Teal Green Taffeta Ch. 02

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The next few weeks were a lust filled honeymoon that should be in the Guinness book of records, the only discordant note was when I mentioned to mother that she was so tight that we had no need for anal sex. She seemed to find this amusing.

Also I would have enjoyed being on top more often but mother insisted that it was important that I keep to my place. Like with my father there was never any question about who the dominant personality was in our relationship.

Of course things had to slow done and one evening I found her wearing a rather severe business suit, and she said “you will be sleeping in your apartment tonight, and that maypole of yours will have to be content with your hand, my little love nest can only stand so much, and there will be no prayers tonight or tomorrow.”

Frankly I was a little relieved, and two nights later she took me to her bedroom and mounted me as usual. She seldom denied me again.

Life settled into a pleasant routine, romantic evenings, evening prayers followed by intense sex with a beautiful woman in a vast variety of lingerie, or rarely, in all her naked glory, complete with romantic weekend trips in my Mercedes convertible.

Rosalia came up again, when mother said “As you surmised Rosalia does not regard the male organ as a punisher at least not yours. I am afraid that you will have to whip her as your father used to, and tonight your services will be required.”

I arrived in her study at 10:00. Mother was wearing a leather corset and holding a long thin whip.

Rosalia was in a wooden pillory kneeling on a lower structure to keep her bottom extended outward, with her legs chained together, and to the device. She was completely naked, and not protesting.

Mother handed me the whip, and said “confine your strokes to her bottom, and upper thighs, but don’t spare her, this is not some boudoir spanking game. I want to hear screams, and see marks.”

I was not happy with this, and gingerly smacked her with the whip a few times, which drew no response.

“At this rate we will be here all night! You are not making love to a woman! You are beating an impudent slave girl!” And I picked up the pace.

I should mention that I am six two, and weigh a bit over 200 lbs, and while I was never an athlete, I do keep in shape and even then it took a while, she was covered with welts, and, and bleeding, before she stared screaming for mercy and mother said “stop!”

Mother then covered her bottom and thighs with ointment, which apparently hurt at first, as she screamed, but then she became calmer, and mother unfastened her, helped her off the device, and said “take her to your apartment, for the night, and comfort her in anyway you choose.”

I was told later that Rosalia was required to keep the parts for the pillory in her room, and mother made her assemble it when needed. At times mother would tell her to assemble it in the morning, and then not use it, merely as a warning. I never knew what the infractions were, or the occasions that mother had Rosalia whipped merely to remind her of her status, or for mothers own enjoyment.

Mother enjoyed her occasional sadistic pleasures, like wine, in moderation. In her own way she loved Rosalia, but I am horrified to think of what would happen if she ever got control of someone she truly hated.

I led Rosalia naked to my apartment, She asked if she could shower, calling me master, I told her yes, and joined her. First she bathed me thoroughly with due attention to my private parts, I kartal escort bayan left, and shortly afterwards she came into the bedroom, and asked where she was to sleep. There was another bed but I pulled back the covers, and said “here” and she lay down on her side, for obvious reasons.

I felt guilty about the sadistic feelings, she inspired in me, and mother, but as I found out eventually Rosalia was by nature one of those rarities, a true slave, whose only desire was to please the person that they love, and when I apologized for the severity of the whipping, Rosalia immediately said “oh, no, you must not apologize, I love my mistress, and need to be punished whenever she feels it is wise, and I was grateful that it was at the hands of her beautiful son who is truly part of her,”

“Do you wish to use me for your pleasure?” she asked, and I answered by putting her hand on my erect penis, and expected her to mount me the way mother usually did.

When she hesitated I asked her if she really wanted me and she replied “yes master.”

This surprised me because she was instructed to say “only if it pleases master, when she didn’t wish to do something.

She spoke and said “the mistress said if you used me for your pleasure, I should be on my back.”

