That’s the Breaks Ch. 01

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My 20 year old sister was throwing a party at the house she shared with three other coeds. My sister, Jasmine, (I call her Jazy) was a sophomore at the local college and was taking a rather light load this summer. I’m Rick, her 18 year old recent high school graduate brother and non-invitee. She has always thought of me as a pain in the ass. Once she told me I was lower than the scum of the earth! Still, I wanted to crash her party! Hmmm, maybe that is why she hates me so much.

Anyway, the party was in full swing when I snuck in through the kitchen’s back door, grabbed a beer and chugged it, then grabbed another. I was on my third beer when a hand grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. “What the fuck are YOU doing here? Just get the fuck out of here, NOW! Why can’t you ever just leave me alone?” My sister then shoved me towards the door with firm instructions to go home. When a big brute of a guy hoisted her into his arms she squealed in delight, then they were gone from the room. I chugged my beer and grabbed another one before I started heading out the door.

As I walked past the side of the house I looked in the window and saw Jazy fighting off the big guy, and screaming “NO! STOP! Leave me alone!” Several guys had formed a circle around them and were urging him on. ‘What the fuck!’ I thought and watched for another half minute when I saw him tear my sister’s top from her body and grab for her bra. Jazy had terror written all over her face and I ran back into the house.

I dove through an opening in the circle of guys and slammed my shoulder into his gut, knocking him to the floor. He looked up at me in surprise as I told him to leave her alone, then he laughed at me. He rose to his feet, picked me up by the neck and threw me out onto the lawn, then followed me outside still laughing. His friends followed us and they somehow all had aluminum baseball bats and started pounding my body with them as Jazy screamed for them to stop.

I never saw the cops arrive, never saw the EMTs either as I finally came to in the hospital. I had tried to protect my head and did a fair job of it. However, my arms ended up broken in eight places (2 were compound fractures) and the surgeon told me they had to use eighteen pins and five screws to hold me together! Both arms were in full casts and basically were strapped to my body. I also ached from all the bruises and abrasions I received.

Jazy, my mom (Heather) and my grandmother (Jennifer) were at my side when I awoke. Through the pain killers I vaguely remember them all being happy I wasn’t hurt worse and I found it strange that my sister was concerned for me for the first time in her life. Then I faded away and awoke about an hour later. By the time the pain medicine had faded enough to clear my head it was about nine the next morning and the doctor said I could go home in one more day. I looked down at my arms and thought he must be nuts.

The doctor told my mom that I would be pretty much helpless for about six weeks, and that she, or somebody, would have to do many um, things for me. Mom couldn’t see using a home nurse when the three women in my life could handle everything so she said, “We will take care of his needs, won’t we girls?” I looked from her to my sister and grandmother and saw them both heartily agree with her.

I was discharged the next day, Sunday, at about 4 PM and mom took me home. I don’t remember much of what she said on the drive home except that she was proud of me for defending my sister’s honor. I just mumbled something in reply. In reality, I figured I had ruined my chance to start college on time, and for what? A sister who hated me! God, I thought, I was so stupid.

I slept most of the time once I got home, and mom was cool about having to help me pee. I wasn’t fazed by it as I was really in a daze from the pain meds, although it did feel strange to have mom holding my cock in her hand. Monday morning mom told me that she would be staying home with me that day, and that she, my sis and grandma had come up with a schedule so I would always have somebody there to help me. Jazy had no classes on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s so she would be here on those days. Grandma would cover the other weekdays and mom would be here for the weekends. Mom’s job and new promotion required her to be out of town most weekdays and nights.

It was about 2PM on Monday when I said with a red face, “Mom, um…I…ahhh…have to…um…shit!”

“Don’t get angry and start swearing, son,” she said, “just tell me what you need.”

That made me laugh, but my bruises hurt so I winced and stopped. “Mom, um, I didn’t swear.”

“Oh. Ooooooooohhhhh!” she said as it dawned on her and we both blushed as we each performed our part of the task. “There, that wasn’t so bad.” She said after pulling my shorts up and washing her hands.

“Jesus, mom, this really sucks! I hate to have you do this for me! Damn, I wish I had never crashed her party!”

“Don’t say that! You saved your sister from hell! We are bursa escort all very proud of you and will do what ever we can to make you comfortable and get through this difficult time for you!”

