The Artist Pt. 02

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Public Sex

“Are you sure you want to do this, honey?” This was another variant of the question that Ken had asked for the third time that morning.

Mandy kept a loving tone of voice, calming her growing exasperation with her boyfriend and lover. “Dear, I’ve watched your models as they posed in your art classes. I’ve practiced gestures for you to do your gesture drawings before you work on your commissioned projects. You’ve said I’m good at gestures and posing. Are you now afraid that I won’t do a good job?”

“That’s not it at all,” he replied. “But posing for me in private, and posing in front of an entire art class is quite different.”

“That may be true,” she thought to herself, still determined to see this through. She countered, “But all that praise we got about my image on the BDSM thing… clamoring for more… and the viewer’s messages to the publishers telling them how this fresh new model needs to appear more… remember that?” These things had bolstered Mandy’s self confidence and allowed her to ignore the various imperfections about her body that plague most women.

Before he could answer, she continued, “You scheduled me… what would the class think if there’s no model?”

“I could have them draw fruit or a collection of my found objects,” he mumbled, not meeting her gaze.

“This class is called figure drawing, right?” she pointed out.

“Right,” he answered, yielding to her logic. He could tell that Mandy was adamant to do this. He hoped it’d all go well.

“It’ll be fine,” she promised, almost reading his mind. “And we’re almost to your studio classroom,” she added. She shifted the small backpack that carried her robe. “Come on, it’ll be a breeze,” she stated with more bravado than she was actually feeling. He was absolutely correct about posing for him in the privacy of their loft being different from standing naked in front of a group of virtual strangers.

“All right… but after the gestures, the first pose today will be a standing one, so we’ll use the braces to help support you and keep you in the pose.”

Greeting his students, Ken unlocked the door, and they entered the classroom, with its marvelous northern light that poured softly through the large skylights above. As she’d seen other models do, Mandy went behind the screen, hearing the students scraping their drawing benches around the raised platform where she’d stand. She took off her dress, under which she’d wore not another stitch of clothing. She’d been told by the other models that the elastics in bras and panties often dug into the skin, leaving marks that might take an hour to completely fade away. The room was still a little cool, so she put on the simple robe she’d brought in her backpack and sat on a chair. She knew the room tended to get warm as more students arrived.

Mandy listened to Ken giving instructions for the day’s class, and answering questions. As the preliminaries finished, Mandy emerged from behind the screen. She tried to keep her knees from wobbling as she walked between the drawing benches and climbed the step up to the platform. The moment of truth arrived, and with hands that took a lot of her will power to prevent from shaking, she opened her robe and slid it off her shoulders and arms. Fully nude now, she waited for Ken to tell her to begin doing her gestures. For the first time in her life, she was standing naked in front of a roomful of clothed people.

“All right, I think we’re ready now. Mandy, if you’d be so kind?” Ken cued her.

Mandy’s gesture poses were a little shaky to begin with, since she was a bit nervous moving in the room without her clothes on. But she soon got into the rhythm of it, due to all the practice she’d had with Ken. Her movements became fluid, and her pauses were well timed. Each time she paused, she heard the students’ pencils rapidly scribbling across their drawing tablets, trying to capture the essence of the pose in mere seconds. Ken had one eye on her, and one eye on how the students were doing. He was admiring Mandy’s poise in front of the group. As her movements smoothed out, she was presenting some great challenges in this group of gestures. The students were settling into the proper focus of letting their eyes communicate to the movements of their hands.

As she settled into the rhythm of these quick poses, Mandy found herself surrendering to the impulse to produce amazing gestures, often balancing on one foot. Ken himself was amazed, never before having seen Mandy exert herself in this manner. He almost lost track of the time, admiring. Mandy was almost sad when Ken snapped out of his trance and signaled it was time for the first long pose, since what she’d done felt both exciting and liberating.