This puzzled me until she rolled onto her back, and grimaced. She spread her legs, and helped me enter her. I then realized that a woman with a sore bottom can be very responsive, lifting her hips to meet her lover. I particularly enjoyed the sounds of pleasure mixed with pain” This proved to be a treat that was seldom afforded me, but which I enjoyed immensely. This was just as well as I didn’t really want to get into the habit of abusing women.

Afterwards she thanked me for the honor of giving pleasure to the son of her beloved mistress, and apologized for experiencing sexual pleasure herself.

She slipped away in time to serve breakfast to mother and I, and we noticed that she walked a bit stiffly, but seemed to be content, and smiling. Mother said that whenever she was unavailable personally I could use Rosalia in any way I chose.

About a week later she told me that she needed to go to Los Angeles to see my sister, and conduct some business. She informed that while she was gone, she wanted Rosalia to instruct me in “another form of lovemaking.” “Your father used her in this way and she became very adept at it, and indeed they persuaded me to try it, and once I got used to it I enjoyed it, and you will learn to enjoy it.”

It was very clear that there would be no motherly indulgence in this.

Although mother and I still enjoyed each other on a daily basis in about every way possible, and I loved her more and more, men are still essentially pigs, and all of us want an occasional change, I had looked forward to having Rosalia again, and feel her magnificent ass against me, but I was apprehensive about having her like a boy. This is of course ridiculous, as no one could ever mistake Rosalia for a boy, and my attraction to her was strictly heterosexual.

The evening after mother left, Rosalia knocked on my door, carefully made up and wearing a white silk robe, and said “does master wish me to remove my robe”, I said “yes”, she dropped the robe revealing a leather “slave girl” costume. This consisted of a corset, a system of straps and wrist and ankle cuffs which made her totally available, and restrainable. I sat down and experimented with the outfit which made it possible to restrain her in any position I wished.

I finally decided to fasten her hands over her head, on the bed and began to lick and tease her. I kept it up for over an hour, until she was wiggling, and squirming, escort maltepe with frustration.

She had her first climax, as soon as I got my penis all the way into her. I doubt that I’ll ever get bored by a woman moaning and telling me how big my manhood is, and how good it feels, but eventually even a dutiful slave girl gets tired. I released her, and told her to take off the costume, and come to bed.

Before we went to sleep she said “My Mistress commanded me to instruct you in the use of a woman’s bottom.”

I told her that I understood, and that we would start tomorrow.

In the morning she gave me an exquisite blow job, and I left for work.

After dinner I reluctantly returned to my apartment, and found Rosalia kneeling naked next to a paper bag. She said “Does Master wish me to take an enema, Mistress prefers that I be as clean as possible when being used in this manner, or perhaps master wishes to do this himself.”

I told her to do it herself, and joined her later in the shower. Afterwards we returned to the bed room, and she took a rubber glove, and jar out of the bag, She covered my penis with Vaseline, “It is best if master lubricates me, as I cannot reach far enough to do it properly, due to the great length of masters penis,”and she handed me another rubber glove. I gently slipped my finger into her ass, as she was knelt on the floor, holding her bottom cheeks cheeks open.

My finger went in surprisingly easily, but my penis is much thicker, and longer, and I wondered how painful it would be for her.

“Place the tip next to the hole, and push very gently, letting my ass take it in,” I did and then she slowly pushed back until the head popped in. There was a slight gasp, but apparently there was little pain, and it slowly slid all the way to the base.

Her ass was almost as tight as my mothers pussy, making the whole process much more pleasant than I ever would has guessed, and Rosalia didn’t seem to be in any distress, although she was unusually quiet.

I came very quickly, but her tightness held my erection, and I asked her if I should continue, and she said “only if it pleases master,” (slave girl for “no”) so I pulled out, and we showered again.

She again pointed out that “mistress is very particular about cleanliness.”

I enjoyed her in this way for the next few nights, and finally out of curiosity I asked her if she actually wanted me to use her bottom, and she said “only if it pleases master.”

I then asked if she wanted me to take her vaginally, and she said “yes master,” I concluded that anal sex was not her particular favorite, and I was flattered that she desired me, especially since she was supposed to be a lesbian.

