The Couch Ch. 02

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“Oh god, Nick…”

Alexis let out a small moan as she slipped a second finger into her wet pussy. She was sitting on her bed and leaning up against the wall, wearing only a short red terrycloth bathrobe. Her long brown hair was damp, lying across her breast in soft waves. As she plunged two fingers of her right hand into her pussy, her left hand loosened her robe and began to massage her right c-cup breast.

Alexis became more aroused, and her pace began to quicken. She squirmed beneath her own touch, grinding against her fingers and pushing them into herself, deeper and harder, as her thumb massaged her aching clit. Her breath became more labored and her left hand began tweaking her nipple. Her eyes closed tight, Alexis thought back to that day last August. She remembered everything so vividly: Gina, eating her out, grinding her pussy; her brother…naked, fingering her, kissing her…


Alexis removed her fingers quickly and stood up, fixing her robe.

“Yah mom?”

Her mother opened the door and stuck her head through.

“Your father and I will be leaving in a few minutes. Is there anything you need before we go?”

Alexis moved across the room to her chest and opened her underwear drawer. “No, I don’t think there’s anything,” she said, looking through the drawer.

“Okay. Now remember, if anything at all happens—”

“Just call you, I know.”

Her mother smiled. “Alright, we’ll see you late on Sunday then.”

“Okay mom; have fun.”

Alexis’s mom waved and closed the door. As Alexis heard her mother go down the stairs, she picked out a matching set of black lacy panties and a bra. Taking off her robe, she slipped them on and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled, running her fingers across the lacy edges of her bra. She pulled on a pair of plaid pajama shorts and a matching tank and shrugged the robe back on. Slipping into her purple slippers, she shuffled out the door and went down the stairs.

Alexis’s parents were going to their 30th high school reunion. Because it was so far away, it was going to take most of the day to drive down, so they went ahead and left early Saturday morning. Then, they were going to get a hotel room for the night, visit with some friends early in the day Sunday, and drive home that night.

What all this meant for Alexis was that she and her brother—who was home for a few weeks—were going to be left alone for the first time since their…encounter.

Ever since the threesome had occurred between Alexis, Nick, and his now ex-girlfriend Gina, Alexis had been fantasizing about her brother. Although she knew it was wrong, she could not stop thinking about that day when she gave her brother a blowjob, he fingered her, and he jacked off as he watched her and Gina grind their pussies together. Just about the only thing that hadn’t occurred between the siblings was actual sex…yet.

Alexis made her way to the kitchen and fixed herself a bowl of cereal. Sitting down at the island, she began to eat as she paged through the newspaper, checking the sports scores and the major headlines. As she ate, her brother Nick walked in, wearing just a pair of boxers and a tight shirt. Alexis felt herself flush slightly and her pussy began to ache.

Quickly turning her gaze back to the paper, she swallowed and calmly said, “Morning.”

“Morning sis. Mom and dad leave yet?”

“Yep, sleepy head; they left about 20 minutes ago.”

“Oh, okay.”

Nick proceeded to fix himself a bowl of cereal too. Sitting down next to Alexis at the island, she could feel the heat from his right leg slightly against hers. She took a few deep breaths as she felt another rush of warmth to her pussy, which was now becoming exceedingly wet. As she finished her cereal, all she could think about was what it would feel like to have his dick—which she knew, from past experience, was fairly sizable—inside of her, filling her up and ramming, harder and faster—

Still trying to keep her cool, Alexis got up, rinsed out her bowl, and placed it into the dishwasher. She left the kitchen without saying a word to her brother, afraid her mouth might betray her, and headed to the downstairs bathroom. She quickly shut herself inside and leaned against the wall, breathing heavily. Though she now knew she was alone with her brother, she didn’t think she’d ever have the guts to bring up that day in August, let alone voice her desires. After Gina had left, she and her brother had never mentioned the incident again, pretending that nothing had ever happened.

But it most certainly had, and it had left Alexis feeling very confused and, at the moment, extremely horny.

Putting the seat down on the toilet, Alexis sat down and loosened her robe. Pulling her pajama bottoms down, she saw just how wet her shaven pussy had gotten in the past few minutes. Fervently, she began stroking it, playing with and tweaking her clit. It usually took a little time to get herself worked up, but because she was already so horny, she quickly plunged two fingers into her pussy, working them canlı bahis in and out as hard and deep as she could. Using her other hand, she continued to play with her clit, rolling it between her fingers. Alexis’s back arched and she moaned as images of her brother—his naked body, his dick in her mouth, him fucking Gina—raced through her mind and played across her closed eyelids. Caught up in the moment, Alexis began to whimper, “Nick, oh god Nick… fuck me, fuck me harder… oh god Nick, please…”

The bathroom door opened and Alexis froze.


