She rolled onto her side and lifted on leg slightly as she stuck the hairbrush back in, inside her. She imagined her man spooning her, his lips on hers, his hands on her boobs, as he fucked her. It would be a slow fuck, a contrast to the one they’d had earlier. This one would be all about intimacy; about feeling each other close, about feeling loved. She thrust the hairbrush in and out of her pussy at a slow rhythm and played with her boobs. But soon, as the whore resurfaced, that hand wandered down and began circling her butt hole. She’d never had anything in there before but tonight she wanted it. Her hand circled her butt teasingly before poking at it with a finger. She was so turned on, her butt hole was widened already. As she poked harder her finger began to slip in bit by bit until it was halfway in. Her breath caught and she gasped as her hairbrush went still deeper and her finger began to fill up her butt. She paused for a moment, taking in the pleasure coursing through her body.

And then she gave in to the whore. Her hands became a blur, the hairbrush became a piston pumping her wet cunt and her finger became a drill serving her most carnal desires. And that’s when her second orgasm hit her. This was milder than her first but it left her feeling horny for more. She removed her hand from her butt and began to twiddle her clit as hard and fast as her sensitive nub would allow. The sound of the hairbrush thrusting in and out of her pussy filled the room, drowning out her horny whimpers. And then she moaned louder than she ever had- practically screaming in pleasure (a sound that would have given anyone within earshot a mini-orgasm) as her third and final orgasm overcame her. The waves of pleasure kept crashing at her for what felt like hours as she lost all sense of time and place. Her eyes closed, her legs squeezed tightly, almost possessively around the hairbrush impaled deep inside her gushing, pulsating pussy, she had no idea when her orgasm ended and when sleep overcame her at last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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