“But, mom, she doesn’t even like me! I’m not sure it was worth all this…this crap!”

“SILENCE! I told you we are all proud of you, especially Jasmine. In fact she was amazed that you helped her! She told me she is really sorry to have always been so mean to you!”

“Yeah, sure.”

Again mom silenced me and assured me she was speaking the truth. I didn’t feel like arguing, so instead I took a nap, had supper and slept the night away. When I awoke I had a raging morning wood and needed to pee in the worst way. “MOM!” I called out as I struggled to slip from my bed, then called out again as I slowly headed for the bathroom. I heard her steps on the stairs and I said “Hurry, I need to take a leak, Mom!”

I made it to the bathroom and took up position before the toilet, anxiously waiting for her help. “Hurry MOM!” I cried out just before Jazy’s head poked around the door. I looked at her frantically and shouted “I’ve gotta pee!”

Instantly she grabbed my shorts and yanked them down, my rock hard cock flying wildly before me as it started shooting piss all over the place. “OH GOD!” Jazy yelled before she grabbed my dick and forced it down towards the bowl, getting the rest of my yellow water to hit the target. When I finished she gave me a shake and then stroked my length, forcing out the few remaining drops. Then she looked at her wet hand and my wet cock and said, “I’d better clean us up.” Quickly she got a wash cloth and ran it under the faucet before soaping it up and rubbing my cock several times along my full length (9 inches). Then she washed her hands and went to dry us off.

“Um sis, what about the soap?” Jazy looked at my cock and saw it was still covered with soap bubbles from her washing me and quickly rinsed the cloth before rinsing my shaft. She pulled the rag from me and rinsed it again then took my cock in her hand again and inspected it for remaining suds. She wiped me again and then stood there holding my cock as she turned, pulled and twisted it searching for more soap. I guess she didn’t realize what effect she was having on me until my cock jumped in her hand and she suddenly blushed as she gasped and tore her hand from me.

“Oh shit, Rick, I’m sorry! I was just trying to clean your…you up and…oh shit, I am soooo sorry!” she cried out as she ran from the room leaving me with my cock sticking straight out and my shorts around my ankles.

“Fuck!” I hissed as I thought about my predicament. Finally I carefully lifted one foot out of my shorts and then walked, basically naked, downstairs with my shorts around my left foot and my now half-hard cock leading the way.

Jazy looked up at me as I neared the bottom of the steps and said, “I hope I didn’t embarrass you…Rick, you are NAKED!”

I took two more steps and my foot with the shorts flopping from it reached the floor as I said, “I am NOT! I am dressed as well as I can be!”

My sister turned crimson and rushed to my side saying, “Damn, I forgot to pull up your shorts! I’m really sorry!”

“Not as sorry as I am! This is hell, you know.”

Jazy knelt before me and struggled trying to get my foot through my shorts leg. Each time she looked up at me to steady me her eyes were level with my bouncing cock. She was really flustered but finally my foot was through the leg opening and she roughly pulled my shorts up to my waist then let go of the elastic waist band and it quickly trapped my cock between my stomach and the shorts with a loud snap.

“OUCH! Christ, Jazy, I’m hurting bad enough! I don’t need that broken too!”

Her eyes spun back to me and saw my cock head clamped to my belly button and gasped then used her left hand to pull out my waist band again as her right hand grabbed my cock and rather harshly shoved my shaft out of sight. “There!” she said triumphantly, her smile leaving when she saw my reaction. “What now?”

“Well, nurse crotchety, your patient skills need some fine tuning. Or are you trying to break it off of me?”

“Oh gosh no! I…it’s…wow, when we talked about doing this I never thought it would be so hard…I mean difficult!”

“Would it help if I just stopped wearing clothes?”

“Oh god NO!”

“Should I just stay in my room?”

Jazy looked down at the floor and said, “Rick, let’s go sit down and talk for a bit, okay? I’ll get us both something to drink.” I went in and sat on the couch to wait for her. When she returned she surprised me by sitting next to me and holding out a Coke with a straw in it. After I took a sip she set it on the coffee table and looked at me nervously. “Gosh, this is so difficult! Look, Rick, I have always thought of you as my little brother…”

“Correction, make that shit-head pain in the ass little brother!”

“Granted, but this morning when you…um…when…well you bursa escort bayan know, and I had to grab you like that, I um…shit…I thought ‘whose cock is this’? I mean, you were supposed to be my LITTLE brother, NOT the owner of THAT!” and she waved her hand at my crotch.