Alexis quickly removed her fingers and stood up, fixing her pajama bottoms and robe.

“I… um, I… I can explain… see…” she stammered, playing with the tie on her robe, afraid to look her brother, in the eye.

Nick reached out his hand and lifted her chin, forcing her to look at him.

“Alexis,” he said, “I know we never talked about… about what happened…”

Alexis looked to the side, “No, this had nothing to do with, I mean, it wasn’t—”


Nick pulled her face back to face him, and she noticed a peculiar look in his eye. Suddenly, he leaned forward and—

Alexis moaned as Nick kissed her, pulling her in close to him. She ran her hand through his hair and his tongue darted into her mouth, groping her own. Slowly they gained speed, their kiss becoming more and more urgent, each sibling groping the other almost franticly. Suddenly, they pulled apart. Alexis looked up her brother and said, “Nick…”

“I, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve…I’ve imagined this,” Nick said breathily, “I know you’re my sister, but…and, I mean, if you don’t feel the same, if…if you don’t want to, to do this, then—”

Alexis smiled and kissed him hard. This time, Nick moaned as they began kissing and groping each other once again. Entwined in each other, they slowly stumbled out of the small powder room and returned to the kitchen. Nick pushed Alexis up against the refrigerator and Alexis began to slowly remove his shirt.

As they broke apart to get it over his head, Nick quickly pushed of Alexis’s robe and pulled off her tank, revealing her lacy black bra. Playfully, Alexis ran her hands up and down Nick’s tight stomach, impressed by its definition. Nick moaned slightly as he ran his fingers over his sister’s bra and then quickly unhooked it, releasing her breasts. He smiled at the sight of her hard nipples and, bending down, took one into his mouth. Sucking on it slightly, he heard Alexis’s small gasp and began to message the other breast with his hand. Though Nick had seen his sister’s breasts, he had never touched them before. The closest he had gotten was seeing his ex-girlfriend Gina grope them as he watched the two on the living room couch.

Now, Nick finally had the chance to grope them as well. His hand began tweaking her right breast as his mouth nipped and bit at the left. Alexis moaned under her breath and, running her fingers through his hair, pulled his head in closer to her chest. He then took both breasts into his hands, brutally massaging them and occasionally licking them. Nick loved the fact that even though he had big hands, Alexis’s breasts seemed to fill them up, as if just the right size.

Almost unwillingly, Nick detached himself from his sister’s breasts and kissed her hard on the mouth again, now feeling her breasts against his chest as they pulled each other closer. As they moved across the kitchen, they ran into the counter. Nick quickly lifted his sister up onto the clear counter space and removed her pajama bottoms and panties, groaning at the sight of her wet aching pussy.

Bending down, he lowered his head to her pussy and began licking up and down the sides of her thighs. He worked his way in slowly, getting closer and closer, driving Alexis crazy with anticipation. Suddenly, Alexis felt his tongue on her clit moaned. Nick licked and nipped at her clit as Alexis squirmed beneath his tongue. Finally, he moved to her lips, licking them and playing with them with his mouth. He let a breath of hot air out on her wet pussy and Alexis gasped in surprise. Then, Nick quickly plunged his tongue into her vagina. Darting it in and out, Alexis began thrusting her hips, grinding herself against Nick’s hot mouth.

“Oh god Nick, please, I want you inside of me.”

Nick quickly stood up and looked into his sister’s eyes.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes,” Alexis said, longing in her eyes.

Alexis spread her legs as Nick place the head of his dick just inside her pussy. Slowly, he began to push his dick in, waiting for it to meet resistance. However, as his dick continued to slide in, he suddenly realized and looked back up at his sister.

Sensing his surprise, Alexis looked back at Nick and said, “About a month ago, Dan’s parents were out of town for the weekend, and, well, we did it… but the entire time we were, you know… I was…well, I was thinking of you.”

