The Naked Cleaning Company Ch. 08

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Rachel stormed into the office, furious.

Tony had literally just sat down at his desk. He’d snuck out of the house early to squeeze in a quick session in the gym before work.

“What…” she screamed, red faced. “…were you doing at that night club last night?”

“Er. How did you know?” said Tony, reeling with the shock of her anger.

“You were seen by…” She paused for a beat. “…a friend. And your excuse is…?”

“Babe. Mike works there. He’s a male stripper. Pretty good dancer too,” he replied, slightly annoyed that he’d been caught at a strip club, but not quite sure what the fuss was about. “I was interviewing a new employee.”

Tony had no idea who had ratted on him but couldn’t really see why she was angry. After all it had been Ladies Night. There hadn’t been a naked woman in the entire building.

“You shoulda seen Mike perform last night,” he continued, hoping to change the subject and lighten the atmosphere. “He had this little tramp on her knees…” Rachel blushed.

“Yes, well never mind that,” she barked, cutting him off. “It doesn’t explain why you have an all-male cleaning company full of steroidal, muscle-bound…”

Rachel’s voice suddenly tailed off as Daisy waltzed into the room. She was dressed in a suit. Sharp grey skirt, blouse and jacket. Hair tied back. Sensible flats. Perfectly businesslike. Tony was impressed.

“Good morning!” chirped Daisy cheerfully, heading for the coffee machine. “Coffee, Mr Dempster?”

Rachel stood agape.

“Rachel, this is Daisy, our new Office Manager,” muttered Tony, amused at how quickly the tables had turned. “Daisy, this is my fiance, Rachel.”

“Well hello!” cooed Daisy. “Tony told me all about you. You’re an accountant, is that right?”

Rachel still hadn’t fully recovered from the shock of seeing this smartly dressed and clearly professional woman appear out of nowhere. Tony had never mentioned her before.

“Corporate Tax Accounting,” she muttered lamely.

“I would sooo love to sit down with you,” continued Daisy enthusiastically. “I’m in my first year at Law School. Still getting my head around Separation of Powers. Your job sounds really interesting. Beats working at Torrid I can tell you!”

Rachel stared at Daisy, then Tony, who was strangely silent, then back at Daisy.

“You work at the night club?” she finally managed.

“Oh, I’m not a stripper!” laughed Daisy. “I run the bar.” She passed Tony his coffee and perched neatly behind a desk.

“And you help with the admin here?” said Rachel.

“Just started. I’ll be dealing with bookings, invoices, bookkeeping. Gotta keep everything above board and those boys busy. Houses don’t clean themselves!”

Rachel was speechless. She looked back at Tony who was grinning stupidly into his coffee mug.

“Well. Urm. It’s nice to meet you,” she replied sweetly, then turned to Tony. “But I still have some questions for you about…” She stopped abruptly as Mike strode into the room.

“Oh,” said Mike, panicking a little inside. They exchanged glances and Rachel blushed again.

“Nevermind,” said Rachel and hurried out.


Rachel bahis firmaları was in turmoil. She’d called in sick, still shaking with embarrassment. She felt like an idiot. What had she been thinking, storming into the office like that? So unlike her. And forming completely unfounded suspicions, just because Tony’s mate worked as a stripper! Stupid and irrational.

Memories of the previous night on that stage flooded back and she flushed with shame. How the hell did that happen!

It must be stress, she thought. Too much going on at work. Or maybe her hormones? She calmed herself and grimaced. Not getting enough, well, sexy time with her man! Yes, that was probably it. No sex for months and Tony seemed to have lost interest. All he cares about is that damn business, and his gym buddies.

Her mind drifted back to the stage and Mike’s solid, muscular body dancing around her. It had been, well, very, er, captivating. She felt little twinges in her loins as she remembered the feel of his cock in her mouth. ‘Stop it, you naughty girl!’ she reprimanded herself. But a hand had slid unconsciously down to her crotch and she slipped it into her panties.


Mike was thoroughly enjoying his ‘day job’ as he called it. The women he was meeting were sane, sober and generally very compliant, a far cry from the alcohol-soaked tarts that slobbered all over him at the club.

He’d finished a morning job just off the High Street. The phone buzzed as he jumped back in the car.

“Hey Mike,” said Daisy cheerfully at the end of the line. “Just had an enquiry for a clean, do you have an hour free? She specifically asked for you, so I guess you have a good reputation around town!”

“Sure do!” He was liking this Daisy lady already. She was calm and efficient. In just a few hours she’d reorganised their somewhat haphazard filing system and was clearly getting everything under control. She gave him an address and he hit the ignition.


“Shit!” he said in shock as Rachel opened the door. “I. Er. What the hell?”

“Come inside. I just want to apologise,” said Rachel, ushering him in.

“You don’t want any cleaning?”

“Of course not!” She led him through to the lounge and they sat.

“Look, Mike, I’m incredibly sorry about this morning. And of course, last night.” She couldn’t stop blushing at the thought.

“You don’t need to worry,” said Mike calmly. “I sure ain’t gonna be telling Tony about it!” They both laughed in embarrassed relief.

“No, I guess not,” she giggled. She gazed at him. “It’s just that Tony and I haven’t been… What I mean is that last night was quite… No, what I’m saying is you really are a very… Oh fuck it!”

Mike stared at her in amusement. She was babbling incoherently and he found it quite endearing. Tony had made her out to be some high powered business woman. But right now, she was squirming like a lovestruck school girl. Well, she might be his boss’s girlfriend, but she’d already had his cock in her mouth once and it seemed to him she was eager for more. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d ‘entertained’ another man’s woman. He stood up and she stopped kaçak iddaa talking. He towered over her.