Her skin was glistening with perspiration due to her final series of very arduous poses. As Ken began setting up the adjustable braces on their support poles, Mandy took the opportunity to dry herself with a small towel. She’d seen the braces in use once before, so she knew what to istanbul escort expect. She concentrated on her lover’s instructions of where to stand, what joints to bend, and where to place each of her body parts that were going to be supported in place. For safety’s sake, her body parts were only cradled in place, not tied to the braces themselves. Still, since they confined her movements, the situation was vaguely reminiscent of being tied to Ken’s bed for the earlier project when she’d posed for him for the first time. The memory was a little arousing… just enough to make her nipples harden and make her labia puff with mild engorgement.

She dragged her mind back from that memory and focused on her pose. She was still holding her muscles in a state of contraction, subconsciously using them to stabilize her joints. Realizing that this was unnecessary and would just fatigue her muscles, she consciously began relaxing one portion of her body at a time, testing the efficacy of the bracing apparatus. It performed its job perfectly, holding her in a gentle embrace. As time passed, Mandy needed something to distract herself from boredom. When she posed for Ken himself, they usually chatted, since he could paint and still hold a conversation.

Pondering a bit, and trying not to frown, which would alter her facial expression, she remembered what Jill had told her about enduring long poses. She began focusing on Ken’s verbal interactions with his class. She loved hearing how he complimented, coached, and guided them. He never seemed to criticize. Rather, he made suggestions on how this or that aspect of the drawing could be enhanced, always positive. After 45 minutes, Ken called for a short break, and carefully helped Mandy get free from the braces without displacing them.

She walked around the studio, happy to put some motion into her joints, and sip some cool water at the same time. She was curious to see how the drawings were progressing, and to chat with the students. At this point, what she saw was mainly line drawings, capturing the volume of her body parts with skillfully executed lines. Obviously most students planned to use the second half of the extended pose to apply shading, giving the images three dimensional depth. Mandy was so focused on the drawings and the discussions that she quite overlooked that she was comfortably nude, having neglected to don her robe.

With the break over, Ken helped her back into the pose, with some verbal adjustments from students seeing her from various angles. Settling in, Mandy again listened to Ken’s comments and suggestions to help her pass the time. A strange thing happened though. As he pointed out the angles of her index finger, or the way her hair curled down to meet her neck, or the position of her ear, or the turn of her ankle, the waves of his soft voice almost felt like they were touching, or stroking those body parts making her smile mentally.

But her heart accelerated as she heard him say, “Look at the way that breast curves to join her torso. You want your drawing to suggest the heft of it. So a person can almost tell what it feels like to hold it in their hand.” She barely suppressed a gasp, practically feeling his hand cupping and lifting her tit. When he was behind her, he told a student, “You’re doing a great job capturing the smooth sensuality of her buttocks. Now, in the shadow of her gluteal cleft we can see the textures around her anus. They’re in shadow, but with some subtle strokes we can make them vivid enough to draw the viewer’s eye there.” Mandy almost reflexively clenched her ass cheeks, virtually feeling Ken fondling her butt and anal ring.

From a different angle, she heard Ken’s voice saying, “You’ve captured that erect nipple perfectly. That delicate line brings its edges and its very tip to life. Now gently add some strokes to give texture to its tip. When that part is satisfied, move on down to the areola and focus on all those contractile crinkles that draw the areolar margin inward and help thrust her nipple forward.”

It took an effort of will for Mandy not to quiver as she heard those words. She could practically feel fingers exploring her areola and nipple! Since her nipple was already fully engorged, it probably didn’t swell any more, but it ached to be touched. A delightful warmth washed through the core of her body. “Is my lover deliberately trying to turn me on?” she asked herself. “That delicious sex fiend! I’m sure going to jump his bones when this class is over!” she promised herself.

Her mind was in a tizzy and she lost her focus on his words and the class. But she remembered her role as the model, and concentrated on relaxing into the stationary pose. However, a few minutes later, Ken was in her line of sight, bending over a student’s drawing board, and pointing out something. “Class,” he stated, getting their attention, “this is an excellent example of paying attention to the slight asymmetries avcılar escort of the human body. Remember that it’s nigh impossible for one side of the body to be a mirror image of the other. Here we can see how the drawing illustrates that one of her labia is slightly larger and hangs a bit lower than its partner. Even the difference between the shape of the edges is clear.”