As Nick stared back into his sister’s eyes, he felt himself being driven over the edge. Knowing that all this time he had been bahis siteleri thinking of her, she had been thinking of him too. Even when she lost her virginity…

Nick slammed his dick into Alexis, who quietly cried out. Supporting himself with the counter, Nick began ramming into his sister as hard as he could. Alexis leaned back, thrusting her hips in time with his, her eyes closed as her head hung back and her knuckles white where she clenched the counter. Feeling that he was close to cumming, Nick began to remove his dick when Alexis said, “Please Nick, I’m on the pill… and I don’t care about the risk, I want to feel you cum inside me.” Taking hold of Alexis’s ass, he took one last long stroke into her and pulled her as far on his dick as she would go. As Alexis cried out, Nick felt himself climax as well and shot his load into his sister. As he felt the last of his load come out, Nick slowly pulled his cock out of his sister, who was now sweaty and breathing hard. As she opened her eyes and looked back at him, he saw the satisfaction in her eyes and couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked.

“Nick, you have no idea—” she began.

“How long you’ve been waiting for this? Me too,” he finished.

Nick slowly lifted Alexis off of the counter and set her down on the cold tile floor. He lifted her chin and they kissed, more slowly and passionately than before… when they heard a few quick knocks on the door.

Alarmed, Alexis quickly ran to pull on her robe and Nick struggled to pull on his boxers; but it was too late, because the back door had apparently been open. They heard it creak as someone walked in and called, “Yoohoo, anyone home?”

Alexis momentarily froze, because she thought she knew that voice… but, it couldn’t be…

Gina walked into the kitchen, box in hand, and upon seeing the two siblings struggling to put their clothes back on, cracked a wide smile and giggled. “Looks like someone forgot that his ex was coming by this weekend to drop off a few last things,” Gina said with a smirk. “Well, well, what have we got here…”

Alexis felt her face go bright red as she remembered the last time she had spoken to Gina; which was not that day in August, but a few weeks later…

* * * * *

After getting over the initial shock of what had transpired between herself and her brother, Alexis began to fantasize about her brother. It sickened her that she even felt about him that way, so much so that she just tried to suppress her feelings about him. However, every time she did, the feelings just came back, even stronger than they had been before. Luckily, he was back at his own apartment, so she didn’t have to worry about seeing him constantly, or having any awkward conversations with him. Still, her curiosity about what it might be like, to actually have sex with him, grew stronger and stronger…

Alexis found herself beginning to masturbate; never so much that she actually got off on it, just rubbing her pussy with her fingers, playing with her clit a little. She didn’t think much of it; it was fairly normal, wasn’t it? Though no one ever discussed it, people still did it, it wasn’t a crime.

Then, she found herself picturing her brother as she rubbed her pussy, thinking of the way he looked naked, and the way he had fucked Gina. She wished he would fuck her like that… Gina had seemed to like it so much… Alexis slipped one of her fingers in her pussy, imagining what it would feel like to have him inside of her… fucking her…

“NO!” shouted a voice inside Alexis’s head. Quickly, she pulled her finger out of her pussy and pulled up her thong and skirt. It was wrong to think of her brother that way, she thought to herself. It was just a one time thing, they were just caught up in the moment, all because of Gina…

Maybe… maybe Gina could help me with this, Alexis thought to herself. Just, you know, help sort out her feelings about her brother. Alexis was probably just horny and using her brother as an outlet, not really feeling anything for him per say. Though Gina was still going out with her brother, Alexis didn’t thing she’d really mind discussing this; it’s not like Gina was the most prudish person in the world.

Knowing that no one else was home, Alexis found Gina’s number in her cell phone; she had gotten it when Gina called her to find out where her brother Nick was. Alexis held her breath as it rang, thinking that maybe this was a stupid idea, that she should just hang up—

“Hello? Alexis, is that you?”

“Oh, yah, hi Gina,” Alexis managed to stammer.

“Everything okay?”

“Yah, everything’s fine…I was just, um, wondering if I could talk to you about something, you know, if you have time to.”

“Yah, sure. Your brother’s at work and I don’t have anywhere else to go. So what’s the scoop? Do you have boyfriend issues or something?”

“Well, not really…boyfriend issues. It’s kinda like that though, I guess…I mean…well—”

“Just spit it out honey. Don’t worry about it; whatever it is, I’m sure it’s fine.”

“Well,” Alexis finally bahis şirketleri broke down and said quickly, in one breath, “I’ve been imagining my brother naked and having fantasies about him and I don’t know what to do because I don’t want to feel this way and it isn’t right to feel this way and now I’m even starting to masturbate while thinking about him and whenever I try to stop it just comes back and—”

“Alexis,” Gina interrupted, “calm down; breath.”

