The Appetizer

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We’ve decided to stay at your parents for the weekend. We finished dinner and dessert but we’re still sitting at the table talking and it’s going on midnight.

Your hand has been resting on my thigh the entire time. But you’ve had a few beers now and you’re feeling flirty. Your hand creeps up and down my thigh, occasionally squeezing it and trailing your fingers around. I’ve had to close my legs a few times in order to keep you from doing anything more. You caught on and trapped my leg closest to you between your leg and the leg of the chair.

Your hand dives between my legs, under my skirt as your mom and I talk. I suppress a moan as you play. Your fingers dance. Push and rub my panties against my pussy. I can’t hold in my moan this time. I mask it as a sound of agreement to what your mom says. You smile.

As your parents clear the table, I ask to help, hoping to get a break from your touches.

“No dear, you just relax,” you mom says.

You drink to hide your laughter. As they leave, your hand slips into my panties. pendik escort It’s warm against my skin. You rub my clit. I’m already soaked. I move my free leg wider to give you better access. You grin and keep going. Down. Between my soft wet folds.

I moan just loud enough for you to hear. My hand travels across your leg to your lap. You’re hard. You strain against your pants. I lean towards you, nibble at your ear, “I need you.” Your finger pushes into me. I grip you. You groan. “Please, baby.”

Your dad walks back in the room. You tell him we’re going to head up.

Once we’re alone in your old room you push me onto the bed. You quickly undress. I reach for you. Your thick hard shaft just there, teasing me. You playfully bat my hand away. Kiss me as you lean over me. You take off my shirt and bra. Kiss your way down. Unzip my skirt, help me out of it and then tug off my panties.

I twitch as your hands roam over my body. Up. Down. Touching every crease, every curve. I moan and then cover my mouth. It’s so hard to be maltepe escort quiet when you touch me.

Your fingers circle my pussy. Play between the folds. Rub at my increasing wetness. I tremble under your touch. Close my legs to keep from cumming too fast.

You flip me onto my stomach. Don’t even let me touch you. Just lift my ass and spread my legs. I know that means you just have to have me.

So I grip the sheets as you devour my pussy. Your tongue. “Fuck!” I whimper. Your tongue laps. Licks. Swirls between my lips. I bite the sheets. Try not to be too loud. Your fingers rub my clit. You moan. I moan. I drip. You lick.

You move. Push me down flat. My legs still spread. I look back at you. Your dick in hand. Stroking slow as you look down at me. Wet. Waiting. Needing.

You lean down. Kiss my cheek, my neck, my shoulders. You push into me. I push back. Need you all the way. You push deeper. Grunt only for me to hear. Grip my ass and squeeze it hard. And then you pound. You push me into the bed with each kartal escort thrust. I have to bury my face into the pillow to muffle my moans.

You always hit the right spot. I shake. Shudder. You always make me cum hard. Have me floating, needing more.

You lean down. Your chest against my back. You slow down. You grind. Pump. Pull out.

Before you can slide back in, I turn on my side. Look up at you. Pull you closer and kiss you. I push you on your back and straddle you. I grip you and stroke. Run my thumb around the tip. Rub the tip against my clit. Your eyes close. You push up your hips. I lower myself. Let you fill me.

You grip my hips. My hands rest on your chest. I pump up and down. You pull me close. One hand wraps around my back. The other on the back of my head. You groan in my ear. I grind. Your lips on my neck. You’re too aroused to kiss me. Just growl. Fuck yourself into me.

I kiss your neck. Bite. Lick. Your grip tightens around my back. You whine. Try not to be loud.

Your thrusts increase. I know you’re close. You bury your face in my shoulder. “Arghhh fuck!”

You grip me tight. Fill me. Hot. Panting. Thrusting. Pulsing.

We lay next to each other. My head rests on your shoulder. Our fingers intertwined on your chest. Satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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