I think she had an especially good time, as she apologized profusely not only for feeling pleasure, but for putting her tongue in my mouth without permission. I told her that in the future she was free, to feel as much pleasure as she wanted, and to enjoy my mouth whenever we were together.

Mother had been gone for almost a week, and finally called, with some news, she told me that my sister was selling her house in Los Angeles, and moving into the apartment next to me in the mansion, and finished by saying, “I’ll be back tomorrow, so keep your hands off your manhood, and keep it out of Rosalia, I haven’t had you for a week, and I want you ready.”

When Rosalia came to my apartment that night, and I told her that I couldn’t use her, she seemed so disappointed that I licked her pussy, which I had never done before, and she seemed delighted, and was especially loud and appreciative.

Mother was as good as her word, and when she arrived that evening pendik escort she kissed me passionately, led me to the bedroom, and told me to undress. She then removed her blouse, lay on the bed and pulled up her skirt, and exposed her lovely lady parts. She was wearing an interesting black lace bra that I hadn’t seen before. There were little metal clips at the top of the cups, that she unfastened, allowing her to lower the fronts of the cups, exposing her nipples and breasts, but leaving them fully supported, and firm.

I was impressed with the ingenuity, of this until I saw an ad for “Nursing Bras”. Naturally mother had bought several very high quality examples from the best maternity shop in Beverly Hills.

I sucked and licked her nipples for a few minutes, and I started to kiss her when she said “take me now” and grabbed my penis. She climaxed very quickly told how much she had missed me, how much she loved me, and mentioned that she remembered nursing me as a baby, and how she wished she could lactate now, and feed “her baby.”

She then asked me about Rosalia, and her teaching skills, I told her that she had done an excellent job, and I found the experience rather enjoyable, and after evening prayers, that night She came in wearing a silk robe and carrying an enema bag. She asked if Rosalia had shown me how to give an enema and I told her she hadn’t. Mother seemed displeased, and went into the bathroom and soon I heard the shower.

The next day this oversight cost Rosalia a dozen strokes with a large rubber paddle, and no “comforting from master or mistress”.

Mother came out of the bathroom, totally naked (a rare treat).

She handed me the jar of lubricant, and a long slender dildo. She then knelt on all fours. She then said “you know what to do”.

I presumed correctly that the dildo was to put the jel in as far as possible. I did this and then lubricated my penis completely

I then knelt behind her, and put the head of my penis against her hole as Rosalia had shown me. The head popped in, and I slowly slid the shaft to the very end, and began to pump more quickly, she began to moan but did not climax. Finally I couldn’t control myself any more, and told her. She said “fill me up with your seed” and I exploded with what seemed to be an ocean of sperm.

Afterwards she said that she seldom climaxed that way, but found great pleasure in being filled by her lover, in fact she said that she couldn’t imagine a woman doing that with a man she didn’t love. She could imagine a woman having vaginal or oral sex with a man just for fun, but not that.

The next day mother began to explain my sister’s place in our lives.

“Our family has an unusual history, over three centuries we have endeavored to keep our family bloodline pure, several of our ancestors are products of very close relationships, for example you grandfather is the product of a brother and sister’s love.”

At times this has had some unfortunate consequences, which necessitated dealing with occasional birth defects, but also superior intelligence and fitness, in other cases.

“Your grandfather chose not to impregnate me, although he did relieve me of my virginity on my 18th birthday, and enjoyed me frequently until the night before my marriage, I pretended to be merely a dutiful daughter, but I couldn’t keep from climaxing regularly.”

“In any event we are overdue for a “family” child.”

“Your sister is divorcing that degenerate she married; he will be listed as the father on the child’s birth certificate. He will then sign over all parental rights.”

He will do this in exchange for a substantial settlement, and the opportunity not to go to jail for numerous financial, and sexual peccadilloes. He is fully aware that I would be able to report these to the authorities, and would.

When your sister arrives next week you will impregnate her.

I was stunned and as you probably expected this was not a request.

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