The Beach House Ch. 02

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Be sure to read part one of this!


Stella sat at her dressing table, carefully reapplying her makeup, thinking of the handsome young man waiting for her.

“I hope I can do this,” she said, looking at her excited nipples through the thin white blouse and thinking of making love with her son. “I know he wants me so bad, but it isn’t right.” Stella said to herself, thinking of his long thick cock and how wonderful it would feel in her lonely body. She hoped their plans worked out right. She’d hate to do this with Levi and have it ruin their lives.

She stood up, making sure her small, black skirt and flesh-colored stockings were straight before stepping into her high heels.

“I’m so scared,” she whispered, hoping she could do this without fucking up her life or Levi’s. “Well, here goes,” she said hesitantly opening the bedroom door and made her way down to the handsome man in the living room.

Levi sat reading a magazine, waiting for her to finish dressing. “Nice,” he gasped, tossing down the magazine when he heard her come into the room. ,”He stood up. “You’re beautiful Mom,” Levi said, looking over her tall body sheathed in the extremely tight skirt. Her breasts looked twice their normal size and her hips were so sexy. Her tiny ass seemed to call out for him to fuck it.

Stella felt her face turning red and her body began to tingle at his sweet words, but there had to be a small change before this went on. “I think that while we’re out of the house, you should call me, Stella,” she said, watching a disappointed look cover his face. But she knew that this was how it had to be. The beach house had been in her family for a long time and she couldn’t have people thinking she screwed her son. “How’s it going to look if you’re calling me Mom, while you’re seducing me?” she asked taking one of his cigarettes and quickly lit it.

He couldn’t believe it. Calling her Mom while he romanced her was so hot, but now he couldn’t. “Nobody even knows us. You love it as much as I do. Come on Mom, it’s so hot and you know it,” Levi pleaded with her. But, from the look on her pretty face, he realized he had best do as told or it could fuck up the entire night. “I’m doing this under protest,” he said in a sad voice, hoping he could change her mind.

Mom just looked at him and shook her head no.

“Well.” Levi smiled moving against body, slowly running his hands up the back of her legs and to her ass. “Every time I say you name, I’m really going to be saying…Mom,” he whispered in her ear as he very carefully slid his right hand around her and softly touched her warm and excited pussy, noticing the small bush of hair was gone.

She looked into his eyes and knew she wasn’t going to be able to hold out any longer. Stella needed her son to make this horrible loneliness go away and never return.

“When we come back,” she said in a scared and trembling voice, feeling him touching her lonesome pussy, sending chills of need flooding every inch of body. “I want you, and I mean I want you for days and days,” Stella moaned falling against him, hoping he’d just tear off her clothes and say ‘fuck dinner’ and just take her where she stood.

“Is it good, Mom?” he teased running his fingers up the center of her warm and very excited lips. “My cock is going to love being in you,” Levi whispered in her ear, gently kissing it. “I’m going to give you so much love…you’ll forget him and want me,” he whispered again, wondering if she’d mind skipping dinner and just have dessert right now.

She couldn’t help but smile at him, and knew he was right. Levi was one of the most loving men she’d ever known and it was going be so easy to fall in love with him. She knew he was her son, but she wanted him as a man. “You’re sure confident in yourself,” she sighed as he kept teasing her pussy and driving her crazy with his skilled fingers, . If it hadn’t been for being so hungry and the need to be romanced, Stella knew she’d be in her bed with him on top of her, loving her into the night.

“Let’s go! I’m starving to death,” she said pulling away from him, knowing that when they returned, there was no more resisting him. Levi would be free to take her.


“This is so nice,,” Stella smiled, looking at the small candle and fresh flowers on the table. “I haven’t been on a romantic date in so long,” she smiled again and couldn’t wait to get back to the house and consummate their love for each other. “How’s it feel knowing what we’re going to do when we get back to the house?” Stella asked in a shaky voice. She couldn’t wait for Levi and his magnificent cock.

Levi returned her smile and reached to hold her trembling hands. “I think it’s going to be fantastic. You’re so sexy, beautiful and,” he paused, wishing he could touch her in a more intimate place than her hands. “You’re my Mom,” Levi said in a low, seductive voice, watching her eyes close and let out a moan of lust.

“You little shit,” Stella said, trying to clear her head. “Will you call illegal bahis me that when we…um…,” she askded. She couldn’t say make love, screw or fuck, but she knew what they both wanted.