“Come on sis, you’ve seen cocks before! This one just happens to be mine, but you will have to learn to ignore it or it’s going to be a long 6 weeks!”

“I’m sure making a mess of things! First I kick out of my party the only person who would protect me…”

“Yeah, I did a real good job of that!” I said as I sort of lifted my casts.

“But you did! Jenny had started recording it on her cell phone camera while Beth called 911, and then you slammed into Pete and it took him and four of his friends to do this to you. His friends are in jail, and Pete is in the hospital with five broken ribs from your shoulder! When the cops got there he was bleeding profusely from the mouth and coughing up blood like mad. He is also under arrest with a very high bail.”

“No shit!” I said amazed.

“Totally true! Now as I was saying, first I kicked you out, then I make you pee all over the bathroom – shit I still need to clean that up – and then I try to leave you with soap all over your…um…thing!” She took a deep breath and continued, “Then I snap um, you know with the elastic waist band AFTER leaving you with your shorts around your feet! Jeez I’m a mess when it comes to being a nurse!”

“Like I said, just ignore my cock and things will be a whole lot easier!”

“IGNOR THAT!” she yelled, making me cringe, “How can I do that?”

“Sis, a girl as pretty as you must have had tons of boyfriends, and you’ve probably seen most of their cocks. This can’t be that big of a deal!”

“From what I’ve seen, and felt, it is a big deal. A very big deal that none of my boyfriends could match. But I can get a handle on this and we will get past this uncomfortable stage, trust me.”

We talked about other stuff for a while, then she helped me take another pain pill and I dozed off for about two hours. As I came around I noticed I had another hard on and wondered about it, then I felt someone’s fingers lightly stroke my full length and tease my cock head! Holy shit, my sister was playing with my cock! Part of me wanted to open my eyes and scream out “GOTCHA!” But the rest of me wanted to give her a warning that I was waking up, so the next time she ran her fingers along my length I moaned loudly and moved just a bit. Jazy’s hand quickly flew away and after about half a minute I opened my eyes slowly and faked a yawn.

“Oh hi,” I said, “you didn’t have to sit with me.”

“Oh I don’t mind.”

“Well, okay. Oh shit,” I said looking at my cock throbbing in my shorts, “I’m sorry Jazy, you must think I’m some kind of pervert to have a hard-on all the time!”

Jazy’s head snapped up and she looked into my eyes before saying softly, “Nonsense, these pills will mess with your system! Remember, I told you we would work through this. Besides, rumor has it you are still a horny teenaged boy!”

“So your protector is just a boy, huh?”

“NO! What I mean is you are still a teenager, but you are all man from where I sit!”

“Really…all man?” I said and she nodded. “Well this MAN needs to pee again, sis.” She quickly helped me to my feet and walked with me to the bathroom. Jazy gently pulled my shorts down and took my cock into her hand softly as she aimed it at the toilet bowl. I let loose a massive stream that seemed to take forever, but she never took her hand away.

When I was finished she gently squeezed my base between her thumb and fore finger, then slowly pulled them my full length and then shook off the drops that formed at the tip. She retraced her movements one more time and I groaned just before she shook me again. With her other hand she grabbed some toilet paper and dabbed at the end before gently pulling up my shorts and tucking me back in with ease.

Smiling brightly she said, “There, I think that went much better, don’t you?”

“Yes I do! I think the new nurse might have been playing with my cock, though!”

Jazy blushed as she stammered trying to defend her actions. Finally she put her hands on her hips and asked “Would it be that bad if the new nurse was doing that?”

“I don’t know, playing can get very messy, and the other nurse doesn’t like to clean up very much!”

“SHIT! I forgot about the upstairs bathroom!” With that she dashed past me and ran upstairs. A few minutes later she returned and said, “I’m sorry, I should have helped you sit down! I’m glad you made it.” We both laughed and the rest of the day went by rather uneventfully. I watched some foreign sport on ESPN and she worked on her assignments.

Just before supper she helped me with my bathroom duties and it was a repeat of the previous time. In spite of every thing I tried, my cock was at least half hard most of the day. Around 8 PM I took another pain pill escort bursa and said “Sis, would you help me take a leak again and then I need to go to bed.”

“Sure, Rick, my pleasure!”