Alexis took in a few deep shuddering breaths, feeling like she was on the verge of tears because she was so frustrated with herself.

“Now,” Gina said, “It’s okay for you to think about these things. It’s not ‘wrong’ in any way. You just feel a certain way about your brother that many other people don’t. You just need to work out these frustrations in order to get over them.”

“Work them out how?” Alexis stammered, her breath still uneven.

“Well, personally, I think the best way to get over it would be to just go ahead and fuck him,” Gina said, point-blank.

“But Gina,” Alexis stuttered, “He’s my brother… and he’s your boyfriend—”

“I can see that you’re not going to go for option A,” Gina cut in, “so I would say that option B would be to work out your sexual frustrations in another way.”

“And what would that other way be?” Alexis asked hesitantly.

Alexis heard Gina’s voice change almost immediately, going from sounding supportive and factual to seductive, as it had been that day a few weeks ago.

“Put me on speaker phone Alexis, and set your phone down somewhere.”

“But, but why?”

“Just do it, for me.”

Alexis tentatively put her cell phone on speaker phone and set it down the table next to her bed.

“Okay…it’s on speaker phone now.”

“Okay, that’s good. Now, Alexis, what are you wearing?” Gina almost cooed.

Alexis’s heartbeat began to quicken and she thought about questioning Gina again. However, she decided it would be easier not to and slowly said, “Well, I have a red tank top on, and a jean mini-skirt…”

“Mmm, I bet that skirt shows off your legs, doesn’t it?”

“Well yah, I mean, I guess so.”

“And what kind of underwear are you wearing, Alexis?”

Alexis’s face flushed bright red as she said, “A lacy red push-up bra and a matching thong.”

“Mmmm, Alexis, you sound like you’re all dressed up for me. Well now I’ll tell you what I’m wearing. I’ve got on a pink cami with a black micro-mini, along with a light pink strapless bra and a pink g-string.”

“Oh, that sounds…pretty.” Alexis couldn’t help but picture the outfit on Gina herself, with her curvy body, her perfectly round breasts, her soft shaven—

Gina gave a small sexy laugh. “I bet you’re picturing what that looks like on me, aren’t you? Well, I’m picturing what you have on, with your long luscious legs showing and your tiny skirt, and it’s turning me on.

Just as they had a few weeks ago, Alexis felt her barriers begin to drop as she became more and more wrapped up with the scenario Gina was creating. “Well, I’m glad I’m turning you on, because thinking of you in that outfit…is turning me on too.”

“Well now I’m starting to massage my breast through my cami, thinking about what it would be like if you were here, massaging it for me.” Gina moaned a little. “Mmm, it feels really good.”

Alexis began massaging her own breast as well and finally gave herself completely over to Gina’s game. “Well, I bet it would feel better if you didn’t have your cami on; why don’t you take it off?”

“Oooh, well only if you do too, because I want to feel your soft round breasts again…they felt so good last time, in my hands, in my mouth…”

This time Alexis moaned. She quickly removed her tank as, judging by the rustling coming from her phone, Gina did the same thing.

“Now I’m undoing the clasps of my bra,” Alexis said as she did, releasing her C-cup breasts.

“Oh god, I want them in my mouth right now…I’ve taken off my bra too, and now I’m groping my breasts, wishing it was you groping them, and tweaking them, harder and harder…oh god, my nipples are so hard for you Alexis.”

Now Alexis began furiously tweaking her nipples, feeling pleasure shoot through her as she painfully twisted them harder. “Oh god Gina, it feels so good…”

Both girls moaned and became silent for a few moments, groping their breasts feverishly.

“Mmm, Alexis, my pussy is soo wet now…it’s seeping into my g-string…I can feel my juices on my thighs, I’m so wet for you.”

Alexis could feel her own pussy getting even wetter, as she imagined Gina, groping her breasts, imagining it was her. “Mmmm, Gina, maybe you should take off your g-string and skirt then.”

Alexis heard a rustle from the other side of the line. “I had already been stroking my pussy through my skirt; now I can for real.”

Alexis quickly slipped off her skirt and thong, almost gasping in surprise at how wet she was. Scooting on the bed, Alexis positioned herself so she could lean against the headboard. “I’ve taken off my skirt and thong too Gina. And now I’m leaning up against the headboard of my bed. Mmm, and now I’m bending my knees and bringing them up…and now spreading them wide, so you can look at my hot wet shaven pussy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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