Levi couldn’t help but laugh. “You want me to call you…Mom when I fuck you?” he teased, knowing this was going to be so hot. How many guys in the world have a hot looking Mom like her, and get to fuck them?

She was on fire and her pussy was dripping. “Yes,” Stella moaned thinking of him on her, pounding her with his big, long cock and calling her Mom. “I want you to make all your dreams of loving me to come true. I don’t care what it is, you’re to do it,” she moaned, knowing they should be going before she sat there and orgasmed. “Let’s go! I want to suck on your big cock the entire way home,” she whispered, knowing that was a dream come true for any normal guy. “I want it hard and ready to give me a long, hard…fuck,” she growled at him. She needed him in her so badly she was hurting.

Levi pulled out his wallet and left a stack of money. He grabbed her arm and all but ran from the restaurant and to his car. “I can’t wait,” he moaned pushing her against the car and started kissing and feeling her up. “I wanta fuck you so bad,,” Levi said in a desperate voice, wishing they were already home and in her bed.

Stella was helpless as his hands roamed her body, but the one thing she loved, his cock, was smashed against her wet pussy. “Get in the car, I want to suck this,” she ordered, watching a big smile cover his face. “Hurry up,” she added as he fumbled with his keys.

“I’m hurrying,” he laughed, hoping he could hold off on cuming. They quickly got in the car and Mom didn’t waste any time. She had his pants pulled down and his cock half way down her throat. He was loaded and ready for action. “Take it easy on me. I’m so horny and I don’t want to cum yet,,” he moaned, enjoying her warm mouth wrapped around his cock. Her gentle sucking was out of this world.

She heard him and smiled. Her poor baby was going crazy to get in her panties. Stella lifted her head from him and caressed the side of his face. “I told you that you can do anything you want,” she whispered and went right back to sucking him. She knew if he came, he’d soon be ready for more. Young boys like him couldn’t get enough sex and she was more than willing to help him day or night.

He started the car, looking down to see his beautiful Mom sucking him. Levi was still in shock. His dreams of loving her were coming true. “You’re so fucking hot,” he moaned, watching her sucking and swallowing him.

“I need to get us home,” he laughed and started the drive home with Mom sucking him ever so softly. “You can do this any time you want,” he moaned sliding his hand down her back and over Mom’s tight ass, carefully fingering her tiny hole, wondering if she’d give that up too. “I want some of this too,” he whispered and she moaned loud. “Do you like a nice, hard cock in it?” Levi asked and she spread her ass for him and lifted her head.

“God yes! You can fuck any hole I have and I’ll just beg you for more,” she growled, and quickly went back to sucking him. She wanted him to cum. Stella sucked hard, moving her head up and down as fast as she could. “You nasty bitch! Trying to make me cum,” he laughed. He was trying to watch her and the road, but she was making it very hard to focus on driving. “When we get home…you’ve had it girl,” he laughed, thinking of bending her over the side of the sofa and fucking her like a Wildman.

She lifted up, sitting back in her seat, she said, “I’m ready for anything you want,” Stella moaned, thinking of his hard cock ravishing her tiny and lonely pussy. “When we start, be ready to go all night long,” she whispered as visions of him fucking her in so many different positions filled her mind. “I need to make up for so many nights of being alone,” she said thinking of all the nights they were in the same house and could have been having fun.

“Don’t ever think of being lonely again. You’re mine now and I plan on keeping you very happy,” he smiled running his hand over her pretty face. “Finally,” he moaned, pulling in the driveway.

“What the fuck?” Levi said with surprise, pulling behind his Dad’s car. “Mother fucker,” he yelled slapping the steering wheel as hard as he could, wondering why in hell his Dad had to pick tonight to come here.

“Oh no,” Stella said with disappointment, knowing that their plans of loving each other were spoiled. “Oh, I’m going to die! I’ve never been so horny in my life,” she cried as tears ran down her face, hoping Bill wouldn’t want her. Stella was so excited, and it was all for Levi, her handsome son. There was no way she was giving it to Bill.

Levi grabbed her, hugging tight, hoping Dad wouldn’t stay. Most times he’d just come over for a night, sometimes a day and leave. “If we’re lucky, he’ll leave in the morning and when he does,” he said holding her face to look into her eyes. “I’m taking you and you’re going to illegal bahis siteleri be mine forever,” Levi added, feeling his own tears forming in his eyes, hoping he’d get through another night without her.

