The Blue Life Ch. 25: Amethyst

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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality and homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. All character is 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. This story picks up where Chapter 24 left off. Thanks to John and Jake for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are very much appreciated. Suggestions are often worked into future chapters. Over the last year, I’ve written 24 chapters of The Blue Life. I don’t know how many chapters I will get to this year. But the story is far from over.


I drove toward my girlfriend Sondra’s place. My cock was rock hard and my balls were aching. I had to admit that kissing my father and seeing his new Prince Albert had got me very excited. Then he began telling me about his sexual adventures with Terri. Terri is my dad’s eighteen year old goddaughter. She’s only a high school senior. She’s a virgin, and she has promised her first fuck to me. But she’s also my father’s primary Dominatrix it seems. And her being technically a virgin, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been having a lot of sex, and it seems like much of it has been with my father. I wasn’t jealous of either of them. But I was envious. Here it was Thursday evening, and I hadn’t really had sex in nearly three days! For me, especially recently, that is quite a long time. But, I had a marathon of sex over the previous weekend. I had taken FIVE new submissives into my stable, my family, my harem. (I’m still not sure what to call my gaggle of BDSM lovers.) But, mid-terms were this week, so I had to study. There was a late-night study session in the Student Union on Tuesday. Then I had to finish a paper on Wednesday night.

And my girlfriend Sunny was busy training our kittens in the ways of sexual submission. She had worked with Terri on Monday. My mother on Tuesday. And Sally Whitehall last night. Sunny and I had met for lunch on Tuesday. I brought submarine sandwiches and we shared a soda. We ate in her apartment and she quickly blew me before I had to leave and get to a computer lab. But I didn’t even get a chance to make her cum too. She said she was submissive and perfectly fine with that, but I wasn’t.

Anyway, I was mildly frustrated, check that, my frustrations were more than mild. Sunny and I were going to have a date tonight. But my dad got pulled into the police station after beating up Nancy Stockton’s husband. Dad says that he has actually killed Bill Stockton; it’s just that Mr. Stockton hasn’t realized he’s dead yet. I don’t get it. Dad says it’s Dim Mak, “The Death Touch.” It sounded all like crazy talk to me. But Dad was completely earnest. He believes it. And Dad has convinced me that even if Bill Stockton is about to die, he is still seriously dangerous, and that Nancy and my father’s lives are in peril if Bill Stockton gets out of jail.

I don’t know what to believe. But I’ve called for an emergency meeting with all my subs at the home of Stephanie Bahl, my father’s secretary and possibly his newest submissive. I also asked my mother to see if she could get her lawyers and private investigators involved. I have a feeling we are going to need them.

I pulled into the alley behind “The Lace Boudoir,” the lingerie shop my girlfriend owns and manages. I stepped out of the car and dialed her phone. She answered, “We’ll be right out, Master,” and hung up before I could say anything. But the back door opened almost immediately. My girlfriend hadn’t been waiting up in her apartment, but at the bottom of the stairs. She knew I was in a rush. Or maybe she didn’t…

Sondra backed out of the door wearing yoga pants and a crop-top sweatshirt. She had on cross-trainer shoes. And her hair was pulled back and up in a single ponytail. I got a great view of her high, flat ass in her tight, formfitting pants. That made me groan and touch my hard cock through my pants. God, I couldn’t wait to fuck her again. And this time, we both had a clean bill of health from the Doctor. We could fuck bareback, without a condom.

Then, Sondra backed up a little farther, and my breath caught in my throat. I couldn’t believe what Sunny was leading out of her back door! Sunny had a leash in one hand and a riding crop in the other. The leash was attached to a collar around the neck of a gorgeous, submissive woman. I didn’t recognize the woman at first, because she appeared about as tall as Sondra, about 5’10”. But then, I realized she was wearing four inch heeled boots with an inch and a half platform at the sole. The boots came up to just below the knee. The boots were decorated with O-Rings, and there was a chain, connected to the rings, running between her calves, hobbling her. The chain was short enough so that it didn’t hit the ground, but just barely long enough to make stairs manageable, with some assistance. She also had on a black latex mini dress. I could see black fishnet stockings, between the boots and the hem of the skirt. But she obviously wasn’t canlı bahis wearing a bra, because the neckline of the dress plunged, almost to her navel. Around her waist was a bright red sash, tied in a bow, like a decoration on a gift. The sash was around her waist, but the bow was off to the side, on her left hip. She had on a black collar with silver or chrome studs. And on top of her head were pointed cat ears! Her hair was dark. I couldn’t really tell the shade in darkness of the alley. She was wearing a black leather blindfold, and a black leather ball-gag with a cherry-red ball in her mouth. The ball was the same red shade as the bow around her waist, and the red satin of the inside of her cat ears. I noticed later that it was also the same shade of red on the soles of her feet.

