Willing Captive – Intro

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The sun is setting. Softening light stretches across the bed, and I watch the shadows play across my bare thighs. I can smell autumn in the breeze that plays through the curtains, dancing to and fro. I hear a soft knock and after a pause, Anika, the house girl comes in to light scented candles and flick on dim lamps. I watch her move as she glides about, graceful like a gazelle yet alert like a rabbit. She is beautiful, as are all of the people that live in the house. And like all of us, she is dressed erotically; her sheer silk gown hangs on her carved frame like a well-placed prop. Her lips are soft and lush, and I watch them curve in a half smile when our eyes meet. She knows my skin, my hands, the smell of my hair. Memories of our stolen moments warm my skin and skate down my spine. I know her, just as I know all of the people that come through the house, each with a defined purpose, all ready and willing to participate. I drift into a relaxed half-sleep, remembering when I first came to the house.

I met Jace on a normal Tuesday gölbaşı escort morning while standing in line for my morning coffee. I was green, for certain. A paralegal with ambition, bred to be lush but trying to pass for polished. As we passed the time with small talk, Jace seemed to see right through my carefully constructed veneer and his curious stare heated my gypsy blood. After several weeks of whirlwind romance, Jace brought me to the house one snowy night in December. We had driven from the city and into the beautiful wooded country. The house loomed large, with warm light reaching out from its windows to light up the surrounding trees. Jace opened the front door and I entered, taking in the soft lights, elegantly placed furnishings and the perfectly coordinating house staff. Theo, the strapping and very shirtless butler greeted us, his skin gleaming like satin on steel. He took my coat and effortlessly guided us to the drawing room. A fire waited, drinks were poured. Anika drifted in and announced the evening keçiören escort meal, offering me slippers and a lap robe. As she placed a napkin on my lap, I glanced down the wide neck of her gown to find tight red nipples on perfect peach sized breasts. I nervously glanced away only to see Jace watching me, heat and amusement in his expression.

Soon Theo rolled in a cart, and I watched as he passed closely by the beautiful Anika. She met his stare and brushed her hand across his chest, pearl colored fingers across copper skin, erotic and beautiful. Jace continued to watch me, and had learned me well enough in our short time together to know that I was aroused, my traitorous eyes dewy with need. His gaze roamed over me as he settled back in his chair, drink in hand. As others fussed around him preparing his plate, he delivered a devilishly slow wink. My face flushed because I knew that he knew. He knew what that wink would do. I felt an instant gush of wetness between my legs and took a sip of wine in ankara escort an attempt to catch my breath. We ate and talked, and as my wine was refilled once, twice and once again I found myself relaxing into the room, the house, his world.

Months later, here I lay, in a suite designed to my taste and comfort. The colors, the scents, even the schedule, all planned with my approval. Just as Jace had carefully orchestrated, an unspoken contract was sealed on my first weekend in the house. My things arrived and were unpacked, clothing hung, and familiar keepsakes arranged on polished tables. My favorite foods were prepared and served, my favorite music piped in from hidden speakers. On the other side of our arrangement was Jace, his demands evident in the wide selection of X-rated only programming on the large screen, in the beautiful yet scandalous lingerie and sleepwear laid out for me each day, and in the people that came and went. Visitors, friends, and staff all seemingly designed to entertain, entice, and arouse me.

Now I stretch, bringing myself back to the present. The sun has set as I turn my attention to the selection of erotica that Anika has chosen on the large screen. My hand drifts across by breast, my legs slide apart. I open my heart, mind and my body, ready for whatever the night may bring …

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