“Yes! I want you always and forever,” Stella cried returning his loving hug, hoping Bill would leave in the morning. She needed her lover, her son to make passionate love to her. “I’m not going back to the city. I’m moving in here and you’re going to be my man,” she smiled, hoping that Levi truly wanted her and this wasn’t just some game to him.

He hugged her tight. “I’m never letting you out of my sight or our bed,” Levi smiled, wiping her tears away. “But now, we need to get inside. He may have seen us pull in,” he added giving her one last kiss. He wiped her face again and they went inside.


Bill sat in the living room wondering where his wife was, when he saw the headlights of a car pulling up the drive. “It’s about fucking time,” he said as a hint of anger rushed over him, thinking of her fucking someone other than him. “I’ll kill her and the mother fucker,” he growled wondering who it was. He sat waiting, wondering what was going on, when he finally heard footsteps on the front porch.

“Hey there,” Stella said as she and Levi walked in the house, hoping he didn’t notice that she’d been crying. “What brings you out here?” she asked slipping off her high heels and walked over to hug him, but he just sat there, giving her a cold look.

He looked at her face and quickly knew that something wasn’t right. “Just figured I’d come and see what was going on,” he replied, seeing that she looked happier than he’d seen her in a long time. ‘You best not be fucking anyone,’ he thought looking over her body, wondering why she was dressed so nicely. “Where you been?” Bill asked turning his evil stare to Levi.

“We went out to dinner, why?” Stella asked walking back towards the kitchen for a drink, hoping Bill would just leave or die. She hated him and never really knew why she stayed with him as long as she had.

“You look like you just got fucked.” Bill said watching her walk away, noticing she had a sexy sway in her hips. He knew something was going on.

Levi just watched his Dad, praying he’d try something with Mom. He wanted an excuse to beat his ass to death and it wouldn’t take much. “Why do you talk to her like that? You know she wouldn’t do that,” Levi said, hoping the fucker would start some shit.

Bill looked at his son, wishing he was a few years younger and had taken a little better care of himself. “You stay out of this, little boy,” he said with a snarl in his voice. He hoped he could scare Levi, but saw that he wasn’t backing down.

Levi just laughed at his overweight Dad, knowing he could take him so easily. “I’ve been past being a ‘little boy’ for a long time now.” He laughed again, knowing his cock was so much bigger than his Dad’s and he was sure that he could outlast him with ease.

Stella was making her drink when she heard Levi and she couldn’t help but giggling. ‘You got that right, baby!’ she thought as visions of his long cock flooded her mind. She hoped Bill would get mad and leave them alone. Stella was so angry! she finally got up the nerve to have sex with Levi and Bill shows up, ruining their plans.

Bill wasn’t sure, but Levi and Stella seemed to be different. ‘Something is going on here and I’m going to find out what,’ he thought, puffing his cigar, blowing the thick smoke towards Levi. “You’ll always be a ‘little boy’ in my eyes.” Bill added with a laugh. “You’re too much of a Mommy’s boy to be a man,” he said laughing louder than ever.

Levi laughed with him and thought, ‘If you weren’t so dumb, you’d see why I hang out with her so much!’ he thought as Mom’s hot body filled his mind, hoping he’d get to enjoy it soon. “It’s better to be a ‘Mommy’s boy’ than an asshole,” he laughed at his father, hoping he’d try something.

“Keep it up, punk,” Bill replied giving him a cold look, but Levi stood firm and he wasn’t the least bit scared of his father. “I was sitting at home wondering why you haven’t been bugging me about coming out here. I figured I’d come and see what’s going on,” he said in Stella’s direction, watching her very closely, trying to find out what was going on.

“I got tired of asking you. You bitch and complain so much about coming, I said fuck it,” Stella said turning to face him, hoping there wouldn’t be any trouble. Bill had a knack for making a mountain out of a molehill. But, this molehill was growing fast and it was down her sons’ jeans.

Bill watched her and wanted to slap her face off, but if he did, he’d have Levi to deal with. “You best not be fucking anybody,” he said in his evil voice than neither Stella nor Levi was afraid of.

“Yeah right,” she sat down on the couch laughing as hard as she could. “Who in the hell am I going to fuck? There’s nobody around for miles and miles! Oh Levi, can I fuck you,” she laughed getting on her knees canlı bahis siteleri in front of him, holding his hands and winked.

