Wild Times at ASU Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: A strange story

David re-married a gorgeous blonde. They made plans for a family of their own. He was forty-one. She was twenty-four. It’s great to be rich. His lawyer called one day. “David, do you know a woman names Noelani Autin?” At first he could not recall. He was silent. “Are you there?”

“Yes, why?”

“You have been served with a paternity suit.” His heart skipped a beat. Noelani… Oh, no. Now he remembered. He had been dreading this for almost a year. He told his attorney all about that Friday night in Tahiti. “She entrapped you, David. It happens all the time. We should fight it.” David was the kind of person who always wanted to take responsibility. A mistake was a mistake. He worked hard with his children to emphasize the importance of integrity. They strategized and made plans to bring on an expert in international law and a top family attorney at the firm. He went home to tell Sue, his new wife, what had transpired. She was understanding. He was relieved.

His lawyers contacted Noelani’s counsel. They agreed on a paternity test. David and his attorneys made the eight hour trip, Sue accompanied them. They got to the hotel in Papeete. The lawyers met and agreed on a time and place for the test. It would be administered by David’s expert the next morning. Swabs and blood were taken from David and the infant, and both were sent to a lab in San Francisco by special courier. David, Sue, and David’s senior counsel remained, and David was given permission to meet the little girl for the first time.

The three Americans arrived at a small house in a middle-class neighborhood. The baby was sleeping. David had not seen Noelani since that one Friday night, nine months ago. He was angry because he would have wanted to know she was pregnant. He was embarrassed, for his new wife was there. But he was also tickled, for he loved babies. Noelani’s mother was there, a very dignified woman, probably in her forties as well. David said he wanted to hold and burp the baby. Noelani agreed warmly.

The next part of the story is weird.

Noelani’s mother was crying from the moment the Americans arrived. Noelani had an expression of dread and fear but also some satisfaction. David could sense all this. “Why the sadness? We will work something out.”

Noelani spoke. She belonged to an old clan of Tahitians, with old traditions. At first, David was intrigued but that turned to rage. This is not the environment for my daughter, David thought. David’s blood began to boil. His lawyer was ready to pounce. He hadn’t been so angry in his whole life. He looked to his attorney, “Let’s get them out on the G5 tonight,” commanded David.

The next part of the story includes secretly bundling up the baby, grabbing a small bag for Noelani and her mother and making their way to the airport. David’s pilot had to sign for the manifest. He knew he could lose his license. David promised to compensate him in any way. demetevler escort “I must get out now.” While in the air, David’s attorneys made a total of twenty one phone calls, including one to the White House. David was not a big donor to either party but both Democrats and Republicans courted him heavily. Buttons were pushed, rules shattered and, in the end, David agreed to provide Noelani, her mother and the baby with financial support for eighteen years. David’s attorney took careful notes on how to make this legal for the women.

The two Polynesian women and the baby moved into an apartment on Wilshire Boulevard. Noelani’s mother had a difficult time adjusting but Noelani found work as a translator for an international bank with a branch in Los Angeles. Noelani married a business associate of David’s. They had a son. They got divorced. Noelani re-married a wonderful young man named Carlos who wanted a career in Los Angeles politics but needed help. Financial help. David and his friends provided that help. Eventually, David and Sue bought the corner house next door to his thirteen thousand square foot mansion and linked the two houses. Noelani, Carlos and her son moved in.

Noelani named their daughter Iliki, which means cardamom on Swahili. David never understood why. No matter. He paid Noelani $10,000 per month for 18 years. At seven percent growth per year that would have turned into just over four million dollars. Mark, her new husband, was a successful commercial real estate agent who did a lot of work for David and the Reit that David started and led. Noelani got their Westwood home and a lot of money when they split. It did not matter, for David continued to pay all of Iliki’s expenses and the $10K per month made her a wealthy woman.

Iliki got a trust at 18, just like David’s four other children and the customary Volvo S90 when she turned 16. All of the kids got the same safe car which they could upgrade when they turned 18. Iliki crashed her S90 because she was texting and driving. Luckily no one was hurt. She had to accept a Honda Accord, still a safe car, when she could regain her license after a year of suspension by the DMV. Iliki was a good student at the private girl’s school David paid for, but not good enough to get into UCLA or USC (where she wanted to go). She was on a club swim team and a club water polo team, where she excelled due to her long arms and strong legs.

She attended Arizona State where she tried out for the swim team and the water polo team. She made the water polo team in the fall of 2019 but did not play often in games since she was too distracted by her sorority (Kappa Kappa Gamma) and the boys. Studying was a distant fourth in importance, including drinking and partying. She did pass her probation with the DMV and David gave her a BMW 540i to take to Phoenix.

Iliki was a rather wild girl. She was about 5’9″, with warm soft brown Polynesian complexion, dikmen escort and perfect 32C breasts, just like her mother. She had huge, burning dark brown eyes, and long, dark hair down to the middle of her back. Her work in the pool gave her strong shoulders, muscular but sexy legs, and a great ass that made every boy on campus beg. Iliki was offered bids to two other top houses (the maximum bids any girl could get was three) but settled on Kappa House because she really clicked with Paige, who became her big sister.