Hearing this, several students got up and gathered around Ken, staring from the drawing board to her and back, several times. They were nodding, confirming that the drawing was accurately depicting what Ken was pointing out.

Mandy couldn’t prevent her cheeks from reddening as her labia were being described and examined in this intimate manner. Normally she had pubic hair which would have obscured those details, but she’d been posing for one of Ken’s commissioned works that required a completely smooth mound and pussy. Since Ken offered to do the shaving, she’d given her consent, and was pleased by the delicacy of his manipulations, especially when he inserted a couple of fingers inside her to stabilize the tissues. To top it off, after finishing the shaving, he performed cunnilingus, and brought her to two amazing orgasms!

Given her current reaction to the close scrutiny, remembering the oral sex that Ken had performed on her was not the best idea. Mandy felt a reflexive ripple course through her vaginal tunnel, and the telltale sensation of a droplet or two of fluid appearing at the slit between her pussy lips. Her body had a gentle sheen of sweat from holding her pose for this extended period of time. She prayed that if any more of her pussy fluids emerged, the class would mistake them for drops of sweat. She also hoped that the still air in the room would not allow her arousal scent to carry very far.

Not long after, that first extended pose ended, and Ken helped her free from the braces. She gave him a mock glare of outrage about drawing such attention to her pussy, but his expression was one of complete innocence. “We’ll see how innocent you act when we’re alone,” she telegraphed with her eyes. She took the time between poses to first dry herself thoroughly, trying to act nonchalant when drying between her thighs. Luckily the class was occupied with helping Ken move the platform, placing a low-backed sofa on top of it, and sliding and scraping their drawing benches to new locations for the next pose.

As had been planned, Ken had Mandy pose stretched out face up on the sofa. He had her brace herself with her right side on the sofa’s seat and her left side against its back. There was a pillow for her head, and her right arm rested on the pillow with her hand near her right ear. Her left arm trailed down the side of her torso, but her left elbow was bent slightly. This caused her left hand to dangle, pointing at her sex, which was fully on display. It was a restful pose, but highly charged with eroticism. The students set to work at once, some sketching an outline with pencils, others starting to work with charcoal or pastel chalk.

Mandy was comfortable in this position, maybe too comfortable. There wasn’t much in her field of view, since she was looking up at one of the huge skylights in the ceiling. A few clouds drifted slowly by, so she tried to see shapes in them. Fearing that dust particles would be settling into her eyes if she kept staring, she opened and closed her eyes from time to time, focusing on Ken’s quiet instructions as he worked with his students. This was another 90 minute pose, with a break scheduled half-way through.

Just before the break, Mandy noticed something curious overhead through the sky light. She couldn’t decide exactly what it was. It was sort of a speck – something floating and drifting side to side slowly. “Are the winds changing subtly, moving that thing back and forth like that?” she wondered. It was at least something that occupied her mind, helping to keep her awake. After all, the sofa was very comfortable, and the room was warm.

During the break, she got up and stretched after Ken had placed several pieces of tape onto the sofa, marking various placements of her body parts. This would allow them to recreate the pose more easily. Stretching, Mandy again strolled around the room, seeing how the different students were capturing her image in their art. She chatted with them, and genuinely praised their efforts. As with Jill, none of these students leered or ogled her, or made suggestive remarks. They were truly dedicated to learning. It appeared to her that they were making her look more beautiful and/or glamorous than she really was, but she wasn’t going to complain about the enhancements. It wasn’t until the break was nearly over that she remembered her question and whispered to Ken about the mysterious floating object.

Once he’d grasped what she was asking, Ken grinned and said, “Oh that… I’ll explain after class, since we have to restart now.” He then helped her back into her pose, şirinevler escort and the class continued. Now, since the drawings were more advanced, Ken was having a lot more discussion with his students. Mandy still could almost feel Ken’s hands touching whatever areas on her body he was describing in intimate detail, helping the student ‘see’ more clearly what he or she was focused upon.