“Would you like me to take this off,” he purred, pulling at the hem of his tee shirt. Rachel looked a little guilty and bit her lip, but she nodded meekly. Mike stripped off the tee and she moaned at the sight of his body.

“Maybe these?” he continued, starting to unbuckle his belt. He was smiling down at her calmly. He’d done this a 1000 times and it never failed to get a result.

Rachel was transfixed and just nodded again.

Mike slid his jeans down to his ankles. His legs were thick and rippling, dark sinews of muscle running from his ankles all the way up into his boxers. Rachel salivated as she gazed at the bulge beneath and she swallowed. She looked up into his eyes and saw that he was smiling. It was a deliciously wicked and knowing smile. Her pussy moistened and the final vestiges of guilt drifted away.

“So is this a booty call?” he said, not breaking his gaze.

Mike began to peel down the boxers hypnotically. Rachel melted and her vagina moistened.

“I just want a little…” she stop mid-sentence and her pupils dilated as she watched Mike’s thick black cock spring out of his boxers. It hovered in front of her face and she saw it expanding and growing. “Oh my word,” she whispered, reaching up for it.

Mike stepped out of his jeans and boxers. Rachel was sitting on the sofa, stroking his boner with her fingers. It was enormous. She was tempted to grab the tape measure from the drawer in the kitchen, but realised how silly that would look. He took her hands and pulled her up and they kissed. His mouth tasted sweet and faintly of mint. But as she nuzzled his taught, muscular neck, she caught the odour of raw musk. Her pussy was dripping and she shivered as she wrapped a hand around his hard on, still marvelling at the size of it. Bending forward, she kissed his chest and found a nipple. It was as hard as the rest of him and she suckled it eagerly.

“You have a lot of clothes on,” said Mike.

Coming out of her reverie, she straightened up and pulled her hair back, giggling.

“Upstairs,” she muttered. But then an image of Tony popped into her head and she was suddenly torn. She desperately wanted this cock inside her, but… not in their ‘marital’ bed. “We have a spare room,” she whispered.

“No,” said Mike firmly, holding her in place with strong hands. “Here.”

Rachel looked at him, surprised. Her first reaction was ‘this is my bloody house!’ but when she caught his eye, she saw he meant business. This was a new experience. She quivered at the idea of being controlled, of just letting go. Allowing this man mountain take what he wanted from her. She suddenly craved being his slut.

“You’re the boss,” she whispered meekly and she noticed the corner of his mouth turn into a grin.

“Strip,” he said firmly. ‘There’s a submissive hussy inside every woman,’ he thought mischievously. ‘You just have to tease it out of her.’

Rachel undressed. She tried to do it seductively but she was shaking with anticipation, tinged with lust. And she knew he didn’t care anyway. kaçak bahis He was going to take her whatever she did and she was hungry for it. She pressed her naked body against him and reached up to whisper.

“Use me,” she moaned. “Fuck me like an animal.”

He spun her around and bent her over the sofa. She squealed as she fell forward on to her knees. He pushed her head into the cushion, pushing her legs apart with his knee. Then he mounted her, sliding his cock into her sopping pussy. She gasped at the size of it. The width. The length. She swore she could feel the veins in his mammoth tool as it pumped her vagina. She gasped with each thrust as he ploughed her wanton cunt. She’d never felt a man enter her so deeply, his bulbous head pushing against her cervix, the walls of her vagina stretched by his girth as she groaned in pleasure.

Reaching down between her legs she squeezed his ball sack gently. It was tight and smooth. She felt his shaft as it slid in and out of her, sticky from her sloppy fluids. She imagined him a street thug, taking her any way he wanted.

“Deeper!” she moaned. “Harder!”

Mike had the stamina of a bull and he rode her sweet ass, hands gripping her soft, spongy hips and powering his cock into her. She cried out as she climaxed and her legs shook. He kept going, having trained himself to perform like this over several years and she climaxed again. He slapped her cheeks hard with the palms of his hands and she yelped, but kept pushing back and urging him on.

“You can come inside,” she moaned breathlessly, but he wasn’t going to risk impregnating his best friend’s girl. Pulling out, he dropped on to the sofa and pulled her down onto her knees. He said nothing but she knew what he wanted. She wrapped her hands around his enormous sticky shaft. She had never, in her entire life, sucked a guy’s cock after it had been inside her. She considered it disgusting. But with this black god she didn’t care. Whatever he commanded. He pushed her head down firmly and she willingly took his cock into her mouth and sucked greedily, gripping his shaft with both hands as he thrust into the back of her mouth, tasting her own pungent pussy and swallowing the sticky fluids and saliva whenever she could. Even after climax her vulva was still throbbing. Her nipples brushed against the tops of his muscular thighs as he gripped her chest with his powerful legs.

Mike grunted and swore. “Yea fuck!” he roared as he felt the semen rising out of his balls and up his shaft. The first load blasted into the back of Rachel’s mouth and she coughed and spluttered. She pulled back to swallow it quickly and squealed with delight as spurts of jizz splashed over her tits and onto his chest and tummy.

“Clean it up,” he growled and she leaned forward and scooped up mouthfuls of cum, sucking it down, shivering as she swallowed. She was reeling with lust and elation. She worked her tongue over his tummy and chest, cleaning the last drips of semen, then came back to his cock and balls and sucked them clean. He wiped cum off her tits with his fingers and forced them into her mouth. She sucked on them greedily. Bending forwards she gently kissed his massive thighs and calves and finally knelt at his feet, head bowed.

Mike placed a hand under her chin and pulled her face up to look at him.

“Good girl,” he said simply and she simpered.

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