The Lake Ch. 02

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The sun was shining through the tent flaps as I awoke. Tammy looked so good lying beside me with nothing on, just her naked body inside the warm sleeping bag, a dream come true.

Her left breast peeked out from the flap and was so inviting I couldn’t help but take the soft nipple between my fingers and squeeze it gently. It slowly awakened to my touch, getting harder from the tender manipulation. Tammy’s eyes fluttered as I softly massaged her breast. I lowered my lips to her hard nipple and as my mouth closed over it, a soft moan rose from her lips. I could taste the salty flavor of your skin from the past night’s activities and smiled to myself as I remembered how her hot body worked us both into a fury as we fucked.

I continued sucking her hard nipple and watched her face. A smile crept through the sleepiness and a gasp escaped her lips as I sucked harder. I watched as her hand slipped beneath the sleeping bag and knew she was fingering her delicious pussy.

As her fingers worked under the cover, I sucked harder on her exposed tit and kneaded the other. Slowly, I unzipped the sleeping bag and exposed her naked body. As I came closer to uncovering her hairless pussy, the smell of her hot cunt filled the air and made my cock stand up and beg for attention.

I watched as she worked feverishly at her dripping pussy, I pulled the other to my throbbing cock. Instantly her hand closed around my shaft and tugged me toward her mouth. I straddled her chest, and pulled her hand away from her wet cunt and began lapping at the juice that covered her fingers.

“I love your taste”, I said as I closed my lips over her dripping fingers.

She tugged my cock harder toward her mouth and I flipped into a sixty-nine position, spreading her legs wide and burying my face between her creamy thighs and placing my cock against her delicious lips. As my tongue probed her drenched slit, I felt her lips encircle the head of my dick. The warmth of her mouth and the feel of her tongue swirling around the crown of my head brought me closer to an orgasm so without hesitation I sucked her clit into my mouth and began sucking it as hard as I could. I could hear her moans around my thrusting cock and hear it squishing back and forth in your talented throat. She matched each thrust of my cock with one of her own, pushing her pussy harder and harder against my face. Her trembling body and irregular thrusts told me she was getting closer to cumming. As her body spasms became more pronounced, her cum began flowing from her pussy and as she screamed around my cock, my balls released a healthy load of cum down her wonderful throat.

“Mmmmmm baby that was good”, she said as my shrinking cock slipped out of her mouth. I couldn’t say anything and only moaned as I continued sucking the sweet cream from her satisfied pussy.

“I had to have you just once before we have our breakfast”; I gasped as I clamped my lips to hers. I could taste the musk of cum in her mouth, as I knew she could taste her creamy juices in mine. Finally, we crawled out of the tent and stood naked together in the cool morning air. I looked at her gorgeous body and couldn’t help but slip my arms around her and pull her tightly into another mouth-watering kiss.

“Mmmmmm”, she moaned, “If you keep that up, we won’t get anything done today.”

“I don’t care”, I said, “We came up here to get away didn’t we”, as my hands slid over her perfect ass and slipped along the crease between her cheeks.

“Stop it”! She yelled as she pushed me away, “No more till we finish getting everything setup”.

Watching her sweet illegal bahis ass sway as she went into the tent, I couldn’t help but wonder how sweet it would be to slide my cock into her virgin hole. “Maybe tonight”, I thought to myself, maybe tonight”.

The day wore on and time slowed down once we finished cleaning up. As Tammy took a nap in the warm afternoon sun, I leaned against a tree and stared at her sleeping form. I could see her soft breasts rise and fall with each breathe, wishing she were naked so I could view her beautiful body completely.

After watching and thinking of her hot body and getting a huge erection, I decided to leave her be for a while and take a quick swim to wash off the days heat and sweat.

Slipping out of my shorts I walked naked out into the cool water. Feeling it cover me inch by inch until I was neck deep in the lake. I lay back in the cool shallows and back paddled to the shore where the water was just deep enough to cover me. As I lay in the cool water, I continued to think of Tammy and how much I loved our short time together. I could almost feel her smooth pussy gliding up and down my cock and could almost taste her sweet nipples as they hardened in my mouth.