Paige was the hottest girl on campus at a school with hundreds of girls who were beauty queens in high school. She was from Texas, specifically, the Dallas area, and attended a high achieving high school. Paige majored in dance and wanted to be an ASU song girl. She had long blonde hair with blue/gray eyes. The summer before entering ASU she participated in a cheerleader camp that was run by the director of the ASU cheerleader teams. Paige was gorgeous and had most of the moves. What she didn’t have, she could learn. However, Mrs. Raven, the cheerleader camp and ASU dance team director, said that she needed to lose at least 10 pounds. 15 would be better. Furthermore, Paige’s legs were pretty, but needed to be toned. Paige joined a gym and went every day in July and August when she was home, before school began in the fall. Paige set her mind on making the dance squad someday. By tradition, only juniors and seniors were song leaders. Those who wanted to be on the team had to attend all of the workouts and practices as freshmen and sophomores. This showed they really wanted it. Paige wanted it.

Paige was a rather unusual girl. She could have any boy on campus, any athlete, even the quarterback if she wanted. She attended all of the requisite social events with the Kappas, except those that required a date. Well, she did go to the formal with Walter Shott, who was on the math team and a member of Delta Tau Delta. Walter wrote algorithms for a number of tech firms in the valley over the summers. Walter was a gentleman but he did beg Paige for sex often. Paige blew him every few weeks but hated it.

Paige finally got to live in the Kappa House in her junior year, but unfortunately, it wasn’t long until she was kicked out. Only a few people knew the details. Paige loved the sorority and had close relationships with most of the other girls. She tried to get a room in the house each year and finally got lucky in the lottery for her junior year. She was over the moon excited to live with the girls. When it came time to choose little sisters after Iliki had pledged, Paige lobbied hard to get Iliki. They were close, sharing secrets, whispering intimate details, the usual sorority sister thing. Iliki told Paige each time she sucked off another guy in the freshman dorm and each time she fucked another athlete.

Iliki was a popular girl. David knew that Iliki liked boys. David did tell ankara escort Iliki before she went to ASU that he expects her to act like a lady and not come home pregnant. And for good measure, he told her he did not want to see his daughter on Dare Dorm or any other Internet site. Iliki knew he was serious, recalling her loss of the S90.

Paige and Iliki were close but some things were never shared. About half way into her first semester, she was walking back to the freshman dorm after a Monday night meeting with another other girl in the house, Katie. Katie was a junior and lived in the apartments next to the freshman dorm. They were talking about the Kappa House, and all the fun they were having. About some of Iliki’s sexual conquests, and about Katie’s crushes. The conversation turned to their big sisters. Katie’s big sister was on the student council. Everyone knew that. “You…know…about…Paige, don’t you?” Katie asked. Iliki had no idea what Katie was referring to.

“Know what?” There was silence,a long silence. Iliki stopped abruptly, stomped her feet, “What?”

“Iliki, your big sister is a lez.”

Referring to a girl as a lez was largely derogatory, although sometimes offered in fun. There was the time Katie and two other girls were sipping beers in the dorm and listening to music one Saturday night after a tough week of midterms. The three were talking about sex, of course. Each girl listed the three boys they secretly wanted to hook up with. It was all in fun. One of the girls then asked Katie, quite innocently, “Are there any girls you would want to hook up with?” Katie didn’t think that it was an accusatory question, nor were any of them really thinking that Katie was a lesbian because she usually hung out at the Sigma Chi house and frolicked in the upper bedrooms with the hot guys. But, the question did hang in the air for an uncomfortable amount of time.

The third girl blurted out, “no one is accusing you of being a lez. But if you were to hook up, who would you want?” That is the innocent lez talk. But when Katie used it with Iliki, referring to Paige while walking home, it was meant in a much more serious way. Katie could tell that Iliki was embarrassed. They stopped at the crosswalk and let the other kids go through the intersection.

“Iliki, Paige is a hard core, dyed-in-the-woods, committed lesbian. I thought you knew.” Dear reader, she sucked Walter off once-in-a-while so that he told his brothers and that would provide cover, and mask Paige’s identity. That’s why Mrs. Cooper, the house mother, made her move out of the house last year.

It was scandalous at Kappa House, and the talk of the Greek system. Paige Akers – the Paige Akers who won the annual Sigma Chi Survey two years in a row, selected for the best ass on campus and hottest girl on campus – had been making out with some of the other girls in Kappa House. There were meetings. Paige agreed to the penalty. She would quietly move out with the excuse that she needed more quiet time for study.

Iliki really liked Paige. Paige had introduced her to one of the football players who, Iliki remembers, had a large, thick cock and when they fucked gave Iliki a great orgasm. Is that not what big sisters are for?

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