The Best Woman

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I will never forget the summer I turned eighteen. I was spending my last summer before college working for my friend’s dad who had his own landscaping business. The work was hard but the money was really good.

My buddy and I would talk about all the hot women who had us come over and add some plants to their already immaculate landscapes. It was amazing how many of the ladies would come on to us. They would all walk around in skimpy bikinis or lounge wear as we would work in the yards trimming and cutting the finely manicured lawns.

I remember coming home after a long day all sweaty and wearing a raging hard on from watching this particularly beautiful blonde in a skimpy 2 piece who kept walking up and bending over giving me glimpses of her full breasts and fine asscheeks.

My parents were gone for the week on vacation and so I walked into our kitchen and grabbed a cold beer. I slid it up against my forehead wiping away the sweat and trying to cool off. I decided to take a quick shower then thought maybe a nice cool swim in the pool would do me good.

I walked up to my room and stripped down and jumped into my shower. I really pretty much just rinsed off all the sweat and dirt and didn’t really bother with shampooing my hair since I was getting ready to swim.

Stepping out of the shower I wrapped a towel around my hips and grabbing my beer walked down to the first floor. I walked to our sliding glass door and slowly opened it and walked out onto the patio.

I thought I was all alone but as I looked up I saw my older sister Sheila laying face down on a lounge chair with an empty glass of wine on the table next to her. She was home from college for the summer and didn’t even bother getting a job. She pretty much spent her time laying out and going out with her girlfriends in her tight shirts and tight short mini skirts.

For my sister, well, she was pretty hot to look at with her long blonde hair in her skimpy two piece bikini. Her top as usual was undone and just her brief thong bottoms were intact. She seemed to be asleep and I noticed the empty bottle of wine sitting next to the wine glass.

She was most likely passed out I thought as I kept staring at her. Suddenly I heard her moan softly and wiggle around on the canlı bahis lounge chair and her legs spread apart on either side of the chair exposing the thin material between her thighs.

I felt my cock beginning to swell and I walked a little closer and realized that the thong had slid to the side and my sisters full pink shaved pussy lips were exposed. I slid my hand down between the layers of the towel around my hips and stroked myself slowly trying to get more comfortable.

Sheila was laying there quietly when I heard her beginning to snore. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was in our back yard watching my older sister and getting aroused. I had seen her before and thought about her a couple times but I never imagined I would be in this situation.

I had fantasized what it would be like to touch her and kiss her but never gave it any real thought. I knew she was one of those people that when they had been drinking would sleep like the dead so I walked over and sat on the edge of the lounge chair next to her.

I wanted to touch those beautiful pink pussy lips and couldn’t resist with her laying there totally exposed to me. I looked around and realized no one was home but the two of us. My parents were away on vacation and the sun was starting to set. Our pool was pretty hidden from neighbors with a fence so not likely anyone would see.

I slid my hand down along her asscheeks slowly caressing. I felt her shift a little with her hips wiggling but she still had her eyes closed. I let my fingertips slide down along her crack then slowly to her parted thighs. I felt her soft pussy lips and let my fingers slowly slide up and down them.

I lifted my hand and slowly licked my finger letting it get all nice and slick. Slowly I placed it down between her pussylips rubbing the wetness around the outer edges of her labia. I let my finger tip move slowly in a circle and then I found the little hard grape sized clit. I slowly slid down on my knees placing my towel underneath them to cushion them on the concrete surface.

Facing my sister I let one hand gently spread her pink pussy lips as the other slowly slid across her entrance gathering her soft juices and slid it up toward her soft clit. I let my finger make little soft circles and I felt bahis siteleri her clit beginning to swell.

God this was such a turn on for me. I had been with a couple girls at school but never had a girl I could totally explore. My sister was so incredibly responsive too. I felt her clit continuing to swell as her pussy juices started sliding down between her legs in a little trail of moisture.

I felt my cock rising to attention and I looked down seeing my now erect cock pointing at my sisters hip. I leaned forward and let the tip rub against her asscheek as I kept playing with her pussy. I slowly slid one finger inside her wet tight pussy and moved it deep inside and smiled as her hips lifted to take it deeper.

I slid my finger out and brought it to my lips slowly tasting her sweetness. God this was wrong but it felt so incredibly right. I decided to see how asleep my sister really was.

I slowly slid up toward the top of the lounge chair and slid my swollen cockhead across her full pink mouth. I gently stroked it across her mouth and cheek. Suddenly a wet pink tongue flicked out and made contact with my throbbing cock.

Omg…I couldn’t believe it. I slid back and forth again across her mouth and this time she opened her mouth and her tongue rimmed my cockhead swirling around in a slow rhythm. I was so turned on I didn’t think I could keep from shooting my load.

Slowly I fed her more of my cock and I felt the delicious pressure of her mouth sucking me deeper and deeper into her mouth. I felt my balls tightening as I started to fuck her mouth in a matching rhythm. This felt incredible but I needed more.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. I walked down to the bottom of the lounge chair. Straddling it I leaned forward and slid her tiny thong even further to the side. I managed to slide one hand under her hips and I spread her pussy lips apart with that had while I guided my rigid cock at her entrance.

I slowly slid into her feeling her tight sheath slip around my cockhead. I heard her make a little whimper but she was still out. I pressed further needing to feel myself sheathed inside her tight pussy.

I thrust forward slowly feeling her stretching around me until I felt my balls sliding bahis şirketleri across her asscheeks. I lifted her hips slightly for more access as I grinded my hips against hers completely sheathed in her slick hot pussy. I felt her lift her hips a little against me.

Then I felt her hips moving back and forth sliding so that my cock was slipping in and out of her tight pussy. I rubbed her clit my my fingertips as she kept moaning and moving back against me. I felt my balls tightening from the friction of her movements and the way she was tightening her pussy around me as she slid up and down.

I heard her moaning louder and I felt my heart thudding loudly in my chest when I heard her saying,”Oh God Glenn… please fuck me.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I felt my body respond as I drove harder against her. Her voice got louder as I heard her saying, “Oh yes… I want my baby brother to fuck me hard.”

I couldn’t have stopped now if my life depended on it. I worked myself faster and faster in and out of her slick tight pussy until my aching balls erupted and I felt my cum shooting inside her. I felt her body shuddering underneath me as her pussy spasmed around my cock.

I collapsed on top of her my warm body pressed against hers. I felt her turning her head nuzzling my neck with soft kisses. I felt her tongue slide across my lips in a hungry kiss. I was shocked when I realized my sister was not sleeping and I was on top of her with my cock buried to the hilt.

“Glenn… I thought you would never make the first move. I have been trying to get your attention for the last year.”

“Sheila…what are you talking about?”

“I wanted to have my baby brother fuck me. I have been dreaming about you doing this since I caught you jacking off while watching me in the shower last summer. I saw your amazing cock and decided I needed to have it.”

“Your not mad about this?”

“No Glenn…In fact, I would like to try this again”, she smiled up at me as I disentangled myself sitting up.”Although, maybe we better take this inside for the next session.”

She grabbed my hand and led me inside and I don’t think we came out till the end of the weekend. The rest of my summer was pretty much incredible until my sister had to go back to college. Dad was kind of surprised when I decided to enroll at the same school as sis instead of the local school I had been talking about for the last year. But I didn’t feel like leaving the best woman I had ever been with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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