Winter’s Night: Tresspassing

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“You’re sure they aren’t here?”

“They won’t be back until spring to open the campgrounds again. Should we try going over the gate or around it?”

I stared at the metal fencing in the darkness. I wondered what kind of fines trespassing carried. I saw a gap on the left side of the fence — just big enough to squeeze through, if I could get over the chain and lock halfway up.

“Around,” I pointed. He nodded and proceeded to step over the chain, careful of the signs telling visitors to check in at the office. I followed, a little less gracefully, but we made it into the abandoned campgrounds without too much trouble. He led me up a path away from the dusk-to-dawn lights of the main offices. We held hands as we made our way through the trees and up the slight hill.

“Want to go see the lake?” he asked.

I nodded and we headed off down a gravel trail between tall pines. The eerie quiet around us made me forget we were less than a mile from the main highway. A small bird or squirrel or breeze would make us jump, it was so silent.

We neared the water and I could see lakeside homes across the way. I realized how cold it was looking out over the still and dark mirror reflection of the sky. “It’s beautiful,” I sighed.

“Are you cold?” he asked. I looked at him like he was crazy if he wasn’t. He pointed up the hill at a small shack, probably installed for a watchman or the kids visiting the campground to hang out in. Instead of windows, it had openings in the wood sides, but the door and walls seemed sturdy enough, it would probably be pretty cozy once we got inside.

We climbed the hill where the shack was perched and I made him check inside for critters and crawlies. The last thing I needed was to be surprised by a raccoon or skunk or çankaya escort large spider while we were making out in the woods.

Assured that there wasn’t any wildlife present, he cordially invited me in and closed the door behind us. He grabbed me roughly in the dark and held me close. I gasped at the sudden grapple, but leaned against him. We kissed and held each other for a few moments. I could feel his hands roaming my heavy jacket, and I let my hands wander to his jeans. He moaned as my hands brushed against the front, his erection already straining at the zipper.

He pressed against me, grinding and breathing hard, then spun me around and made me kneel on a bench under the window. I leaned against the window frame for support as he undid my jeans and his own. The cold night air made it all too plain that I was showing naked skin, as well as the fact that I had only a thin bra on under my oversized sweatshirt. I knew what was next, and waiting for it, even for that small moment, was sheer torture. I whimpered.

He entered me expertly in the dark, his cold fingers gripping my bare hips. I gasped and shuddered, then adjusted how I was leaning against the wall so that he could thrust easier and deeper. I matched his rhythm as he pushed into me, and his cold hands pressed against my skin, sliding up my sides to cup my breasts under the sweatshirt. I shivered and came. He stopped, complaining of a sudden headache. “Let’s go home.”

The trip back down the hill and out of the campgrounds was a little tricky. Between my orgasm and kneeling on the wooden bench, my toes had gone numb, and my knees rubbery. We returned to the house and had a cup of tea to warm up while watching TV.

The show we were watching ended and çayyolu escort I took the last sip of my tea. He put the mugs in the sink and rinsed them, then came back to the couch. He leaned over me and kissed me sweetly. “What do you want to do now?”

I shrugged, smiling. “I suppose we could go to bed.” He smiled back, mischievously. “Or we could stay right here.” He leaned against me, and I could feel he was erect again. My skin tingled and I reached for his belt. I took my time undoing his pants, appreciating the bulge in them with my fingertips. He moaned and lifted my sweatshirt over my head, cupping my breasts with his hands before removing my bra as well. I lifted his shirt and undid my jeans, then lay back on the couch.

It took some maneuvering, but we found a fantastic angle, and he drove me to climax again. This time he was ready to follow through, and asked me where I wanted him to come. “I’ll swallow it.” I knew that was his favorite, and it would give me the best chance for more. He thrust into me a few more times and then gave me my cue. I pressed my lips around him, making sure not to spill, glided one hand up and down his shaft, and gently sucked until he was spent.

We lay naked on the couch for some time, the leather sticking slightly to our sweaty bodies. We touched each other gently, lovingly, and eventually moved together to cuddle. “Now we could go to bed,” I mentioned as we recovered from our fun.

He took his time getting up, and then helped me up. We lazily meandered down the hallway to our bedroom and fell on top of the covers. I wrestled my way into the cool sheets and he followed, seemingly only to feel my skin again. His warm hands roamed my body, now cooled by the soft bedding. I rolled to ankara escort face the wall and he spooned with me for a little while.

I nearly fell asleep, but he had other plans. He started bumping against my back, playfully. I reached behind me and stroked him, making him hard and myself wet. I reached down and started playing with my clit, and we rocked together as I masturbated us both. He grunted and lifted my leg, entering me carefully from behind. I continued to stroke myself as he pushed into me, adjusting so he could press deeper.

I was swollen from earlier excitement and friction, but that made it more exciting. I could feel every move as his stiff cock slid in and out of my tight, abused vagina. He could feel that I was tighter, and it made him harder. Had I been thinking, I might have wondered how we fit together that way. In the mean time, he was pleasuring me now, my hand resting on my inner thigh.

He stopped to flip me onto my stomach, a position that we both enjoyed frequently, sometimes referred to as “down dog.” I arched back against him as he entered me again, feeling him thrust directly across my g-spot. I was on the edge when his question came again, “Where do you want it?” I whispered, “Come inside me.” He asked me to repeat my request, not because he didn’t hear it, but because he liked hearing it.

As he shot into me, it pushed me to another orgasm. This was my favorite way to end — feeling him pump inside me. As we shuddered and he fell on top of me, we both had trouble catching our breath. I felt along the side of the bed for our clean-up tissues.

After so gracefully coming together in the bed, we fell apart very roughly, trying to catch as much of our juices before they hit the sheets. I shivered as I cleaned myself up, brushing against my sensitive… well; I was sensitive everywhere by now.

He touched me gently as I started falling asleep again. “We should go clean up our clothes.” I sighed. Our roommate would be home any minute now, and she would not be happy that she missed out on the fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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