The Businessman

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I woke to the sound of my alarm clock blaring, waking me from my the sleep that had finally allowed me to capture it after tossing and turning all night. Still laying facedown on my pillow I blindly reach over to stop the pulsing buzz that’s imitating the throbbing of my head. I wish I could close my eyes and shut out the world once again but it’s Monday so no luck. My head shoots up at the realization. It’s Monday! Elevator day!

I crawl from beneath my blankets hurriedly as a low thrum of excitement runs through me. Every Monday for the last two months I’ve run into him in the elevator at work. The Businessman. We ride together in silence from the lobby to the fourth floor where he makes his too abrupt departure. Each time the ride up consists of a quick nod of his head in my direction to acknowledge me and a loaded silence that forces its way into every inch of the Elevator car. I still haven’t mustered the courage to ask him for his name so he remains nothing more than the man with a moniker who’s filled one too many late night fantasies. The Businessman.

I’ve chosen a black pencil skirt, a gray camisole and cardigan, and black pumps. It’s an outfit functional enough to endure my work day but figure-hugging enough to make those four floors that start my day that much more interesting. I may have never talked to the man but I’d be naive to notice his sneaking glances during our weekly rendezvous. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to strike up a conversation, say something witty and flirtatious. I’d toy with my hair, brushing it over my shoulder as I follow up my clever statement with a coy smile. It would be a scene reminiscent of one out of the romance novels that have taken permanent residence on my bedside table. I’ve been single too long and a woman’s gotta get creative every now and then on those lonely nights when imagination just isn’t cutting it.

I glance down at my thin leather watch, t-minus 10 minutes. I park my car in the garage close enough so that tonight my tired feet won’t have to make a long trek back in my heels. With each click of my footsteps the butterflies in my stomach start to multiply and flutter around frantically. I remind myself to take a couple deep breaths before making my way into the lobby of my office building.

It’s a sunny day in the city, the early morning rays already streaming through the glass-lined walls of the room. Ester sits with a friendly smile behind her large desk readily waiting to assist whomever walks through the double doors today. Throughout the time I’ve been here she’s always been genuinely sweet and I greet her with a warm smile. She’s been hoping to land one of the upcoming internships here and I can’t help but hope that she receives it. With her natural people skills she’d be a great addition to the team.

I make my way past her desk, down a long corridor, until the metal door of the elevator comes into view. The hallway is cast in the yellow glow from the florescent lights that sit in rows overhead. Paintings of various landscapes decorate the walls. I imagine it must look just like every other corporate office however the one difference that sets it apart is the man who’ll be stepping into the elevator with me in less then three minutes.

The tiny ding signals the opening of the door as I make my way inside to stand at the back. I turn to press against the wall and as I do the star of my fantasies is making his way towards me. I admire his perfectly pressed suit and the cut of his hair. He firmly holds a briefcase in his hand, his long fingers wrapped around the handle and I eye the way the skin of his hand stretches over his knuckles. What I would give to be that briefcase. I can’t help but to wonder how his hands would feel running over my body, if he would use the pressure of his lithe fingers to grip my neck.

I realize I’m ogling him and glance back up to his face praying silently that he hadn’t noticed. He steps into the elevator and makes eye contact with me. His eyes are deep and hold a mystery to them. I don’t even know his name and that alone should quell my overarching attraction to him but instead sincan escort it only raises more questions about him. His eyes crinkle slightly as one corner of his mouth lifts in a half smile revealing perfect white teeth. Their starkness draws my attention to his mouth. His bottom lip is pink and plump and it ignites a longing to catch it with my own teeth. I want to run my tongue over it and taste the mint that his toothpaste has left behind.

He nods his head toward me in a smooth dip and I return his wordless hello. He steps further into the car and his movement causes his cologne to waft in my direction. It’s spicy and exotic and it makes my inner muscles coil in a way that reminds me just how long its been since I’ve been touched by someone other then myself. I skim my eyes from his face, across his shoulder, down his outstretched arm to his finger that he’s extended to press the button for his floor. God his fingers are thick and streamlined and I wonder if they reflect another part of his anatomy. I squeeze my thighs together, the friction of my wet panties against me causing my nipples to pebble and I hope he can’t smell the scent of my arousal in this closed space.