“Real fuckin’ funny,” Bill said laughing with her and Levi. “I just wanted to make sure,” he added, feeling tired and ready for bed. The little whore back in town had wore him out and he needed some sleep. “I think I’m going to bed. Are you ready?” he asked, hoping Stella was. It would be fun playing with her before he passed out.

“After the shit you just said to me? I think you’ll be in that bed all by yourself,” she quickly replied, knowing there was no way in hell he was going to touch her. Stella had a new man in her life and anything she had to offer, was now his.

He just gave her a cool look, stood up and went up to the spare bedroom. “Fuckin’ cunt,” he said, slammed the door and fell across the bed.

“What a fuckin’ asshole,” Levi said pulling his Mom up and into his arms. “I need you,” he moaned grabbing under her skirt, rubbing her ass, hoping she’d still want to do it. He quickly saw a frown cover her face. “What?” he asked, feeling his heart sink.

Stella knew her baby needed her love, but there was no way she could do such a lovely thing with him as long as Bill was in the house. “I can’t with him here. It wouldn’t be fair to you. What we’re going to do is going to be so special and I want to make all your dreams come true. But, I can’t with him in the house,” she said, knowing that it broke his heart, but Stella couldn’t do it now.

“Oh Mom, please! I’m dying,” Levi begged her, hoping she’d give in, but he knew her well, and if she said no, that was it. “Look,” he added motioning to his swollen cock. “That’s all for you, please help me,” he said hugging her, making sure that it was pressing on her excited pussy.

“Baby,” she moaned, knowing that she had to help him. There was no way she could leave him in this condition. He’d be on her mind the entire night. “I’ll fix it for you.” Stella said in a soft voice, turned out the lights and knelt down in front of him. She slowly unzipped his jeans and pulled him out. “Oh my,” she whispered, enjoying his hot and excited cock in her tiny hands. “My poor little baby needs me,” she whispered, placing small kisses all over his swollen shaft, watching him smiling. “Does my baby like this?” she teased, continuing to kiss all over him, feeling him growing more, knowing that she was going to be drowned in his cum.

He stood, watching his sexy Mom. Levi knew this wasn’t going to last very long. He was already horny and with the way she was playing with him and talking, it would be over soon. “Yes! I love it,” he moaned, fighting to hold out a little longer. He wanted something special. “Open your blouse, please,” he cried, and watched her all but tear it open and smile.

“Do you want to cum on my big titties? You nasty, nasty little boy,” she said in the most seductive voice she could muster. She stroked him slow, making sure to squeeze him as hard as she could, knowing she’d be getting a nice treat very soon. “Cum on me,” she moaned, looking up to him with her pretty eyes, knowing how much he loved that.

Levi loved her sweet words and amazing offer. “Oh Mom, I’m so close!” he moaned enjoying her warm, oily hands sliding up and down his long cock like nothing he’d ever felt before. “Mom!”

“Look at them. They want you to cum on them,” Stella moaned, holding both her breasts up to his cock, wishing they were doing this in her bed. “Cum on them,” she purred, watching his face closely, knowing it was just a matter of seconds before her loving, young son covered her with his warm seed of life. “Cum on me!” Stella whispered up to him as she slowly stroked. “Cum on them!” she moaned, smashing her breasts around him while her right hand teased the head. “Come on baby! Do it!” she begged and at last, she got her gift and Levi got his relief. She loved it when Levi started humping her hands as the warm fluid shot from her baby, covering her in just a matter of seconds. His warm, thick cum ran down her breasts, over her nipples, making her want more.

He couldn’t hold back any longer. Levi humped in time with her loving hands as cum shot from the end of his cock so hard and fast, it hurt. “Oh Mom! Yes! Yes,” Levi moaned out in the dark kitchen, hoping this feeling would never end. “I love you! Oh God I love you so much,” he whimpered trying to keep humping and from falling on the floor. he watched his seeds covering her breasts and Levi couldn’t wait to shoot it in her body.

She stood up, wiped herself with a towel and hugged him with all her might. “As soon as he leaves…I’m fucking you to death,” she growled. She could hardly wait for her baby to return to her body, the very place he came from and shoot his seeds in her.

Levi caught his breath and remembered something nice. He lifted her up, sat her on one of the counters and pulled down her tiny panties. “I just thought of something,” he smiled getting on his knees. He moved between her long legs and started kissing her soft thighs, enjoying the musky, smell of an excited woman. “One of us is very, very horny,” he winked kissing her thighs, moving farther up her legs with each kiss, savoring her moans and the taste of her bare flesh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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