Her nipples were erect and hard. The latex halter top of her dress only emphasized this bound submissive’s excitement, and only heightened my own arousal. Her hands were behind her back, bound in some way I couldn’t see at first. But as Sandra guided the bound woman down the steps, talking her down and leading her with the crop, I glimpsed that her wrists were cuffed behind her back. She also had on a realistic looking cat-tail that came out of a split in the back of the dress. The tail curved up and to her right.

I walked over to help Sunny guide the submissive down the stairs. She was having a bit of difficulty with her legs hobbled and her hands bound behind her back. Sunny had her sub turn around and come down the stairs backwards. As she backed down the stairs, I had to admire this woman’s ass in her tight, black latex skirt! The cat’s tail wagged in my face. And I knew that it was connected to a butt plug. I figured the masked submissive must be Sunny’s friend and employee Sophie Winters, except Sophie doesn’t look ANYTHING like this! For one thing, Sophie has a completely different hair style and hair color. Upon stepping closer, I noticed that her hair color was some sort of deep, multilayered purple! And her hair was in a short bob, covering her ears, but just coming down to her neck.

On the last step from the loading dock down to the back alley, the bound submissive’s heel missed the step. She stumbled, screamed into the ball gag, spun on her toe, and fell into my arms. Which was lucky, because she would have ended up face first on the ground. She smelled of spices, and fresh sex. It was heady. And her breasts pressed into my chest. My hands found the curve of her butt cheeks, as I helped her gain her feet by pulling and steadying her against me. I’m sure she could feel my hard cock, pressing against my pants. God! This was getting ridiculous. I needed some relief, badly!

The submissive stiffened in my arms at first. She was blindfolded and had just tumbled off a step. But, even as her muscles relaxed, I could still feel her trembling. She moaned or maybe whimpered a little into her ball-gag. I couldn’t tell if she was excited, frightened, or some combination of the two. I tried to imagine how I would feel being trussed up and led around blindfolded and gagged.

I joked, “Well, hello there! It’s nice to meet you too.”

Sunny stood beside us. She put a hand on my back and one on the submissive’s back and pressed us both even closer together. She said, “Daddy, I have a special gift for you. She is from all the kittens in your stable. This is Amethyst, and she is going to be your newest slut, your slave, and your little whore. She really wants to be your kitten.”

My cock throbbed as Sunny said, “slut, slave, whore and kitten.” And Amethyst moaned and trembled, but I could not tell if it was in excitement or fear.

So I leaned in close, and I whispered in her ear, “Amethyst. That’s a lovely name.” Amethyst seemed to relax a little in my arms. I thought Amethyst, was Sophie Winters, my girlfriend’s coworker. But, frankly, I wasn’t positive. First, the dim light, blindfold and ball-gag masked her features. Second, Sophie is a Lesbian. Third. Sophie has longer, light brown, almost blonde hair that comes past her shoulders. Amethyst’s hair is a rich shade of purple, amethyst, I guess. (Duh.) I wondered if her pubic hair was dyed amethyst as well. On second thought, I knew that it was, because that would excite me, and Sunny knows that. Sophie’s style is sort of hippie-ish. Like she could be working in an Organic Foods Co-Op. But Amethyst seemed to have walked straight out of my own wet dreams. The high boots. The latex outfit. The dress was something similar to something my mother and I had “window-shopped” for online. Then I realized, the boots and dress were probably my mother’s! The hair was probably contributed by Terri, my teen-sub with bright blue hair. The cat tail and ears, that was my father’s touch. And the ball gag and blindfold were there from my girlfriend, Mistress Sunny. She is the Queen of BDSM as far as I’m concerned. Hell, as far as nearly anyone I’ve met in this neighborhood is concerned. I whispered again, “Sophie, you are Amethyst. Right?”

Amethyst hummed, bahis siteleri “Mmm-hmm?” and hesitantly nodded.

I looked to Sunny. “Why is she blindfolded and gagged?”

“Amethyst is frightened,” Sunny explained.

“I can tell,” I said. I lightly kissed Amethyst’s cheek, trying to reassure her. “She’s trembling.”