As I was daydreaming, a shadow suddenly fell over my eyes. Looking up, all I could see was two huge beautiful breasts swaying above my face. Laughing as she teased me, Tammy splashed water into my face and said, “Can I join you”?

“Sure”, I replied and splashed cool water over her swaying tits as I pulled her down into the water.

“Oh, its too cold”, she screamed as her naked butt splashed into the water.

“I can warm you up”, I said as I cupped both her soft tits in my palms, giving them a gentle squeeze.

A shiver ran through her body as I pulled one fat nipple then the other into my mouth. She pulled my head tighter into her heaving chest. A deep sigh escaped her lips as I sucked her stiffening nipples.

“God, if you keep this up, you are going to have to fuck me right here”. She moaned between gasps.

As I continued sucking at her beautiful chest I placed her hand on my growing cock and squeezed her fingers around it. A sigh rose from my lips and into her tits as she began working my dick with her fingers.

I slipped my hand along her smooth thighs until I came to the treasure that lay between them. Her warm skin and the cold water made a contrasting feeling as I slid my finger along her hot slit. My finger slipped easily between the folds of her cunt and deep inside her warm body.

“Mmmmmm, yes, yes, rub my clit”. She gasped as my thumb flicked at her hard clit. I pulled away from her hard nipples and lay her back into the water.

I pushed her thighs roughly apart and looked down into her glistening pussy. I felt the heat from her as my face drew nearer. Her hips jerked against my lips as my tongue slid deep along her puffy lips.

As I began working my tongue in her pussy, I allowed my thumb to slip along the crack of her ass and over her virgin asshole. I looked up into her eyes, as I gently pushed against the opening, for any sign that I should stop but found none.

As I caressed her tight opening, I exerted a little pressure and felt just the tip begin to enter.

“Mmmmmm”, Tammy moaned, “Push it in slowly”.

With her permission to proceed further, I pushed my thumb a little deeper, all the while caressing the insides of her trembling pussy and sucking on your juicy clit. I could feel her ass clinching my thumb as I worked it in up to the knuckle.

Slowly I began to ease it in and out, gently fucking her illegal bahis siteleri ass for the first time!

Tammy, with her eyes, closed began pushing back against my thumb. I sucked her hard clit as she worked my thumb deeper into her ass. I could feel her body begin to tremble and knew she would be cumming soon.

While still licking her pussy, I eased a finger into her cunt and then replaced my thumb with my slick finger, drilling it deeper into her virgin hole.

Tammy gasped as my finger went deeper into her ass than anything had gone before. Her orgasm seemed to explode inside her body and as she reached her peak, my mouth filled with her delicious cum.

As she lay trembling in the afterglow of a tremendous orgasm, I crawled beside her and kissed her gently. Her smile gave me all the answers I was looking for.

After lying in the cool water for a while longer, we lazily got up, dried off and put on fresh clothes. Tammy disappeared into the tent while I got dinner started and was gone for an unordinary amount of time.

“Tammy”, I called, “Are you all right sweetie?”

“Yes”, she called back, “I’ll be out in a few.”

After a short while, Tammy joined me by the fire. Our rather rustic dinner of burgers and beans was almost ready, so I began setting out paper plates and plastic utensils. This being our last night together, I wanted to make it as special as possible, I broke out a couple of candles I had stashed away and placed them on the table with our dinnerware.

Tammy got the gist of the gesture and a big smile spread across her sweet face.

She slid closer to me and kissed me softly. Looking into my eyes she softly whispered, “I Love you”.

The fire that passed between us in those few seconds of eye contact was enough to let each other know that the feelings were mutual. But I had to let her know.

“I love you too”, I whispered as I pulled her into my arms and held her tight.

Finally the burgers were done and all through dinner, Tammy teased me by sliding her tongue across her full lips while gazing at my crotch. I was throbbing in my shorts in anticipation of having her sucking my cock again.

After cleaning up, we sat by the fire and held each other; each knowing this would be our last night together.

Bending to her lips, I lightly kissed them and began planting little kisses all over her face. Our passion grew as we held each other. Our kisses turned from gentle pecks to burning tongue thrashing lustful kisses. We tore at each other’s clothes, ripping them off, exposing our bodies once again. Our hands roamed over our skin, feeling, remembering each curve.