“You’re doing great on her breasts,” he told one student. “You’ve given them excellent shading – it looks like they’re lifting right off the drawing.” He complimented another student, saying, “Your proportions of her chest to her waist to her hips look wonderful. Those smooth, graceful curves are perfect.” Another student was told, “You’ve made her lips very sensuous. And that hint of a smile with her eyes closed will probably make the observer what she’s planning to do with her dangling hand.” Mandy’s nipples stiffened again to their maximum capacity, and her labia got puffy, but no one complained about this mild alteration of her pose. Luckily, the minor leakage caused by her arousal was completely out of sight, draining slowly along the hidden part of her right thigh and into the sofa’s seat. She was actually happy to see the floating thing appear again, since she could then focus on something other than Ken’s verbal caresses.

As the class ended, Mandy quickly got up from her pose to get a chance to see the results of the students’ efforts before they departed. The small dark spot she’d left on the sofa’s seat elicited no comments, thankfully. Again, she was impressed by the skills being displayed by the class, and gave effusive praise. It was curious that she was standing there naked, while the students were the ones blushing from her enthusiastic kudos.

After all the students had left, Ken asked his still nude lover, “So honey, how did you feel about posing for the class? Any regrets? Good or bad experience overall?”

Giggling, she gave his chest a mock pounding, saying, “You beast! Every time you mentioned some part of my anatomy, it was as if your hands were there, caressing me! And that comment about my pussy lips being asymmetrical!” He started to defend himself, but she placed a soft hand over his mouth. “I know they are, but the way you said it made a lot of the class come where you were standing so they could all stare at me down there! And me with a bald pussy – and that’s also your doing!” Lest he think she was being completely serious, she laughed at this point. “And wow did all that turn me on! I never knew I was such an exhibitionist! I want to pose more, if you’ll have me.”

Ken smiled. “The students told me that you’re a great model, and they begged me to bring you back often. So I guess the job is yours. It pays pretty well, so it’ll be a nice supplement to your career as a waitress… ooof!”

The ‘ooof’ sound was caused by Mandy playfully punching him in the stomach as a response to the ‘waitress career’ remark. And they both laughed. “Seriously, I can probably get you more modeling jobs with my artist friends, if you want them, love,” Ken stated seriously. “You seemed very natural, walking around the classroom. I saw not a trace of self-consciousness or embarrassment after the first few minutes.”

Mandy’s expression betrayed an impish notion. “Speaking of natural, tell you what, darling. Why don’t you take off your clothes and let’s do what comes naturally. Translation: let’s fuck on this sofa. It already has a small wet spot.”

Ken rubbed his chin as if troubled by the notion. “Gee, honey, that sounds lovely, but I’d hate to get the sofa spotted with semen. It’s a bitch to get clean.”

Chuckling, she pulled his hand away from his chin and grabbed his chin with her own hand, locking eyes with him. “My sweet idiot! You’ll just have to unload all that semen deep inside me to keep your precious sofa clean. We can even put that robe under me as a fail-safe measure. You have your choice of my pussy or my ass, but I suggest my pussy, since it’s easier to hold the semen in there.” She placed herself face up on the sofa with her thighs apart, and reached down and parted her labia invitingly.

Ken was taking off his clothes, moaning playfully, “Well, if I must, I must. The things I have to do to keep my models happy! Woe is me.” Both of them chuckled at his mock resignation to the task, especially when he removed his underpants and his full erection sprang free. He positioned himself above her while she grasped his engorged member with her free hand and guided it to her drooling entrance. They both moaned with delight as his cock slid in to its full extent, blissfully joining them together.

Being in no hurry, Ken started with a leisurely in and out motion, sinking forward until his balls touched her, and sliding back out until the head of his cock was just inside her entrance. Mandy was really enjoying this tempo, which allowed her to feel the movement of the swollen head of his cock precisely. She contracted her vaginal muscles, the better to feel that sensation. Maybe it was her imagination, but it was almost as if she could also feel the ripples caused by his superficial cock veins caressing her inner walls with this slow fucking. What was not her imagination was that floating thing which once again appeared high above the skylight.

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