“Amethyst was afraid of how you might react seeing her. She is afraid of being rejected. She desperately wants to please you, Daddy. So, the blindfold is to calm her nerves. And that gag and cuffs and leg chain are so she doesn’t accidentally say or do the wrong thing. She doesn’t want to displease you in any way.”

Suddenly, the ball gag was in the way. I whispered, “Don’t say anything, Kitten, just respond, ‘Yes,’ or, ‘No.’ This will be easy. I promise.” I reached behind Amethyst’s head and unfastened the gag, and I tossed it to Sunny. I held out my hand and said, “I need to hold her leash.” Sunny handed the leash to me. She also gave me the riding crop she was holding. I noticed that the handle was an eight inch long, black, silicon dildo. The dildo was very firm, like the shaft of the crop went up inside the dildo.

Amethyst was licking and nervously biting her lips. They were in a similar shade of purple to match her hair. I was certain her fingernails and toenails would match as well.

I whispered. “Do you want to be my kitten, Kitten?”

Amethyst nodded. And then choked, “Yes, but-”

I cut her off by kissing her lips lightly. I said, “No ‘buts.’ Do you want me to be your Master, your Daddy, your Sir?”

She nodded again. And quickly said, “Yes, but-“

And I cut her off again with another kiss, this time a bit more passionately, and she responded. My right hand held the leash and cupped her ass. My left hand dropped the crop and came up to reach inside her latex top and caress her right breast, teasing her nipple. Amethyst moaned into my kiss. “Then from now on,” I stated, “You will answer, ‘Yes, Sir! Yes, Daddy!’ or ‘Yes, Master.’ And no more saying, ‘But.’ Do you understand, Amethyst?”

“Yes, Sir,” Amethyst responded, “Do I really belong to you now, just like that? Just like Mistress Sunny, and Mistress Terri?”

“I own you now, Amethyst. You are mine. Mistress Sunny has given you to me, and I look forward to giving you pleasure and using you for my pleasure. Are you eager to please me?” I asked.

Amethyst replied, “Yes, but-“, and this time I pinched and twisted her nipple hard. “Ow. FUCK! Oh, I’m sorry, uh, Robbie, I mean, Sir.”

“Don’t say, ‘But’,” I reminded her.

“I know, Sir. It’s just that I’m broken. And I fear that I can’t please you the way you expect. I’m scared I will be too much trouble to train and that you won’t want me.” Amethyst/Sophie was on the edge of tears.

I reached down, and grabbed her ass with both hands. I roughly pulled her against my pelvis and pressed my hard cock against her, making sure she could feel it. “Doesn’t that feel like I want you?” I snarled.

Amethyst squealed. “Oh, God! Robbie! Master! Sir! Daddy! Please don’t hurt me!”

“I’m not going to hurt you, Kitten. I just wanted to show you how excited you make me, how much I want you. How glad I am to get this present.”

“Sir, please. I need to explain something. I’m a crazy bitch. I’m broken inside. You can’t fuck me, Robbie. At least not yet…uh…Master. Please, I want that so bad, but I don’t think I can, Sir. Not now. Not yet.”

Sunny stepped toward us, “Sophie, do you want me to explain?” she asked.

I held up a finger to Sunny’s lips to quiet her. She shut up and playfully sucked on the tip of my finger, making me moan a little. How did I end up with the sexiest Woman alive as my girlfriend? And, how did she end up GIVING me another insanely sexy woman as a submissive gift? The whole scene was nuts! I told Sunny, “I need to hear this from Amethyst, Sunny. Go put your hands on the hood of the car, and expose your ass. When we’re done, I’m going to spank you for interrupting your Daddy.”

Sunny smiled, and simply said, “Yes, Sir.” Then she put the ball gag in her own mouth and buckled it behind her head. She walked over to my car, set down her purse, pulled her pants down to expose her perfect, high, flat ass. She bent over and placed her hands on the back hatch of my car. She looked over her shoulder to see if I approved. I smiled and nodded.

Then I turned back to Amethyst. “Tell me, little one, what makes you think you are broken? Why do you fear I will reject you?”

Amethyst took a deep breath. It pressed her nipples against the latex of her dress. She was excited. But she also struggled with her cuffs and shuffled her feet, making the chain between her legs rattle. Then she began, “You can’t fuck me, Sir. Even though I’m very wet right now. I’m very excited. But, I have a Penis Phobia, Sir. Penises irrationally frighten me. When I felt your cock press against me. It just felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack and die, Sir.”