“I wish this would never end”, Tammy whispered.

My thoughts were the same, except I knew that we could never say goodbye to our significant others.

Pulling my lips away from Tammy’s beautiful face, I kissed a trail to her puffy nipples and licked and sucked each until Tammy was moaning her uncontrollably.

Replacing my lips with my fingers, I tweaked and pulled at her distended nipples while licking and kissing lower along her belly. When my tongue parted the crease of her pussy, Tammy moaned deeply and her hips bucked against my face.

Releasing her nipples, I spread the smooth lips of her cunt. Her clit was swollen well past its hood and was begging to be sucked.

I licked along her spread lips only letting my tongue graze over her aching clit. Then gradually slid it deep inside her drenched hole. Tammy grabbed the sides of my head and pulled me hard against her crotch, grinding her pussy against my face.

“Oh canlı bahis siteleri yes, eat me. Eat my nasty pussy”, Tammy yelled over and over.

Tammy’s body began shaking as I sucked her cunt. Her pussy was teeming with her delicious juices that had now covered my face and was dripping off my chin. Tammy screamed as her orgasm raced through her body. Her pussy convulsed around my tongue and more of her tasty cum filled my mouth.

“Fuck me”, Tammy whispered, “Fill me with your hard cock”.

Reluctantly I pulled my mouth away from her pussy and slid up her body. My cock head split her slick lips as our bodies slipped together.

Tammy wrapped her legs around my ass and drove my hard cock deep into her drenched pussy. I attempted to withdraw for another thrust but Tammy held me tight against her. Tammy looked into my eyes as my cock throbbed deep inside her. “I want you to fuck me up the ass”, she whispered.

I looked in disbelief into her eyes and shook my head no, she always told me that was something she never wanted to do and I respected her on that. But she looked at me and whispered, “I want it, please.”

The thought of breaking her anal cherry had my heart dancing inside my chest.

My heart pounded as I pulled my cock from her sloppy pussy and slipped it along the crease of her ass. Her puckered hole was slick with her secretions. I pressed gently against her and felt her begin to open. A low moan rasped deep inside her as the head popped through. I didn’t move for fear that I was hurting her but to my surprise, Tammy began to move her ass towards me. I couldn’t believe how good it felt as I buried my cock in her ass. Tammy had given me something that she wouldn’t give to anyone else and I loved her all the more for it.

I pulled slowly out of her until only the head remained, then gradually slid back in. Tammy dipped her fingers between her legs and began rubbing her clit as I began to increase the rhythm of my pumping cock.

“My god, I can’t believe it, this feels so good”, Tammy moaned.

I was shocked, she had always made such a big deal about anal sex and here she was telling me how good it felt. But I am one never to look a gift horse in the mouth and soon I was driving into her at full speed.

I continued my assault on Tammy’s ass as her fingers squished in her drenched pussy. She was making little squealing sounds every time my cock bottomed out. Soon the squealing became constant and her ass muscles clamped onto my cock as her second orgasm sped through her body. I could do nothing but hold on as she shook from the tremendous sensations that rocked her.

As her trembling subsided, I resumed pumping in and out of her. Her ass felt so good I knew that I couldn’t last much longer. Sweat poured from my face as I pounded into her. Tammy looked through glazed eyes as I rocked her body. In and out, in and out, faster until I could feel the tingling begin in my balls.

“I’m going to cum”, I yelled, I can’t hold back any…” I felt my balls tighten in my scrotum and soon felt the rush of my sperm as it shot from my cock filling Tammy’s bowels.

We both callapsed together on the ground and held each other as we both swooned in the afterglow. My cock stayed inside her until it shrank and slipped from her slick depths. Looking deep into her eyes, I couldn’t help but feel my love for her grow and I knew as she looked at me that she felt the same.

We slept in each other’s arms all night. When the sun woke us the next morning we gently made love one last time.

As we packed the truck we both saw the tears fall down the others face and knew that this would probably be the last time we would be together.

I still tell Tammy how much she means to me every time we talk and that I am hopeful that an opportunity like this might happen for us… some day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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