My cheeks heat at the thought that he could and my mind flickers over a million possibilities of how he could douse the fire that is steadily growing in strength beneath my flushed skin. I wonder if he’d use those fingers of his id been admiring only moments ago. I contemplate how he could he use that luscious mouth to explore the junction of my thighs and drown in the moisture he’d discover there. My mind drifts to imagine the parts of his body I haven’t seen yet and I entertain the idea he’d impale me right here against the wall of this elevator with his thick cock as I moan for someone I didn’t even know the name of. His deep expel of breath rips through the images in my mind and I realize I’ve been shamelessly mind-fucking the man standing in front of me. Before I can begin to analyze all the consequences of having a fling at work the blinking of the call button flashes before me. Why has he stopped the elevator?

I look over to him in confusion. Had I missed something during my wanton daydreaming? He turns to face me now. It’s the expression on his face that completely obliterates any further questioning. His eyes have gone dark and he looks at me with predatory intent.

I’m suddenly aware of the rise and fall of my chest as oxygen struggles to make its way in and out of my body. Realization is assaulting my senses now and there’s no way this can happen. Correction, there’s no way this can happen here in the elevator of our mutual place of employment. It’s not the most glamorous job but it pays the bills and then some. I know this job inside and out and I’m comfortable here. This moment however has me considering if comfortable is what I really want though. Now that something more has presented itself to me I would be in denial if I said the knowledge hasn’t soaked through my panties and is coating the inside of my thighs.

He moves to take a step towards me and I push myself back further into the wall in response. My reaction isn’t out of fear of the situation, but from the loaded tension that escalates with each directed step closer to me he becomes. My mind wants to catapult towards him while my body wants to shy away for a chance at some relief from the overwhelming sensations coursing through it. I feel like prey now in every way, being stalked menacingly by a being more ferocious then I could ever be and my fight or flight kicks in full force. I’m reduced to a deer in headlights and I can do nothing but watch as he closes in for the kill.

I hold my breath and wait. They say you shouldn’t make eye contact with a dangerous animal but that notion flew out the window the second he stepped into this elevator for the very first time two months ago. Goosebumps lay wake across my skin as he stops to stand directly before me. I’ve managed to flatten myself as much as possible into the wall behind me and I’m trembling. He peruses my body with his hungry eyes from top to bottom and tandoğan escort then back up again. That smug quirk of his lips appears again and I know whatever is about to take place he’s in complete control of and I’m a willing martyr for his cause.

He reaches out to place a hand next to my shoulder, then repeats the movement with his other effectively caging me in. I look from his lips that are now infinitely closer back up into his eyes, my own wide and unblinking. I can feel his confidence of directing the situation wash over me in tidal waves and I’m blindly putting my faith into his safekeeping of my body. I can smell the mint of his breath now as it fans over my face and neck. My mouth waters at the thought that I’m close enough now to reach forward and taste it for myself. My eyes fall back to his lips and he must know my intent because he’s there now ghosting my lips with his. I suck in a breath as I feel the smooth skim of his mouth and my lips part reflexively. The coil in my body coiling even tighter and I’m aching now.

It feels like minutes pass and then the tension around us erupts as he roughly places a hand in my hair and draws me to him in a desperate kiss. It’s heated and his teeth clash against mine as I attempt to fight for dominance but he desecrates the very idea that I could be the one leading this as he slips his tongue into my mouth. He works me over like he’s done it everyday of his life. I wrap my hands around his neck and throw myself into the kiss further as his other hand grabs my ass firmly and grinds me into himself. A surprised gasp leaves my mouth as his hard cock hits my clit perfectly with the movement before he covers my mouth again with his swallowing the sound. Just like that I’m flattened back against the wall and he’s rocking into me. I realize that just this friction alone has me threatening to cum without him even really touching my body yet and the knowing of the fact that he’s this skilled at what he’s doing has my pelvis seeking out his with need.

He’s leaving wet kisses along my neck now, squeezing my ass and breasts as he uses his hands to coax my body further into begging him for my release. The ache in my groin has amplified my one hundred and my pussy feels hot and swollen. All rational thought and fear of consequences has long since left my mind and all I can focus on now is me quelling my need with whatever part of his body he’s willing to give me. I can feel his hand fall to the hem of my skirt and begin to trail up the soft flesh of my thigh. I frustratingly part my legs as far as my clothes will allow in this position and he gets the hint because he’s forcing my skirt upwards and hiking it to rest on my hips in the next moment. Thank God I wore this pair of underwear today and not my old reliable ones that are for comfort not presentation. He looks down to eye the maroon lace that covers me and his fingers dance along the cloth where it meets the edge of my hip. He follows it’s line slowly from one hip to the other, brushing my skin with his nail, noting the quiver of my muscles as he does so. I watch his expression and the eroticism of the movement forces me to close my eyes and lay my head back.