“So? You’re just saying bahis şirketleri that you’re a Lesbian. I can accept that, Kitten. We’ll find ways to share you with the other Women in our Family. I can understand that.”

“Gods, no! Daddy! Please! I really want your cock! For real. I need it so bad! I want so much more than that too! It’s just-It’s just-I have this condition, and maybe you’re the only one who can help me, Master.” There was an edge in her voice.

I stopped Amethyst with a kiss, because she was starting to speak faster and faster, and it was all going past me. I didn’t understand it. I was surprised when she kissed me back, passionately, almost desperately. Our tongues played together, and I held her closely. Well, as closely as I could without pressing my hard cock against her. I didn’t want her to panic again. I broke the kiss, and told her, “Slow down, Kitten. I don’t understand what’s going on.”

Amethyst licked her lips. “God! It’s been so long since I’ve really kissed a boy! Sondra said you were the best kisser. And now, I believe her, Daddy.”

I gave Amethyst a quick peck, “Thank you, Sweetie. But slow down, and explain.”

Amethyst smiled and then a pained expression came onto her lips, as if just speaking about this hurt her. She said, “I have Traumatic Psychosomatic Vaginismus brought on by PTSD, Robbie, I mean Sir-Daddy. That’s my diagnosis. It boils down to an irrational fear of cock. And the fact that my pussy clamps down tighter than Fort Knox if anyone tries to fuck me with a penis.”

“When was the last time someone tried?” I asked.

“Eight years ago. A psychotherapist I was seeing said that the best therapy for me was flooding, direct exposure to what I feared most. I think he just wanted to fuck me. But we spent a good number of my therapy sessions with me jacking him off. Then one day, he told me that he thought I was ready for the real thing. And he tried to fuck me.”

I was shocked. “What happened?”

“My pussy clamped down. He couldn’t get it in. So he tried shoving harder. It hurt really bad. And when I told him to stop, he just shoved harder.”

“Jesus, Kitten. What did you do?”

“I scratched his face. I practically scratched his eyes out. He had to go to the hospital. When I told him I would never see him again, he tried to bill me for our last session plus his medical expenses. I laughed, and said that he could sue me, and let the details about how he got scratched come out in court.”

“Did that shut him up?” I asked.

“No. So I reminded him about what happened to the boys who had raped me.”

“Wait! You were raped?” All this information was coming at me too fast.

“Yes,” Amethyst said coldly, “Did I skip that part. That’s what causes my PTSD. Anyway, I reminded that abusive quack what happened to the boys who abused me before him.”

What happened to them?” I asked, but I had a feeling I knew the answer already.

“All three of them ended up dead within two weeks of each other,” Sophie said flatly.

“Oh, Jesus.”

“Yeah. One of them broke his own fingers and legs and hung himself in his prison cell. That was the official report: He hung himself, by himself, with broken hands and legs.” Amethyst shook her head to indicate that she never believed that. “One of them had his house burn down. His family all got out, but he died in the fire. His family quickly moved away.”

“What happened to the third one?”

“My brother got drunk, fell down some stairs and broke his neck. Or maybe it was the other way around. I don’t know. And I don’t want to know.” Amethyst’s voice was emotionless. She had told this story many times before. And she had distanced herself from it. “They drugged me. Raped me. Broke my arm and dislocated my shoulder. And put me in a coma. Then they dumped me off a walking bridge onto some train tracks to get run over. I guess I was lucky. Because the train wasn’t running on time that night. And a jogger found me. I was a week in the hospital before I woke up. And it was another week before I remembered what happened to me. I was in the hospital another three weeks. And by that time, well, they were all dead, before I got home.”

“Oh my God. Amethyst, Sweetie. You absolutely do not have an irrational fear of cock.”

“Yes. I do,” she argued.

“I’m just saying that you went through Hell,” I explained, “And anybody would be scarred by that. Your reaction isn’t irrational at all. It’s justifiable. But, why now, and why me, KItten? Why do you want me to be your Master?”

Amethyst shook her head and thought for a second. I realized that it was very hard to read her expressions when she was wearing a leather blindfold. Then she said, “Two reasons, Sir. First, I’m not a Lesbian. I’m bisexual. I was actually straight before I was attacked. I had a few boyfriends even before I was attacked. And I tried to have boyfriends since. But…they didn’t understand. They thought my panic attacks were just something in my head. That I could get over them if I really loved them. But, I couldn’t. I can’t. So, I gave up. But, after seeing your perfect cock, Sir. And hearing how much Blue, Sunny and Sally love getting fucked by you. Well, I want that for myself too.”

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