We went upstairs and into the bathroom where she pulled my shorts down and let them drop to the floor. “Hmmm,” I thought as she eagerly took my semi hard cock into her hands and I emptied my bladder.

She again stroked my cock twice to push out any stray drops and noticed my cock twitch in her hand. “Rick, I think…um…I think that six weeks is an awful long time, don’t you?”

“Yup,” I replied as she still held my cock.

“You’ve been hard nearly all day. Should I help with that?”

“Wh…what?” I gasped as she tightened her grip.

“I know that can be very uncomfortable for a guy, and grandma will be here tomorrow. So I thought that, if you don’t mind, I would, you know, help out a bit.”

We looked into each other’s eyes and she took my silence as a yes. “I think this will do nicely,” she said as she reached for a pump bottle of lotion that I didn’t remember seeing there before. She pumped several big dollops of lotion into her right hand and then lightly clenched her fist. “Just trying to warm it up for you,” she said as her eyes devoured my rock hard cock.

I had been struck mute at her suggestion and didn’t regain the ability of sound creation until her hand reached out and gently wrapped around my shaft. “Ohhhh fuckkkk, sis,” I groaned at her first touch. I nearly collapsed when she started stroking me, her hand moving along my entire length with a very gentle touch.

“Do you like this?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“Oh fuuuuuuck!” was all I could say as she tightened her grip and stroked me faster. Somehow she pumped more lotion onto her left hand as her right continued working my shaft.

Jasmine moved slightly behind me and wrapped her left arm around me saying “I think this one takes two hands!” Now standing behind me Jazy’s left hand wrapped around my cock head as her right squeezed my cock’s base and she moaned, “Oooooh yeahhh, that is much better! Right, Rick?”

“Oh my god, Jazy,” I said as my hips jerked at her touch. Somehow I managed to gain some control as my sister began really sliding her slick fingers up and down my cock. With every other stroke she would give special attention to my helmet head as she leaned around my side and under my cast in order to watch her hands at work.

I thought I was going to erupt three times but she must have sensed it and backed off on her efforts, still stroking me but letting my tension ease up. Many times I have jerked off in less than five minutes, and having somebody else working my shaft towards the ultimate goal was making me extremely excited. Yet somehow my sister was still working my shaft after ten minutes and three reapplications of lotion to her hands!

Jazy changed from moving her hands straight back and forth and added a sensuous twist along my length and I groaned as my hips jerked again. “Does my wonderful brother like this?” she asked softly.

I gasped hard again and my voice cracked out a wavering “Yes!”

“Good! I really want you to enjoy this, Rick,” she said softly as her right hand gripped me tighter and increased its stroking motion. She released her left hand and pulled her head back before slipping around onto my right side where she regripped again with both hands. I gasped again as she tightened her grip again and doubled her speed as her hands stroked and twisted on my shaft.

“Oh god, sis, oh fuck! Oh shit you’re going to make me cum!”

She leaned in and kissed my ear then whispered, “That is the idea, my dear brother! Cum for me! Cum for your sister!”

That was all it took and my cock hardened precipitously and my cum blasted straight out of my tip and splattered on the wall behind the toilet. Jazy then pushed my cock down with her left hand as her right hand continued wildly jerking and twisting around my purple shaft. “Oh my god! HOLY FUCK, SIS!” I cried out before she clamped her lips onto mine and kissed me hard, her tongue flailing wildly at my own while she milked more and more jism from my balls.

I wanted to hug her to me so badly, but my casts wouldn’t allow it. The only thing I could do was thrust my hips harder as her hands continued stroking me. Jazy broke the kiss and looked down at my cock in her hands. Then she looked at the cum explosion on the wall before moving her eyes to the toilet bowl that had rope after rope after rope of cum floating in it.

“Wow, that was some load you had in there! No wonder you were hard all day! How many times do you take care of that problem?”

“Um…jeez sis, that’s pretty personal, you know.”

“Hey, I’ve got your cock in my hands! How much more personal can we get?” I nearly told her when she said, “DON’T answer that! But what is it, two, three, maybe four times a week?” She was nearly correct but who’s going to tell her that!

“You are kidding aren’t you?” I said as I decided to embellish things a little. “It’s at least three or four times a DAY! Damn, I was hoping to get lucky with one of the slightly tipsy girls at your party, but it has been a LONG time since then!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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