I’m taking in labored breathes as I wait for his next moves in anticipation. He removes his fingers from my waistband to glide two firmly down the center of my slit and I buck to meet them. He’s undoing my inhibitions and I want nothing more then to ride his fingers into oblivion. He traces them back up again drawing my juices to darken the trail on my panties even further. I let out a soft whimper as all my nerves center on his fingers on me.

Without haste he draws his hand back down and slips my underwear to the side. The air hitting me directly has me clenching and the movement of my bra against my nipples is agonizing. He lifts his opposite hand to my mouth and commands me to suck in the digits. I pull them in and wet them with my tongue. He suggestively pushes them forwards and back, rocking his wrist in a fluid motion. I curl my tongue around his index and middle finger as I stare into his eyes. A ankara escort low growl reverberates from his chest and I feel it vibrate harshly in my clit.

He removes his fingers with an audible pop before dropping them to my waiting center. He stretches me slowly as just the tips enter me. A long moan is pulled from me as he pushes deeper. He repeats the firm in and out motion until his hand is cupped flush against me and his fingers are lodged as far as physically possible. I flex my muscles and roll my hips begging him to move. Instead he takes me in for a quiet moment. His eyes rake over my reddened face, my swollen lips, my shuddering diaphragm, down my stomach to his hand buried between my legs.

Some part of him decides to show me mercy because the next thing I know his hand is twisting and thrusting and I’m coming apart at the seams. My back arches off the wall and his mouth covers mine as his frenzied pace has me keening. It’s only been minutes and I can’t recall ever feeling anything remotely close to something as mind blowing as this. I can feel him hard against me and I want to free him from the confines of his pants. I want my mouth to mimic my earlier movements over his fingers around his leaking cock until he’s just as reckless and abandoned as I am in this moment. However from the way he has me pinned to the wall and already so close to the edge I know he has no other intent then to use his fingers to please me right now.

I can feel the coil in my stomach ready to snap as his thumb rubs furious circles over my clit. His teeth attach to my bottom lip and anchor there as my mind begins to shatter. His free hand fists in my hair and angles my head back giving him better access to my neck. He flattens his tongue and runs it up my the column of my throat and I’d die for him to repeat that same movement where his hand is busying itself. He leans to my ear, mouth skimming the shell. His harsh pants match my own and knowing this affects him as strongly as it does me spurs my arousal on further. My hands have a death grip on the forearm of the hand that’s inside me and thigh that is pressing into mine.

“Come for me,” his strangled voice grits out, “come all over my fingers like a good girl.”

His words are my undoing and my senses give in to his command. My body clenches painfully as my orgasm rocks through me. His hand leaves my hair and covers my mouth to muffle my scream as I soak his fingers. It feels like I’m never going to stop cumming and everything goes silent except for the ringing in my ears. I place my hand on his to stop his movements, I’m too sensitive now and it causes aftershocks to tremor through me. I’m completely spent and my body feels like jelly.

The ding of the elevator causes me to shoot my head up and I wonder when he hit the button to restart it. I hadn’t even noticed we had begun to move again. I open my eyes to take in my surroundings and I’m devastatingly confused. The Businessman stands before me, still facing forwards. I’m still rooted to my spot against the wall behind him, my clothes and hair in perfect condition. My harsh breathes and flushed skin are the only evidence of what had just transpired until the realization hits me like a freight train. I had imagined all of it.

Disappointment and frustration barrels into me. The only piece of my fantasy that reflects true events are that panties really are soaked. That damn ache is back, well not back, it was never actually touched in the first place. I chide myself internally for my vivid imagination. The Businessman steps through the open door of the elevator but stops to put out an arm to keep it from closing.

“6:30” he says vaguely.

“I’m sorry, what?” I reply, my mind still a haze of lust and confusion.

“I’m off at 6:30, meet me tonight.”

I’m taken aback as I try to catch up with and process what’s happening. He quirks up the corner of his mouth and gives me that familiar smile before he turns to walk away.

“Wait!” I call after him, “I don’t even know your name.”

He simply turns to me with a wink and a low laugh before turning back to continue down the hallway. My body is still thrumming from my thoughts in the elevator and now it’s taking on the added excitement and anticipation for tonight. Maybe dreams really do come true I smile to myself in disbelief.

“6:30 with The Businessman it is.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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